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Can You Take Me With You (2)

In the original work, the spiritual root of Heroine Dan was damaged, and it seemed that she urgently needed some spiritual grass to repair it.

That matter was discovered by Villain Mu who secretly cared about her, so he wanted to pluck and give it to Heroine Dan silently.

Unexpectedly, Hero Jiang happened to know about it, and he ran into the intimate moment of both of them.

He was extremely jealous, and fought with Villain Mu! Later, there was an accident and both of them mistakenly ruined the herb they wanted to pluck!

The treasure that caould her life was ruined, so wouldn't poor Heroine Dan be doomed?

That was right, so Heroine Dan abolished her cultivation, turning into a half disabled person.

She successfully deformed her image into being pitiful from the perfect dodder flower and washed her face with tears all day long.

Their sweetheart was tortured like that, how could the two male leads not feel distressed

So a love triangle of torturous relationships that shook the world began there.……

Ding Yi's forehead suddenly popped.

Although she did not know why Dan Yinyin would find her, but with her experience on crooked plots from time to time, there must be something wrong in that matter!

No, no.

As a cannon fodder, she could not interfere in the storyline of the male and female leads.

Just when she thought so, a window popped up in the system.

【Help the female lead fight for the opportunity to enter the hidden realm.

Promote the relationship of the male and female leads.

When the plot progress is 50, you will get 200 points, dear! 】

Ding Yi sneered.

That was ridiculous, am I the kind of person who bows my head for a mere point!

The system quietly reminded her: The fixed plot must go on, and the male and female leads will definitely enter Xuanqing hidden realm.

These points are equivalent to a free gift.

Ding Yi sneered in her heart.


Your tricks could not fool me, who is not a newbie, anymore!

The system was silent for a while, and a tentative sentence came out: Don't you want to go through the love triangle from the original work

Ding Yi paused and snorted coldly.

Bull**! Of course not.

The system unexpectedly did not issue a mandatory order this time, but silently marked a note in the background of the host: A new emotional line was officially diverged and generated.

There was no result of Dan Yinyin begging Ding Yi for help.

Naturally she refused to give up.

The desperate female lead seemed to have made up her mind to exert the charm of her sincerity.

She came to see Ding Yi three times a day, and her attitude was really diligent and sincere.

It made Ding Yi feel like she was an unkind old aunt.

It was worrisome.

But soon, she understood her cannon fodder role as an obstruction was not worth mentioning in front of the glory of the female lead.

That day, Ding Yi just finished drinking the medicine and when Dan Yinyin lethargically went out, she bumped into Young Master Jiang who was carrying a food box to see her.

Their eyes met each other.……

She sighed deeply.

Either way, when fate comes, nothing could stop it.

Go ahead!

When Jiang Mocheng saw Dan Yinyin, his face suddenly turned green, gritting his teeth and said, "Why are you still here"

Dan Yinyin's eyes showed a trace of grievance, but she replied generously: “I'm waiting for Senior Brother Jiang.

“You!" Jiang Mocheng's face was cheerless, and his cold eyes swept over.

He seemed to endure it, and then ruthlessly said: "Go back to where you came from."

“Senior Brother Jiang......”

Ding Yi looked at the two of them with interest.

Somehow, the more she watched it, the more interesting it became.

What was missing was just a handful of melon seeds to eat while watching the show.

But the sadistic show still did not go on as scheduled, because she heard Mu Yueshi's voice.

His voice was very indifferent: “If you want to flirt, then get out.

Don’t block the way.”

Both of them were taken aback, Dan Yinyin reacted and with her innocent eyes, she asked cautiously: "Senior Brother Mu, can I have a few words with Senior Brother Jiang"

“Who wants to...wait! Why should Demon Mu approve my affairs!" Young Master Jiang said angrily.

Mu Yueshi raised his eyelids and pulled out a feminine smile.

Then he quietly used his hand movements, took the food box in Jiang Mocheng's hand, and threw him out of the door.

After getting all the unpleasant people out, he closed the door lightly.

There were only two people left in the room.

Mu Yueshi turned around, and a harmless and pure smile replaced his handsome face.

“Ding Yi, are you hungry I made you your favorite dishes." He walked to Ding Yi's side and familiarly took out the contents of the food box.

Not long after, in front of Ding Yi were exquisite and delicious dishes.

She must say that the one who knew her best was Mu Yueshi, knowing what she wanted most.

In the past few days, she had been cooped here.

She had been eating either white porridge or shallot tofu all day, and she did not even see the slightest bit of oil.

It was simply not a life a human should live!

Ding Yi ate with much pleasure.

Mu Yueshi sat next to her with a smile on his face, his gaze was so gentle which seemed very immature.

It was a pity that Ding Yi bowed her head and kept on eating, so she did not see anything.

But she was still thinking about proper business in her heart, so she asked, "When will the Xuanqing hidden realm open"

Mu Yueshi carefully poured water for her, and replied slowly: "Three days later.

Master and all the sect leaders will also attend at that time, so don't worry.

Ding Yi paused slightly.

Mu Yueshi observed her face, frowned slightly, and asked in a low voice, "What's the matter"

Ding Yi felt a faint uneasiness in her heart.

How could this be a bit different from the plot she remembered

She stopped talking, and Mu Yueshi was also quiet.

His deep eyes gazed at her and nothing else.

Ding Yi struggled in her heart for a long time, and finally hesitated to ask him: "Well...can you bring me along on that day"


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