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The Miracle Doctors Two Faced Toddler Chapter 15 - Mother and Daughter Meet

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Chapter 15: Mother and Daughter Meet

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Yu Feng held the IOU in his hand and was unable to return to his senses for a long time. He was truly unable to believe that the trouble he was powerless against had been resolved just like that. Earlier, it wasnt that he hadnt thought of the possibility of becoming rich all of a sudden, but it was merely a fantasy that was completely destroyed in the end. However, at this moment, hed truly and thoroughly repaid his debt.

To be exact, Ah Wan paid off.

After spending a few days together, he could tell that she did not have any ulterior motives towards them. The more she did so, the more he could not understand why she did it.

“Take this.” It was one thing to think about it, but it was another to deal with it. Yu Feng gathered his thoughts and handed the IOU to Yu Wan.

Yu Wan took the IOU and tore it without a word.

He was dumbfounded. “You…”

Yu Wan blinked innocently. “Didnt Big Brother ask me to tear up the IOU”

I asked you to keep it safe…

“Do you have any good ginseng” Yu Wan smiled and shifted her gaze away, asking the medicine boy behind the counter.

The medicine boy quickly said, “Yes, yes!”

Yu Feng turned around. “Why are you buying ginseng”

Yu Wan replied, “My mothers body needs to be nursed.”

“Oh,” Yu Feng replied.

Yu Wan smiled gently. “Uncle needs it too.”

Yu Feng looked embarrassed. In the end, he did not stop her. After all, it was useless even if he did. No matter if it was in the past or now, this girl had never listened to others.

Yu Wan picked two decent ginseng and spent a total of five taels. After that, she wanted to buy something else for her uncle, but Yu Feng forcefully dragged her away.

Yu Feng wanted to return to the village and Yu Wan did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Alright, if you dont want to buy medicine, then dont. Just buy some vegetables. The fish and bamboo shoots have all been sold out.”

Yu Feng could only accompany her to buy groceries.

Yu Wan bought three pounds of lean meat, two pounds of streaky pork, a pork knuckle, and half a pound of star anise and cinnamon. She still wanted to buy some side dishes. Yu Feng coughed lightly and said, “You dont have to buy these vegetables. You have those in the fields.”

Naturally, it was not her field but theirs. This meant that she was allowed to go to their place to pick vegetables.

Yu Wans lips curved. “Sure.”

Yu Wan bought another pound of soft tofu and ten pounds of second-grade salt.

“Do you want to buy anything else” Yu Feng took all her things and carried them on his back.

Yu Wan nodded. “Osmanthus cake.”

This time, she had some money on hand. Unlike before where a piece of osmanthus cake was cut in half. She asked for two boxes. After buying this, the two of them returned to the village.

Just as they reached the village entrance, an auntie who was washing dried chili peppers by the door hurriedly ran towards them. She first looked at the two of them in surprise, then looked at Yu Wan and said, “Ah Wan, why are you only back now Something happened to your family!”

“What happened to my family” Yu Wan didnt know her, but her expression was definitely not fake.

“Aunt Zhang, what happened to Ah Wans family” Yu Feng asked. He remembered his mother taking care of Little Bruiser and Madam Jiang.

Aunt Zhang said, “The Zhao familys daughter beat up Bruiser! Ah Wans mother rushed out to cause trouble for the Zhao family!” She looked at Ah Wan worriedly. “How is your mother a match for them That…” Aunt Zhang wanted to call her a shrew, but just as she was about to speak, she suddenly remembered that Ah Wan was Mrs. Zhaos daughter-in-law. She swallowed the wordshrew angrily. “Anyway, you guys should hurry over and take a look! If youre late, your mother might be beaten to death by her!”

