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Thank you for WaitingMister Tang Chapter 2

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You Want to Walk Away Cleanly (2)

In the morning, Pei Qiqi opened her eyes; her throat felt like it was on fire. When she lowered her head, she saw a hand rested on her waist.

That hand was clean and skinny enough for each section of the fingers to be clearly visible…

She turned her face around and saw a handsome and noble-looking visage. The man hasnt woken up yet and was still in deep sleep…

After being stunned for a moment, she carefully nudged herself toward the edge of the bed.

She glanced around but couldnt find any sign of her clothes. So, still naked, she dashed to the change room that was adjacent to the bedroom.

The morning sun seeped in through the curtains and the light rays reflection highlighted her wonderful, young body.

Pei Qiqi randomly pulled out a set of mens clothing and wrapped it around herself as her body shook. The oversized clothes looked a little laughable on her, but at this point, she didnt care.

As she left, she didnt dare to look at the man on the bed and hastily picked up the small purse that laid open on the ground.

Suddenly, a giant palm grabbed onto her arm. The slight pull made her collapse into a warm embrace.

The man used one hand to pin her down and his other hand slowly reached up to her tiny face. He held her chin between his fingers and forcefully asked her to raise her head.

Their gaze met and Pei Qiqis heart quivered.

He had woken up!

He was deliriously handsome and his entire body emitted a dangerous aura.

Tang Yus gaze was meaningful and locked deadly onto her small face. He then spoke slowly, “Whats your name”

He was drunk last night, but not so drunk that he didnt remember what happened. When he woke up, he caught the scent of a faint fragrance by his pillow.

A scent that specifically belonged to a girl.

Obviously, she planned to escape!

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Pei Qiqi was completely exhausted. She attempted to struggle a little, but he had easily locked her down.

She was flustered and lowered her head. Carelessly, she began to bite around. Tang Yu muffled a hiss and then let go.

Pei Qiqi plunged into a flee…

Tang Yu exhaled deeply and checked out his wound.

This was the first time a girl dared to bite him… and he somehow let her run away.

Just then, the door to the bedroom opened. His executive assistant, who was also his good friend, Meng Qingcheng, entered with a file in hand, “Tang Yu…”

The next second, Meng Qingcheng paused. He just saw something he shouldnt have seen.

On Tang Yus neck... a hickey

Tang Yu, a hickey

“Have you seen enough” A cold voice arose.

Meng Qingcheng obviously didnt dare to look anymore.

Tang Yu lifted up his blanket and walked straight to the bathroom.

Looking at his physique and build, Meng Qingcheng wanted to whistle.

However, he then quickly caught sight of what was on the white bedsheet. He gently coughed and asked the person who was about to enter the bathroom, “Uhm, is this yours, or…. That womans”

What he got in response was a giant towel thrown at him that covered his head and face.

Meng Qingcheng pulled it off. Seriously, what the heck!



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