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S.C.S Chapter 409: Butterfly effect

It has to be said that Zoro now has no good way to face Buggy.

Among the several big pirates in the East Blue, Buggy the Clown can be said to be the most powerful one, not only is he one of the few Devil Fruit Users, but also has a wicked background.

If this guy had not been staying low-key and busy in his treasure hunt, he could have become the pirate with the highest reward amount in the East Blue.

This time, the reason why he chased and attacked the small boat with such great fanfare was because that female thief was on their boat and she stole a map that he had always kept by his side!

After catching Luffy and Zoro, Buggy locked them up, although Zoro was very annoyed because they didn’t even know the woman at all, and they were framed, but Buggy didn’t believe a word coming from their mouths… who knows, this could be a trap to divert his attention!! So Buggy told Zoro and Luffy very clearly that if the woman with orange hair doesn’t bring the chart back tomorrow, the great Captain Buggy will tie them to a big rock and throw it into the sea, he promised to feed the fish with their bodies!

In this way, Luffy and Zoro were locked in a heavy iron cage, and there were people from the Buggy Pirates guarding them with guns outside, not giving them a chance to escape at all.

However, after nightfall, a figure snuck up on the Buggy Pirates’ ship.

It was the woman who threw the empty box to Luffy during the day.

If Ian were there, he would recognize her at a glance, because it was the one and only Nami!

Compared to when Ian met her, Nami has grown up a lot by now.

Although she still looks a little young, she has gradually transitioned from the skinny teenager to a much more beautiful stage.

Although during the day, in order to escape from Buggy’s pursuit, she had to use Luffy and Zoro as bait, but the kind-hearted Nami still couldn’t bear the thought of two innocent people being killed because of her, so she came back from them in the dark night.

With a stick in her hand, she knocked out the Buggy Pirates who were on guarding duty, then stole the key, opened the cage, and released the two of them.

“It’s you!” When Zoro saw Nami, he couldn’t help but mutter loudly: “You are an evil woman, you even dared to come back!”

“Humph!” Nami said with her hands on her hips, “I came back to save you.

If you don’t appreciate it, you can go back in the cage!”

“The audacity! How could you even suggest that” Zoro angrily said: “If it weren’t for you, would we be caught by Buggy pirate”

The two quarreled in a low voice, but Luffy, the mindless guy, laughed out loud and said: “haha, it seems that we won’t be thrown into the sea and feed the fish, thank you!”

Perhaps this is fate, although it is somewhat different from the original story, eventually, Luffy and Zoro still met Nami.

Quicky, the three of them left Buggy’s ship.

However, the stunned guards were quickly discovered by other pirates on the ship.

When they found that some intruders had released the prisoners, Buggy became furious and immediately ordered to pursue them.

However, the night gave the three a good cover, and they were not out of danger until the next day after dawn.

While chatting, Luffy and Zoro learned Nami’s name.

As for why Nami appeared here, and stole Buggy’s Grand Line chart, it actually involved someone…

When Ian left the East Blue, he defeated the Arlong pirate group and arrested their leader.

Although Nami didn’t go with him at the time, Ian didn’t mind, he thought it would be better, if she stays and meets Luffy in the future.

If she was willing to go out with Luffy, it won’t affect Ian.

However, it was not until Ian escaped Marijoa with some Fishmen, and led to him meeting Jinbe, and then learned from him that Arlong, who was captured, was secretly released by the Marines.

Because Arlong used to be a member of the Sun Pirates, which means that he has a connection with Jinbe, the Shichibukai.

At the time, Ian felt that if Arlong was released, Nami might be in trouble.

Although Arlong needed her ability to draw charts, he would not kill her, but he would certainly treat her more vigilantly than in the original plot.

Unfortunately, Ian had reached the second half of the Grand Line at that time, which was beyond his reach.

Although later Ian returned to the East Blue once again, because he was pleasantly surprised by Kuina’s awakening and had to find her, he didn’t even think about it, so he was negligent.

There was no way of remembering such a thing, Nami was not Ian’s partner or even a close friend, and Ian wasn’t thinking about her all the time.

(Like Ron from Pirate’s Achievements System)

However, the butterfly effect changed things a bit in this world.

Indeed, when Arlong was secretly released, he did go back to the Cocoyasi Village again, and let the villagers there know that the nightmare wasn’t really over.

Nami back then asked Ian to kill him at sight, which made Arlong hold a grudge, so after Arlong returned to the Village, the first thing he did was beating Nami.

At that time, Nami’s first thought was to ask Ian for help again, but she also knew that this was impossible, and Ian had already left the East Blue.

Arlong didn’t let her go after he beat her up, but he enslaved her and forced her to draw charts for him, and the cost of redeeming the village was increased from the original 100 million Berries to 200 million.

This means that he can completely squeeze out Nami’s useful value.

However, what no one expected was that Arlong had not been rampant for too long, because an unexpected person appeared around!


Yes, this is the butterfly effect caused by Ian.

Since joining the Loguetown marines, Kuina has been heavily weighted by Smoker.

It didn’t take her long to get a promotion and lead her own team, annihilating pirates lift and right… Kuina, who eat Asura fruit, has extraordinary strength! She alone has captured most pirates in the East Blue.

Not long ago, Kuina brought her team to the Cocoyasi Village, and then with the same tyrannical attitude as Ian, she directly defeated the fishmen Pirates and arrested Arlong again!

Kuina appeared in that village, because she learned that when Ian was a swordsmanship instructor in Loguetown marine base, he also brought a team to the Cocoyasi village in the name of training their soldiers, meanwhile he arrested Arlong.

Originally, this was nothing but a story of Ian in the East Blue, but one day, while chatting with Tashigi, she heard her, saying that Arlong, who was arrested, was released and got back, which made the efforts of Loguetown’s marines go in vain.

After Kuina heard this, she took this matter into her heart.

In her opinion, Arlong was released, and her big brother Ian won’t be pleased to hear such a thing.

As Ian’s concerned Sister, Kuina thought it was necessary to tidy things up for his sake.

So Arlong was easily defeated and brought to justice again!

Moreover, in order to prevent Arlong from being secretly released again, Kuina cleverly added a crime of attacking a Loguetown Battleship in the record.

This is of course a false accusation, but in this way, even if the World Government wants to release him again, they should take consent from the marines.

This was what Ian couldn’t do at the time.

He was only a nominal swordsmanship instructor in the base, but Kuina is a Commander, so Kuina could do what Ian couldn’t…

Moreover, they weren’t sure if the government would do it again.

If they keep on releasing such bad guys, then why would the marines even bother stopping these people.

With this accusation, Arlong was handed over to the G3 branch of Grand Line for custody.

Maybe he might be sent directly to Impel Down.

Arlong really can’t come back this time.

So, the deviation reappeared, and Nami didn’t wait for Luffy to appear and help her deal with Arlong.

However, after two incidents of Arlong being arrested, Nami realized that perhaps her own existence was not a good thing for the Cocoyasi Village… she knew that her ability to draw great charts will be the center of attention to some pirates and sooner or later troubles would find her, therefore, she decided to just leave on her own…

In retrospect, she actually regretted the fact that she had declined Ian’s offer…

Her decision to leave wasn’t only for the safety of the village, she also wanted to fulfill her dream of drawing a map of the whole World.

During this time, Nami has been staying in the East Blue.

Because of her previous habits, she met Buggy pirates and couldn’t help but snatch his Grand Line chart.

However, this led to her being in the right place and meeting Luffy and Zoro.

Destiny took place, and now they are still going out together…


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