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Ye Sui’s memory was withdrawn when she was reincarnated.

She did not remember the Xia Zhou dynasty’s mighty soldiers and horses, nor did she remember the man who loved her so much.

On this day, Ye Sui got up.

She saw the news online that a new museum had opened near her home.

It was mentioned in the news that there was a strange hairpin there.

Experts had studied it for a long time, but they didn’t know which dynasty it came from.

After Ye Sui saw this news, a thought came to her mind.

She wanted to see the hairpin that she didn’t know from which dynasty.

It was clear that the hairpin had no contact with her, but the idea became stronger and stronger, so Ye Sui got up and went out.

Ye Sui arrived at the museum.

It was still early.

There were very few people in the museum and it was a little deserted.

Ye Sui didn’t plan to look at other antiques.

She asked the staff and went straight to the hairpin.

Ye Sui stood in front of the hairpin and her gaze fell on it.

The hairpin had been dyed with some traces of the countless years it had witnessed.

But its beauty and exquisiteness had not diminished in the slightest.

The hairpin carried the vicissitudes and sorrow that had spanned many years, revealing a mellow and deep ancient rhyme.

Ye Sui looked at the hairpin and sighed with emotion.

This hairpin should be given by a man to his beloved woman.

The hairpin was so good-looking, the person who gave it to the hairpin was interesting.

She didn’t know why, Ye Sui suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity and a touch of sourness.

She looked at the hairpin, and a string of characters emerged uncontrollably in her mind.

Hairpin was extremely mysterious, while the dynasty was unknown, the owner of the hairpin was unknown, the person who gave the hairpin, and the beloved woman was unknown…

Words intertwined, Ye Sui suddenly felt a little pain in her head, as if something was about to emerge from the bottom of her heart.

Ye Sui’s thoughts surged, and this feeling was extremely familiar, like deja vu.

What is it for

For a long while, Ye Sui raised her hand in a sneaky manner.

Her hand was covered with glass lightly.

She stared directly at Hairpin and unconsciously murmured, “Is that you”

Her tone was sad and delighted, not knowing where the sadness came from, let alone where the happiness came from.

Ye Sui was startled as soon as she said the words.

Why did she say such a sentence Who was she referring to when she was talking about you

Ye Sui lowered her hand, she looked at the hairpin with a complicated expression.

At this time, there was no one around Ye Sui, and it was extremely silent.

The hairpin suddenly emitted a faint light, and the halo gradually expanded, spreading in the direction of Ye Sui.

The light surrounded Ye Sui, and she disappeared, and with a “slap”, her bag fell on the ground.

After a long time, the light around the jade hair pin disappeared, and the  jade hair pin still layed there quietly.

There was no one in front of it, as if no one had been here from the beginning.

Ye Sui left the modern world.

She thought she was reading a book, but she didn’t know that she was about to meet her lover from a previous life.

After a long lonely time, Chen Shu and Ye Sui finally got together in the same world, but the memories of the two had long disappeared.

To each other, they were already strangers.

From now on, everything was erased, starting from the very beginning.

Ye Sui returned home in a taxi.

She walked in the door, Chen Shu raised his eyes, and their gazes met.

The air was flowing slowly, and the wind swept across the edge of the window, like a sigh.

The eyes of the two of them met, one indifferent and cold, looking at her as if she was a stranger.

A bright and vivid, beautiful like a rose, the eyes looking at him were unrecognisable.

At that time, they were a pair of couples in love.

At this time, they met and did not know each other.

Outside the window was a quiet night, with snow-white and bright moonlight, and the fragrance of flowers was faintly floating in the air.

With a “tick”, the clock on the wall began to move slowly.

From this second, the gears of fate began to rotate silently.

Some people would meet again, and some regrets would always be made up.

After several generations of separation, Chen Shu and Ye Sui would still meet, know and love each other.

How many reincarnations could be exchanged for the first life meeting, fortunately, Chen Shu and Ye Sui had not been let down by fate anymore.

Those unforgettable entanglements, those unrequited fate, in this life, would eventually be fulfilled.

This time, their destiny was in their own hands, and they would never be separated.

The end.


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