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Thank you for WaitingMister Tang Chapter 12

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I ask for Loyalty (2)

She was nervous. She still remembered everything that happened the night before.

Suddenly, she grabbed his fingers and stopped his pranks…

Tang Yu gave her a look. Her gaze was smoky and foggy. It was very moving and at the same time, pitiful.

Though she resisted, she was apprehensive.

She collapsed onto his shoulder and breathed softly but unevenly. Her hair draped down her white back, tangled with his…

The two of them lied together awkwardly like this.

She was terrified. Her tiny face was so red it looked like she was bleeding…

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He embraced her tightly and his finger gently grazed across her lips, “I thought you were very courageous.”

Pei Qiqi didnt dare to respond and continued to beg him without a sound.

Though they merely hugged, she could clearly feel the distinctive difference in strength between a man and a woman and it scared her.

Tang Yu has never been too greedy of a man. Plus, after all these years, hes gotten used to it.

He found it somewhat interesting that his heart wavered when she plead with him just now...

He let go and allowed her to struggle against his chest. He closed his eyes quietly and then got up.

He really was busy today. He has an important meeting this morning,

Pei Qiqi wasnt sure what to do about all this. As Tang Yu walked to the bathroom, he said, “Meng Qingcheng will bring some clothes over. He will plan out what will happen next.”

Meng Qingcheng

The man from last night

She didnt ask and hugged onto the quilt… as he showered, she allowed herself to fall into a daze.

Tang Yu came out with only a bathrobe on. Then, he merely glanced over her.

Pei Qiqi sat up straight. She wanted to get off the bed but she didnt dare.

He didnt ask for her service and merely dried his own hair.

Pei Qiqi first widened her eyes and then covered her eyes with her hands – she didnt dare to look at him.

Tang Yu glared at her and then walked over. He crouched down and with a voice unbelievably coarse, he murmured by her year, “Get used to it!”

His words carried some heat with them and it jetted by her ear. Pei Qiqi quivered.

Tang Yu soundlessly admired her reddened face and didnt give her any more trouble. He then got up and went to the change room.

After he got dressed, Meng Qingcheng had arrived, along with a set of clothes for her.

Tang Yu brought the clothes to her and did not intend to leave her alone as he stood on the side.

She didnt even dare to return his stare as she got dressed with much difficulty since her hands shook the whole time.

She lifted her gaze and stared into his eyes.

“Meng Qingcheng will bring you to the condo. As for other things… well talk about them next time!” He took a peek at his watch before he headed to the door.



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