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Thirty-sixth day: Not Separating (2)

Liang Yan and Lu Lincheng still didn’t speak with each other and rarely glanced at each other.

They only rely on Luo Luo as their speaker.

So, the audience arrived at the conclusion that the two came to the amusement park for the children, and there was no explosive interaction between them.

During the beginning of the live broadcast, Lu Lincheng’s fans and Liang Yan’s fans were fighting, this time, that scene didn’t appear.

And the comments who previously had the smell of gunpowder were becoming harmonious.

Most of the day passed, and Luo Luo was very tired because of playing.

The three of them sat on the bench to rest, then, they ran into Zaizai and Zhao Yu who were passing by.

The two of them had four or five fairy wands.

It was just then that Liang Yan remembered that there was a task of collecting fairy wands today.

Luo Luo also saw the fairy wands in Zai zai and Zhao Yu’s hands, so she shook Liang Yan’s hand and asked, “Auntie Liang, where are our fairy wands”

Liang Yan’s hands fell on the only fairy wand in her hand.

She found it in the morning when they went to ride the carousel.

Luo Luo saw the fairy wand in Liang Yan’s hands, then she glanced to the other side and saw Lu Lincheng’s empty hands.

So Luo Luo began to panic.

First, she glanced at Zai Zai and Zhao Yu’s hands with fairy wands and then looked at their own.

The kid was very sensible, she didn’t talk about it directly but she looked really anxious.

“Oh…oh…” Luo Luo’s little face reddened and she restlessly wriggled on the bench.

Liang Yan hurriedly stood up and ran to ask Zhao Yu where they found so many fairy wands.

Zhao Yu laughed when he heard that they stayed at the children’s zone for most of the day.

Then, he said that most fairy wands were found at the thrilling games and facilities.

Liang Yan hated the show for doing this.

They knew that Luo Luo’s height wasn’t tall enough! It was clear that they were favoring others!

Lu Lincheng walked over and heard Liang Yan and Zhao Yu’s conversation.

They went to play exciting games.

Unfortunately, half of the day has passed, and most fairy wands were found by the other groups already.

  Liang Yan and Lu Lincheng joined the pendulum ride — the Frisbee,, but they didn’t get a fairy wand.

Liang Yan had turned pale because she had been thrown back and forth by the pendulum.

She couldn’t help but ask the director, “What event is still available that the other groups didn’t join”

The director replied, “Haunted house.”

So, Lu Lincheng, Liang Yan, and Luo Luo — the three of them — appeared at the entrance of the haunted house.

You could already hear ghosts crying and wolves howling by the door, which gave people goosebumps.

The entire haunted house was built in a skull shape, and the entrance was the skull mouth that was opened wide.

A thin layer of sweat appeared on Liang Yan’s palm.

Liang Yan wasn’t afraid of anything, and had even caught a mouse with her bare hands.

But there was one thing she was afraid of — ghosts.

Because when she was child, her home was always empty and she was left alone in the empty house overnight, and it scared her.

Once at the door, Luo Luo was so scared that she hugged Lu Lincheng’s leg while she wiped her tears.

“I’m so scared… I don’t want to go in… Huhuhu…”

Liang Yan forced out a smile as she wasn’t willing to show her weakness in front of the national audience, and even more in front of Lu Lincheng.

She squatted down and said to Luo Luo, “Lou Lou doesn’t need to go in, and Aunt Liang will go inside to find a fairy wand for Luo Luo.”

Lu Lincheng chimed in, “You stay outside, and I’ll go inside to look for it.”

Liang Yan glanced up at him.

This was the first time they talked to each other today.

The audience in the live broadcast room knew that they had to talk because of the situation, so they expressed their understanding.

Lu Lincheng seized his leg back from Luo Luo’s embrace, looking very relaxed as he was about to enter the haunted house.

He only just took two steps forward when Luo Luo burst out into tears behind him.

Luo Luo watched as Lu Lincheng was about to enter that horrifying entrance, so she cried and shook Liang Yan’s hands, “Aunt Liang Yan, aunt Liang Yan… you also go in and protect brother Lu… okay….


Liang Yan: ".................."

Live comments:

[Hahahha… wtmxsl…]

[Oh my God! This kid is a huge fan of Lu Lincheng… Hahahaha…]

[Liang Yan should have been hurt, right 23333333, after taking care of the kid for so long, she still can’t beat Lu Lincheng.]

Liang Yan’s heart was really hurt, her smile uglier than her crying face.

At Luo Luo’s request, she also went in to “protect” Lu Lincheng.

  Once she stepped inside, her line of sight went pitch black.

Following them, the staff members said, “We can’t take a shot.”

The live broadcast room was pitch black, and only the scary sounds could be heard.

One after another, the timid audience turned off the live sound.

Liang Yan walked ahead while Lu Lincheng walked behind her.

She followed the dark green indication arrow all the way to the bloody skeleton ghost face.

She was so frightened that her legs were weak and soaked in cold sweat.

Liang Yan didn’t bother with anything and only stared at her feet.

She had long forgotten her task to find a fairy wand, and she just wanted to get out quickly.

Liang Yan could hear Lu Lincheng’s and the cameraman’s footsteps behind her.

She was very happy that it was very dark inside and they couldn’t shoot anything.

Also, Lu Lincheng couldn’t see her pale, bloodless face.

Stubbornly, Liang Yan only focused on her feet while following the directions pointed by the arrow.

She turned a corner when suddenly, a while skeleton appeared on the ground.

Somehow, the skeleton moved, slowly reaching out his hand, wanting to grab her feet.

“Ah!” Liang Yan was so horrified, she screamed and ran back while screaming.

Live broadcast room:

[What happened]

[Liang Yan screamed! She was probably very scared.]

[I’m terrified behind the screen.]

Liang Yan ran back with her eyes closed, and after two steps, she suddenly “knocked” into a warm, strong chest.

Liang Yan stopped, trembled all over while gasping for breath.

Then, she suddenly realizes whose chest she was pressing her face on.

She was going crazy!

Clenching her hands, she forced herself to move away.

At the same time, a big hand wrapped around her shoulders which was equivalent to enveloping her body with his.

She shrank.

Then, the man moved his other hand to cover her eyes.

She couldn’t see anything and her body was enveloped in his arms.

Along with the haunted house bgm, she was carried forward.

When the hand covering her eyes was removed, Liang Yan saw the light at the exit of the haunted house.


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