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Public vs. Personal Matter (2)

She was just about to leave when Ms. Wen called out to her, “Wait, change your uniform!”

She turned around, went to her office, and came out with a brand new set, “Change into these!”

Pei Qiqi took over the clothes and went to change in the bathroom…

Womens uniforms from Shengyuan consisted of one silk blouse, pull-overs, and a knee-length skirt. The quality of the uniform was good and the style of it was very conservative.

But when Pei Qiqi came out wearing it, everyone gasped…

The lead, Ms. Liu, said, “This is the first time Ive ever felt like our company uniform is so impure.”

The uniform on them was nothing special but on Pei Qiqi, it looked alluring and tempting…

The blouse stuck to her body and accented all her curves. Her legs looked white and long.

Even womens imagination would go wild, let alone mens.

Pei Qiqi pulled at her shirt, feeling a little uneasy.

Ms. Wen retracted her shocked gaze and placed the document in her hand again, “Go on. After you come back, you can do other things!”

Pei Qiqi nodded and left with the documents.

The elevator ride was for 40 levels. She was a little bit bored so she flipped open the document on top.

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It was a stack of employee profiles. Every year, Shengyuan updated them…

Pei Qiqi was curious so she flipped it open… when she flipped open the first page, she was completely stunned.

That cold smile, that elegant face – it was Tang Yu, who slept next to her last night.

The small characters on the side said… President, Tang Yu!

He was the President of Sheng Yuan

Pei Qiqi suddenly remembered… that night, Mr. Zhong did seem to mention something. But she was far too scared and nervous back then, she had forgotten all about it…

He… was right inside the meeting room. If she went like this, wouldnt he suspect she had another agenda

She was a little flustered. Looking at the stack of documents in hand, she didnt know what to do.

Pei Qiqi panicked and pressed on level 42.

She exited the elevator and then rode another elevator down to the 25th floor, where her purse was.

She rushed over and took out a pair of glasses and a lipstick. The lipstick was a bright red shade. Chen Xinyan once told her to bring it since big corporations often requested employees to wear makeup. However, she never had to use it.

After putting on the lipstick, she did look a lot more mature. She then took an elastic band and tied her hair into a princess bun…

She lifted her head and stared at her own reflection. Even she herself felt unfamiliar with how she looked.

He shouldnt be able to tell!

Pei Qiqi didnt dare to delay anything. She held up the documents and ran to the elevator. It wasnt too bad – only five minutes had gone by.

But she didnt know that the meeting room was eerily silent at that moment. Tang Yu had his arms crossed before his chest and his expression was an unpleasant one…

Everyone was waiting for the document.

Xiao Ran had already called and the head of HR said they had already sent someone.

Tang Yu wasnt sure what kind of employee would need 10 minutes to ride the elevator.

The meeting door was pushed open and a small hand held onto the doorknob. The hand was white and delicate.

Next, Pei Qiqi appeared by the door. She stared at the depressing looking 20 to 30 people and she felt dizzy.

Very quickly, her eyes met Tang Yus.

His expression wasnt an excited one. His 10 fingers were crossed and they formed into a pyramid.

When her eyes met his, she fidgeted. Then, she looked down and quickly walked over.

The way she was wearing the Shengyuan uniform was similar to a walking bomb.



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