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Deceive and bluff, Qiqi (2)

Pei Qiqi admired the buildings as well and felt slightly dizzy. The 72-story main building went straight through the clouds and was one of City Bs landmark.

“Pei Qiqi, we must do a good job here and make our names known. In the future...” Chen Xinjie stood on the side of the street and waved her fists, “This street will be ours!”

She even danced and twerked her butt. “Deceive and bluff, Qiqi!”

Pei Qiqis originally depressed mood was mostly dispelled because of her. She shook her head and smiled, “Arent we going to sign in Lets go!”

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Only then did Chen Xinjie come back to reality and pulled her into the building.

However, they did not realize that a car slowly stopped in front of the building.

Inside the car, through the window, Meng Qingcheng watched over the twerking Chen Xinjie and found it all very amusing. But what surprised him more was the person next to her.

Pei Qiqi

Why was she here

He turned his head and looked at Tang Yu in the back seat, who was on his phone with a blank expression on his face. He probably didnt see it.

Meng Qingcheng laughed and decided not to say anything. Perhaps something interesting will happen in the future.

Pei Qiqi and Chen Xinjie first found Chen Xinjies relative, who was the leader of a small group. Through him, they went to the HR department on the 30th floor. Since this was an internal recommendation, and they were students of University B, they were hired without much difficulty.

The requirement was to come by for miscellaneous things like sending and receiving documents from 3 PM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday, for $4,000 a month.

Both Pei Qiqi and Chen Xinjie were very satisfied. To Pei Qiqi, although Tang Yu bought her, she cost him 100 million. She still had a life to live, and she had decided to not ask him for money.

“Okay then, lets start today!” The head of the HR department called someone over, “Xiao Liu, you take them to get acquainted today.”

Xiao Liu was a young woman, about 25 to 26 years old. She wore a professional suit and had a gentle expression. She nodded, “For sure Ms. Wen.”

She led Chen Xinjie and Pei Qiqi outside and began to show them around Sheng Yuan. “This building has a total of 72 floors, but the 70th floor and upwards are restricted.”

Chen Xinjie couldnt help but ask, “Why”

Xiao Liu smiled, “The 70th floor is where the high-level offices are, all of which are for vice presidents and above. The 71st floor is conference rooms, and the top floor is the presidents office and lounge.”

“One person occupies an entire floor...” Chen Xinjie looked at the huge floor and exclaimed.

Xiao Liu said proudly, “Last year, just the Sheng Yuan head office alone earned a revenue of $350 billion.”

“Wow!” Chen Xinjie pushed Pei Qiqi discreetly, and said in a low voice, “Well, when will we get a chance to meet this man who has $350 billion!”

Pei Qiqi smiled a little helplessly. When Xiao Liu finished with the introduction, she gathered up some energy and rejuvenated herself. “I will take you to each floor to get acquainted. After all, you have to send documents like this every day! ”

Chen Xinjie grasped onto this key piece of information and grabbed onto Xiao Liu, “Every day Every floor”

“Yeah!” Xiao Liu smiled, “Its quite laborious. Originally, this work was done by regular employees, but the instructions from the upper level said that this simple task required no brain cells and thus doesnt need to be done by professionals. So... ”

She didnt say anything after that...

Chen Xinjie seemed to have been bitten by frost. She asked hesitantly, “Who is this upper-level person”



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