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The Male Lead Suddenly Became My Lapdog after I Annulled Our Engagement Victory

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Song Ying scrutinized He Miao, her expression a little ugly. Ever since she entered the perfume-making industry, other than those older and more experienced people, no one had been able to steal her limelight.

Today, He Miao had completely offended her. She wanted to see what this womans background was.

She gave the emcee a cold look, and the emcee reacted immediately. He walked to He Miaos side with a smile and interviewed her."May I ask how many years this lady has been learning how to make perfumes?"

A few years? He Miaos lips curved into a smile. Before she started hitting the books, she was already an elite in this industry, but now...

"Two weeks," He Miao said without blushing or her heart skipping a beat.

"Two... Two weeks?" The emcee was tongue-tied and could not even speak properly. Could this person be a legendary genius? She was so proficient in it in just two weeks?

"You must be lying." Soon, some people in the audience were unconvinced. Most of them had been in this industry for a few years without any decent achievements, but this woman said that she had only been in with the industry for two weeks? Who were you trying to fool!

The audience was getting more and more dissatisfied. The host wiped his sweat and asked again, "Then how did you manage to distinguish so many different fragrances?"

This was also the question that puzzled everyone present.

He Miao looked at the unconvinced faces below the stage and smiled evilly. "Ive sniffed it once, so Ill remember it."

This woman was deliberately looking for trouble!

The audiences dissatisfaction had already spread. Song Ying sneered. "It seems that this young lady is really talented. Don be unable to smell the background music later."

Many of the people backstage who were waiting to participate in the official competition could no longer sit still. One of the men frowned and scolded her coldly, "Little girl, don speak such arrogant words. When you really lose, don run out crying."

Jing Yans cold eyes scanned the mans body, memorizing his appearance so that he could get even with him in the future.

The man suddenly felt a cold chill on his body. He shrank his neck, but he felt that it would damage his aura. He raised his eyes and glared at He Miao, who was opposite him.

He Miao completely ignored him.

She was telling the truth. Even before she had transmigrated, she was still a newbie in the perfume-making industry. She could still remember the smell after smelling it once.

The final stage of the competition soon arrived.

Many people in the audience were eager to see her make a fool of herself.

Song Ying still took the lead. She picked up the fragrance testing paper and sniffed it carefully."The back is sandalwood, cedar, and vetiver..."

She furrowed her brows, confusion in her eyes, but she quickly hid it. She looked at He Miao provokingly, and her red lips seemed to say, "Just wait and see." Then, she picked up the second piece of fragrance testing paper. "Hyssop and white musk."

"The goddess will definitely win!" The audience all craned their necks, waiting to see He Miao make a fool of himself.

The emcees heart was in his throat. He felt that the young lady was telling the truth. Although it did not seem credible, he felt that she was really capable.

"Miss He Miao, please." He pointed at the table and gulped nervously.

He Miao nodded and picked up his first piece of fragrance testing paper. "Sandalwood, vanilla, and ethereal."

The audiences eyes instantly turned to the host. The host wiped his sweat and said in a trembling voice, "Correct."

The audience gasped, and they watched uneasily as He Miao picked up the second piece of fragrance testing paper.

"Indian mint."

The man who had stood up to criticize her just now rushed forward in disbelief. He snatched the fragrance test paper from her hand, put it in front of his nose, and sniffed it. His face instantly sank.

This little girl was completely right.

The audience sighed in disbelief, "Then how does this count?" Who would win? Theres only one trophy, right?"

The emcee coughed lightly and looked awkwardly at Song Ying, who was frowning.

He had the correct answer in his hand, so he was very certain that Song Ying did not get it completely right just now. However, looking at the current situation, if he were to tell the truth now, he was afraid that he would offend the Song family completely.

Just as he was feeling conflicted, He Miao, who had always been a woman of few words, suddenly spoke up. "If I can identify the scent that Miss Song had overlooked just now, does that mean Ive won?"

"What is she saying? Did she mean that the goddess was not completely right? How was that possible? Even the goddess can smell it, how could she?" The audiences eyes were wide open, provoked by He Miaos words.

Jing Yan looked at He Miao slyly. Today, he finally discovered this womans shining point.

She seemed soft but was actually very strong on the inside and very vengeful.

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