Madam Jiang was an extremely gentle woman in the village. It was said that she came from the city and had a good upbringing. She spoke in a soft voice and never got angry with others. On the other hand, Mrs. Zhao was much more domineering. Just because she had a scholars son, who in the village hadnt been angered by her

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Yu Wan did not expect her mother to wake up at this critical juncture. Moreover, the moment she woke up, she had a conflict with the Zhao family. The Zhao Family was not a pushover. Her mother was a weak woman… Would she be able to withstand a slap from Mrs. Zhao

Yu Wans expression instantly turned cold. She picked up a stone from the ground and rushed to the Zhao Family residence.

Before she arrived, she heard a heart-wrenching scream.




It was so painful that the voice broke!

Yu Wan was trembling with anger. She walked into the main room, turned around, and kicked open the door! She raised the stone and was about to smash it down when she was completely stunned by the scene before her.

Mrs. Zhao, who was said to have beaten her mother half to death, was lying on the messy floor, trembling. Her body was curled up, and one of her shoes had fallen off. Her hair was disheveled, her clothes were torn, and her pants were torn.

A thin woman was riding on her battered body roughly, one hand holding her hair, the other holding the thick soles of her shoes, slapping her hard. Mrs. Zhaos forehead was bleeding and her face was swollen like a pigs head. She screamed like a pig being slaughtered, each cry more miserable than the last.

The woman who had slapped her looked like she weighed no more than forty kilograms, but Yu Wan could feel the aura from her!


This was her mother

What happened to being weak…

Yu Feng and Aunt Zhang were stunned.

Was this really Third Aunt (Little Jiang)

Were they seeing things!

Madam Jiang was so engrossed in her beating that she didnt even know that someone had come into the room. She started slapping left and right at Mrs. Zhao, “Return my daughter! Return my daughter to me! Let your son pay with his life!”

SonAunt Zhang was stunned.

It turned out that Aunt Zhang had misunderstood the entire situation.

It was true that Zhao Baomei had bullied Little Bruiser today, but Madam Jiang didnt know about this. She was still unconscious at that time. After Little Bruiser returned home, he didnt complain to his aunt. After eating, he lay on the bed and took a nap.

While he was taking a nap, Aunt Yu went back to the old mansion to cook something for her husband.

Madam Jiang woke up at this time.

Madam Jiangs memories were still stuck at the moment when the doctor announced that Ah Wan couldnt wake up. She opened her eyes and saw the sleeping Little Bruiser. When she didnt see Ah Wan, she thought that her daughters corpse had already been buried. She was filled with anger, so she rushed into the Zhao familys house, wanting to find Zhao Heng to pay with his life.

Even if Zhao Heng had said that Ah Wan had fallen into the water and it was he who rescued Ah Wan, how could Madam Jiang believe him

Ah Wan obviously knew how to swim!

At first, Mrs. Zhao had a grudge regarding the chicken soup and was too lazy to explain it to Madam Jiang. She kept on scolding Madam Jiang “crazy” and even said that her daughter deserved to die. After that, she was beaten up by Madam Jiang until she was looking for her teeth all over the ground. Then, she explained that her daughter actually didnt die, but Madam Jiang didnt buy it anymore.

“Kill you! Kill you! You shameless b*tch!”

Yu Feng covered his eyes with his hands.

Madam Jiang whipped Mrs. Zhao until she was on the verge of death. The soles of her shoe were broken, so she used her hands.

Yu Wan could not stand it anymore. Mrs. Zhaos skin was so thick that her mothers hand was swollen. It was better for her to deal with this kind of slut.

“Mom.” She looked at the back of Madam Jiang and spoke softly.

Madam Jiang, who didnt even hear the sound of the door being kicked, came back to her senses after hearing this voice that was almost drowned out by Mrs. Zhaos screams.

Madam Jiangs body suddenly stiffened, and her hand froze in midair. This strange posture lasted for three seconds.

In the next second, she stood up without looking sideways. She moved back her legs that were on Mrs. Zhaos body and dusted off the train of her dress. She tucked her messy hair behind her ear with her fair fingers and turned around elegantly. Using her right toe, she silently pushed the broken shoe behind her.

Then, she pressed her temples with one hand and covered her chest with the other. She said weakly, “Aiya, my head feels so dizzy…”


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