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When approaching her labour, Yin Hua took Xu Xinduo to the hospital.

They would be worried if things weren’t done personally, after all.


They were also familiar with this hospital.

In that private hospital, there would be no shortage of beds.

One could check-in by making an appointment and paying in advance.

Professional medical staff were also there to observe the fetal heart rate and uterine contractions at any time.


After detecting the contractions, Xu Xinduo was lying on the bed alone.

The initial pain was not that strong, but it came in waves.


In her opinion, it is not as intense as her period pains, so she was not too nervous.


Tong Yan was still asking about her condition with the doctor.

Then, he walked in and sat beside the bed, asking, “Does it hurt”


“It actually feels okay.”


“I have asked the doctor— I can follow you into the delivery room and it will be a many-to-one situation while you give birth.

A small team will only busy themselves with you and they are all experienced doctors, so you don’t have to worry, everything will be fine.


For Xu Xinduo, Tong Yan specially asked the hospital to invite a doctor from a major hospital to come over.

If there was any amniotic fluid embolism that occurred abruptly, it could be dealt with in time.


The hospital also helped to make an appointment with well-known experts in advance.

This small team could make many feel at ease.


Xu Xinduo nodded as she reached out and took a glass of water to drink.

Just as she did, Mo Yinxun and Mu Qingyi came over.


Both mother and son were more concerned about Xu Xinduo’s physical condition.

As soon as their hands touched Xu Xinduo’s stomach, they felt the little baby  in her stomach start to move.

Mo Yinxun was so excited that she asked, “Is the child saying hello to grandmother”


Tong Yan replied, “It’s just being playful, always moving around in her stomach without any time to give her a break.”


Mo Yinxun asked him, “You often play with the child, don’t you”


“Well… yea,” Mainly because Tong Yan changed into Xu Xinduo’s body occasionally and felt it himself.


Towards the later stage, Xu Xinduo gradually felt the pain build and needed to enter the delivery room.


Tong Yan leaned over to Xu Xinduo and whispered, “Change with me.”


“No, I can hold on for a while longer.”


“Be obedient.”


“How about I deal with the first half and you deal with the second half”


Tong Yan looked at her helplessly and said, “What you said was very unreasonable.

How can you decide to take the first half If you deliver too fast and it finishes, I wouldn’t need to deal with things in the second half.”


Xu Xinduo couldn’t help laughing after hearing this, “How could it be that fast Don’t make me laugh.”


Tong Yan sat aside and said, “Come on and change.

Otherwise, if I have to see you suffer in the delivery room, my heart is going to hurt.”


Xu Xinduo didn’t insist any longer, so she exchanged with Tong Yan.


Tong Yan’s face changed after he switched bodies and he muttered in his wheelchair, “Why are you giving birth to this little guy again If I see the kid pestering you all day, do you think I will get jealous”


“Be patient; you’re a dad now.”


“I can’t stand it! I can’t stand that type of situation!”


 Tong Yan helped Xu Xinduo to give birth to the child, but  he was very irritable throughout the process.

Whilst giving birth, Xu Xinduo’s beautiful appearance that was scolding profanities shocked the medical team.


However, when giving birth to a child, there were many irritable mothers, so they weren’t really bothered by it.


The epidural could only be used after four fingers of dilation.

Tong Yan relaxed for a moment and continued to pull onto Xu Xinduo whilst he complained fervently, as if it would help him feel better.


Xu Xinduo was able to watch the whole process, but she was so nervous that she bit her nails.


After a long period of scolding, Tong Yan ran out of words, so he scolded certain victims.

He first complained about Mu Wenyan before telling off Shen Zhuhang.

In the end, there was really nothing left to say, so he even criticised Wei Lan and Su Wei.


After his profanity fit, the child was delivered and Tong Yan finally became a bit more honest.


Xu Xinduo wiped his sweat for him and asked, “Do you want to change over”


“Wait for a second, I’m going to sleep.”


Tong Yan said this as he felt like her body was still in pain.

He wanted to make sure that her body felt better before switching back with Xu Xinduo.


When Tong Yan was resting, Xu Xinduo followed the nurse to see her child.

However, the child was taken away soon as he was deemed overweight and needed to be sent to the intensive care unit.


It was an eight-pound boy with a height of 57 cm.


No wonder her belly was so big.


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