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Thank you for WaitingMister Tang Chapter 18

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Deceive and Bluff, Qiqi (3)

Xiao Lius expression revealed her affection and admiration, “That would be our almighty president…”

… After visiting all the floors once, Chen Xinjie felt like her legs were about to break. She used the wall as support as she walked out of the building and said to Pei Qiqi, “Im done, PeiQiqi. This job is not meant for humans. I am dead. $4,000, even if it pays $8,000, I still wont do it!”

She then clenched her teeth, “Capitalists are vampires!”

Pei Qiqi was indeed tired as well, especially after the way she was handled by Tang Yu two nights ago. She still felt uncomfortable even today. Now, after she climbed all those stairs, her legs trembled under her.

“Dont you want to think it through” She knew Chen Xinjie had a good family background. The reason she wanted to come was probably that she had thought about what she wanted to do post-graduation.

Chen Xinjie said without a doubt, “I dont need to think it through. Pei Qiqi, you dont know, my feet are blistered!”

She held her feet up discreetly for Pei Qiqi to see…

Pei Qiqi took a look. Yes, there was some broken skin. She then thought about it and said, “Fine! But I still want to come!”

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Chen Xinjie patted her back. “Then I will pray for you… you dont need to work so hard. Be smart. From now on, you wont have me there to protect you, so dont be too nave.”

Pei Qiqi didnt know whether to cry or laugh… she took a long sigh, “Chen Xinjie, I want to thank you regardless!”

She needed this job, or else even food could become a problem.

“No need to thank me. If you really want to thank me, then treat me to beef noodles!” Chen Xinjie rolled up her sleeves, ready to feast.

Meng Qingcheng headed for the HR department, which naturally drew attention from some female employees.

It was known that in Sheng Yuan, besides the President, Executive Assistant Meng had the most power. Plus, Meng Qingcheng was good looking and was known as the second most eligible bachelor in Sheng Yuan.

Even the head of HR, Ms. Wen, personally came to say hi. “Executive Assistant Meng, anything I can help you with”

“Nope!” Meng Qingcheng laughed, “I just came by to visit you.”

Ms. Wen was already in her forties, but upon being teased by such a handsome young man, she blushed a little and teased back, “Dont fool me, you think I dont know you”

Meng Qingcheng then became serious and glanced outside, “Those two girls who were here today, what were they here for”

Ms. Wen gave him a look, “You mean those two from before. They are here to apply for co-op positions, for things like filing. However, one of them thought it was too much and decided to stop coming!”

“Whats the name of the one staying” Meng Qingcheng pursued.

Ms. Wen laughed, “Her name is Pei Qiqi, shes very pretty!”

As she spoke, Ms. Wen took a long breath, “Shes the prettiest girl Ive seen. Alluring but not provocative. Elegant but not conventional!”

Meng Qingcheng affirmed to this. He silently agreed with what Ms. Wen had said. After all, the girl successfully caught Tang Yus eyes. Her looks were for sure unparalleled.

However, he still joked, “It seems like Ms. Wen wouldnt be able to escape her if you were a guy.”

“If I were a guy, I would use work as an excuse for personal gains.” Ms. Wen broke her own rules and lost all her normal seriousness; the girls around them looked stunned.

Meng Qingcheng laughed… The one who used work as an excuse would be Tang Yu.

He returned to the 72nd floor in a good mood. He pushed open the door into the presidents office and saw Tang Yu was reading in front of his desk.

There wasnt much expression on his young and handsome face. His long fingers circled the papers as he gently flipped through them.



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