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Gu Shengs pupils shrank as he stared at the face.

The two of them looked at each other, and the air was almost filled with the crackling of fire.

[Lets fight! Do it right now!]

[In comparison, Bo Silins face is too good to be harmed.]

[But honestly… Gu Sheng is not that bad too.]

[Please focus on the main point.

Gu Sheng is the bad guy here!]

[I hope Su Feifei doesnt waver!]

[Bo Silin! Its time to step up or step out!]

[Someone please bring Grandpa Bo over! The ultimate weapon must protect Subo Pot!]

After a long while, Gu Sheng was the first to look away.

“He didnt gather on time.

I cant think of any other reasonable excuse except that he cant come with us.” He looked at Su Feifei.

“Captain, according to the rules, should he be punished”

Everyones mouths opened into an O shape!

Oh my! This newbie was being exceptionally brave!

“What do you know about the rules!” Xiao He said angrily.

“This is our teams business, youve only been here for a short time…”

“Director Qiu told us all about it last night.” Gu Sheng said calmly, “The most important thing in this team is the rules.

Or did I understand it wrong” He looked at Su Feifei.

Xiao He choked.

It was true.

Su Feifei did not allow anyone to be late.

However, if Bo Silin was to be punished, and in front of Gu Sheng! Just thinking about it made him so angry!

Everyone secretly looked at Su Feifei.

Su Feifei nodded and walked towards Bo Silin under everyones gaze.

[No way, no way.

Su Feifei, dont!! ]

[Im going to cry if Bo Silin is punished in public.]

[Su Feifei has never been soft-hearted when it comes to punishing people.]

[This is a matter of a mans dignity.

Be tough!]

The faint smile on Gu Shengs lips rose again.

Su Feifei stopped in her tracks.

“What is this”

She reached out and pointed at Bo Silins pants.

There were already tear marks on the leg of his pants.

“I scratched it while climbing a tree.” Bo Silin said softly.

“Climbing a tree” She frowned and lowered her head to check Bo Silins pants.

“Why were you climbing a tree”

Gu Sheng instantly frowned and stared at Su Feifeis movements.

Everyone held their breath, not daring to miss a single breath.

Bo Silin handed her a box.

“I was picking wild strawberries for you.”

Everyone was speechless.

So he went out early in the morning to pick wild strawberries for Su Feifei

Su Feifei took the box and her tone subconsciously softened.

“I dont need this.

Your leg has just recovered, so dont go running around next time.”

“But Ive already plucked them all, do you want to try them”

He brought it to her lips.

His fingertips were even more translucent than the wild strawberries.

Su Feifei glanced at it and ate it.

“Is it sweet” He asked.

“It is.”

“Do you like it”


“Then, Su Feifei, are you still going to punish me”

She raised her head to look at him, and her eyes met his smiling eyes.

[Holy f*ck!!!!]

[Bo Silin, really, youre amazing.]

[I cant beat you, that was too smooth!]

[Everyone… somethings not right.

Weve been on the island for more than a month, but Ive never seen Bo Silin wake up so early in the morning.]

[Yeah… And when did they get wild strawberries They dont come from trees!]

In front of the screen, Qiu Yes face was black as he called for the staff.

“Did he personally pick wild strawberries this morning”

The staff member coughed lightly.

“Well… I guess he did.”

If snatching things from the wild monkey and cutting his pants with a knife counted.


That could be defined as… plucking…

Qiu Ye looked at the staffs expression and immediately understood what was going on.

“That motherf*cker! Bo Silin! Are you a dog”

On the strawberry side.

“I didnt want to punish you,” Su Feifei said.

“I knew you wouldnt bear to.” Bo Silin sighed softly, his expression a little proud.

He swayed back and forth in front of Gu Sheng.

Everyone was speechless.

Gu Shengs pupils trembled slightly.

However, he quickly regained his calm expression and didnt continue to pester her about this matter.

“Captain, its time to set off.” He said.

Bo Silin narrowed his eyes.

Su Feifei nodded.

“You can rest here,” she said.

“Ill bring you something for you when I come back.”

“Ill go with you.” Bo Silin said immediately.

She patted his shoulder.

“Wait for my return.”

Su Feifei walked toward Gu Sheng as soon as she finished speaking.

Xiao He covered his mouth.

Did she just reject Bo Silin

Bo Silins face darkened.

[Something big has happened!]

[It cant be.

They were almost getting married.

How can she dismiss him at the last minute!]

[Stop pulling our legs people!]

“Here.” Gu Sheng handed the rope and the straw basket to Su Feifei.

Su Feifei took it, and Gu Sheng went behind her and helped her hang it.

She stopped and her eyes darkened.

“Whats wrong” Gu Sheng asked.

Su Feifei retracted her gaze.

“Im fine.” She said, “Xiao He, you can take a team to cut wood alone.”


The three teams set off together.

Su Feifei and Gu Sheng were in a team.

Renbo took the small group of herbs from last time and formed a team.

Xiao He brought the brawny men and the rest to cut wood.

The crew members followed Renbo and Su Feifei to the cliff.

“Well go to the bottom of the cliff to pick them.

You guys can move around in this area.”

After giving her instructions, she began to tie the knot and prepared to go down.

“Gu Sheng, what are we having for lunch” Ji Ran asked Gu Sheng as he sat down on a rock.

However, because of Gu Shengs sight, she slowly stood up again.

“Im not the captain.” Gu Sheng said.

“Oh, then captain, you tell me.”

Ji Ran said to Su Feifei.

Instantly, the gazes of the few people behind Renbo changed.

Tiantian frowned and cast him a disdainful look.

“You havent even started working and youre already thinking about eating”

“Havent we been holding back for too long” Ji Ran stood there with his eyes fixed on Tiantian.

“I need some energy to wake my body up.”

When he said the word energy, his expression was slightly perverted.

The people behind him started to laugh.

“Whats the matter, little beauty Do you want to give me some energy too”

Ji Ran put his hands in his mouth, the tip of his tongue against his cheek, and the lecherous look in his inverted-triangle eyes became even more obvious.

“Its not impossible.

We can talk about the details later tonight.”

The laughter grew louder.

Tiantians face quickly flushed red!

She turned to look at Su Feifei.

Su Feifei gently nodded.

In the next second, Tiantian picked up a branch and ran straight toward Ji Ran!

“Alright! Im going to give you energy right now!”

She reached her hand forward and struck Ji Rans lower body.

[Were Tiantian and Su Feifei like this before]

[Eever since the day they killed the wolves, this team has completely changed.]

“Take this!”

Ji Ran screamed, covered his crotch, and ran back.

“What are you talking about Arent you afraid of your tongue getting rotten Ill beat you to death!”

“It hurts! Its swollen, its swollen!”

Ji Ran ran around, covering his crotch as he saw the people around him laughing.

Tiantian retracted her hand as his face darkened.

“Just you wait!”

“Ill wait then!”

Tiantian scurried to the back and hid behind Su Feifei.

Ji Ran wanted to continue scolding her, but when he looked up and saw Su Feifeis eyes, he stopped.

He could only suffer in silence.

Su Feifei ignored him.

After securing the rope, she quickly tied a knot and hung it on the tree trunk.

Tiantian suddenly stuck her head out curiously.

“Su Feifei, the knot you guys made is so special.

Ive never seen it before.” She asked, “Did you teach Gu Sheng this”

The two of them looked up at the same time.

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