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She stretched out her fingers and lightly tapped Rong Xius chest, smiling in a playful way.

“Rong Xiu, perhaps that person is really some familys missy and has quite an outstanding background.

Such a lady also fell in love with you at first sight.

It shows that youre really as good as you were back then.”

Back then, Rong Xiu was a young man, and his eyes were filled with youthfulness.

At that time, he was already the man of countless young womens dreams.

On the first day he entered Ling Xiao Academy, he almost attracted more than half of the women in the academy to look at him.

Now that a few years had passed, he had already grown up from a teenager to a man.

He had a devilishly handsome appearance with an elegant aura.

Even Chu Liuyue couldnt help but be astonished.

This mans every move and action was more elegant and charming than before.

Rong Xiu glanced at her lightly as he held her hand and suddenly leaned in.

The two of them breathed each others breaths and could almost feel the heat exuding from the other party.

A few hints of cold fragrance, with a few hints of charm.

The two of them clearly didnt have more intimate actions, but when Chu Liuyue was looked at by Rong Xius deep and bottomless eyes and was wrapped by his aura, she felt that her face was warm for some reason.

His movements were extremely controlled and well-mannered.

Only she knew how possessive and invasive his gaze was at this point.

Chu Liuyues heart suddenly skipped a beat.

His gaze felt like something real as it almost forced her to instinctively look away.

“Did you smell something” asked Rong Xiu suddenly.

His voice had always been low and melodious.

At this point, the two of them were very close, so he purposely lowered his voice and whispered into her ears.

Chu Liuyue felt even hotter.

“What smell”

Rong Xiu raised his brows.

“A very sour smell.”

Chu Liuyue instantly recovered her senses and glared at him angrily.

Then, she pushed him away. Someone is really becoming more and more arrogant. 

After being pushed away, Rong Xiu was not angry and laughed lowly.

Chu Liuyue instantly walked even faster.

Rong Xiu then lifted his legs and followed her at a normal pace.

“Yueer, did you really not smell it”

Chu Liuyue completely ignored him.

Shangguan Jing looked up at the sky speechlessly.

He smelled the smelliness of romance.

Nan Yuxing and the rest quickly arrived at the Red Soul Woods.

When they were about to go in, they heard footsteps behind them.

Nan Yuxing turned around to take a look and immediately knitted his brows. Why did they come here as well 

He felt even more annoyed and couldnt help but sneer.

“You were still so arrogant just now.

Why did you come chasing after us while wagging your tails Im making this clear in advance.

Ill give my sister face and not pursue the previous incident for the time being.

But if you continue being so relentless, dont blame us for being rude!”

Chu Liuyue looked at him strangely.

“Um… This young master, are you misunderstanding something We also want to pass through the Red Soul Woods to enter the God-Killing Tumulus.

We dont have any intentions of haggling with you.”

Nan Yuxings expression instantly turned ugly. That mans words were extremely awful, but I didnt expect this woman to be of the same type! They have sharp tongues and dont know whats best for them. 

He clenched his fists, and his voice was colder.

“You are going in too The God-Killing Tumulus is extremely dangerous and is filled with traps.

Why would you go there for no reason”

Originally, he still thought that they had specifically come to this quiet place to craft a royal Yuan instrument.

But now, it seemed like it clearly wasnt the case.

Chu Liuyue almost burst out laughing.

“Could it be that the Red Soul Woods and the God-Killing Tumulus are all your territory, and only you can enter and others cant Thats too… too… unreasonable, right”

Nan Yuxing was instantly stumped. I indeed have no right to intervene in their matters.


Nan Yiyi suddenly crossed her arms and coldly laughed, “Of course, its because youre suspicious.

We first wanted to pass through the Red Soul Woods and enter the God-Killing Tumulus; then, you followed right after.

Besides, the God-Killing Tumulus is extremely spacious, and there are countless ways you can enter from the sides.

Why did we meet you here This is too much of a coincidence right”

If it were not to go against Rong Xiu, her combat skills were not weak.

Besides, she had already regarded Chu Liuyue as her enemy in her heart.

When she spoke to Chu Liuyue, she was naturally harsh!

“Oh… I see.

It does make sense…” Chu Liuyue seemed to nod in approval.

Then, she changed the topic.

“But it seems like we came here first.

If someone has a problem, it should be… you guys, right”

Nan Yiyi was instantly dazed.


She wanted to say something, but she suddenly recalled that the other party was indeed here before them.

The feeling of being in the right and suddenly being in the wrong was not too great.

Nan Yuxing also knitted his brows. Does this mean… it was really a coincidence 

“Even so, were going in from here now.

You guys… go somewhere else.

Dont follow us.” His tone was very firm as if he was commanding someone.

Chu Liuyue felt that it was even more interesting. This pair of siblings seems to be missing some screws.

Perhaps theyve been in a high position for too long and are used to commanding other people, such that every single word that comes out of their mouths can successfully disgust me. 

“Do you usually control everyone like this normally” asked Chu Liuyue sincerely, unable to hold back her curiosity.

Nan Yuxing and the rest instantly felt awkward.

“So this means that youre not willing to do it” Nan Yuxings voice seemed to have a hint of threat.

Chu Liuyue smiled, and her eyes curved up.

She stretched out her hand, pointed at Nan Yiyi, and said extremely genuinely, “Speaking of pestering… Wasnt your precious younger sister the one who kept pestering my husband I think you guys should be the one who leaves first, right”

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