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The Miracle Doctors Two Faced Toddler Chapter 16 - Make You Vomit Blood

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Chapter 16: Make You Vomit Blood

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The commotion caused by the Zhao Family was too great. The villagers were all attracted by Mrs. Zhaos pig-slaughtering screams. Even the village headman came. He was the last to arrive. It was not that he did not hear the screams, but he was held back by Zhao Baomei.

When Madam Jiang went to look for Mrs. Zhao, Zhao Baomei was also there. Both of them didnt take the weak and feeble Madam Jiang seriously. When Madam Jiang expressed that she wanted to ruthlessly beat Mrs. Zhao, Mrs. Zhao even gave her daughter a look, telling her to keep a lookout. She was planning to lock Madam Jiang in the house and beat her up.

Zhao Baomei waited for a while and heard a terrifying commotion.

It was obvious that her mother had pushed down Madam Jiang.

That beating felt really good!

The slap was loud!

Her mother was originally jealous of Madam Jiangs looks. Now, she had seized the opportunity to smash that face!

The door bolt was plugged in, and Zhao Baomei could not enter. After listening for a while, she left. On the way, she met the village headman, who asked about Zhao Hengs situation.

Zhao Heng was not only the villages only scholar, but he was also the academys most highly regarded student. In the future, if he were to pass the provincial civil service examination, it means that their village had raised an official. Because of this, the village headman treated Zhao Heng better than others.

Zhao Baomei was originally irritated to entertain him and wanted to find an excuse to send the village headman away, but suddenly, an incomparably terrifying scream came from her house.

“Did… something happen to your house Lets go take a look.” The village headman asked strangely.

What are you looking at That was her mother teaching Ah Wans mother a lesson!“I dont think so What could happen to my family Did you hear wrongly Did you ask about my brothers studies just now My brother hasnt been back for a few days, but he told me before he went to the academy, hes…” Zhao Baomei blabbered and suppressed the scream that came from afar.

It was not until someone came to the village headman and said that the Zhao family was in trouble and asked him to hurry over to take a look that Zhao Baomei reluctantly followed him home. She was not worried that the village headman would discover the truth. With her brother around, he could not bear to offend her mother!

Zhao Baomei looked at the fate of Madam Jiang with a sense of schadenfreude, but when she entered the house, she realized that the person lying on the floor was her mother!

“Mother—” Her beautiful face turned pale as she pounced over. She was frightened by Mrs. Zhaos pig head-face and stood up again! “W-whats going on” She yelled.

Thats right, whats going onThe villagers watching the show at the entrance thought without exception.

When the village headman arrived, other than Mrs. Zhao and Aunt Zhang, there were only three Yu Family members in the room. The village headmans gaze turned cold. He raised his hand and slapped Yu Feng on the back of his head. “You brat! Youre revolting!”

Yu Feng was dumbfounded! “It wasnt me!” Yu Feng said.

“If its not you, then who is it Madam Jiang Big Sister Zhang Ah Wan Even if you want to lie, think carefully first!” The village headman said.

Madam Jiang clutched her handkerchief to her chest and coughed weakly. The village headman pointed at the weak Madam Jiang. “Look! Do they look like people who can beat Mrs. Zhao into a pigs head!”

What did he mean bylook like She did!

Aunt Zhang and Mrs. Zhao didnt have any grudges against each other, so the village headman didnt believe that she would hurt Mrs. Zhao. Ah Wan was known for being filial to her mother-in-law, so it was even more impossible for her to lay a finger on Mrs. Zhao. As for Madam Jiang, that was the most… impossible!

Such a gentle and virtuous beauty who didnt even dare to speak loudly had the strength to beat Mrs. Zhao into a pigs head!

The village headman looked at Yu Feng as if he was looking at a fool, and said bitterly, “I know that youve hated the Zhao Family for a long time. Are you thinking that it was the Zhao Family who instigated the fall out between Ah Wan and you back then Ah Wan brought some silver back from her aunts family and didnt use it on you, but instead used it all on the Zhao Family. Are you harboring hatred in your heart Yu Feng, youre a man!”

Yu Feng stared with his eyes wide open!What was going on!

The village headman shouted, “What Are you glaring at me Did I say something wrong Didnt you hit Mrs. Zhao because of this”

Yu Feng didnt want to talk anymore…

Just when the village headman was certain that Yu Feng was the “culprit”, Mrs. Zhao, who was beaten until she was seeing stars, suddenly raised her trembling hand and pointed at Madam Jiang beside Yu Feng.

Madam Jiang was one step ahead of her. She pouted and said, “She locked me up and wanted to hit me!”

Everyone was stunned. DoesMrs. Zhao actually treat Madam Jiang like thisAlthough they were in-laws, they knew Mrs. Zhaos character very well. She was so domineering that she didnt even give the village headman face.

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No one doubted why Madam Jiang would visit the Zhao family. The news of Zhao Baomei bullying Little Bruiser had already spread. Like Aunt Zhang, they all thought that Madam Jiang was here to seek justice for Little Bruiser.

If Yu Feng attacked because Madam Jiang was being bullied, that would make sense. It was just that… he seemed to have beaten her too harshly.

“She even cursed Ah Wan to death, saying that Ah Wan was a country bumpkin and wasnt worthy of her son…” Madam Jiang said aggrievedly.

This vicious woman! For the sake of her son, Ah Wan would wake up early in the morning and sleep late at night. She would plant the fields and chop firewood, and would fight over dirty work. If it wasnt for Ah Wan, would her son have the money to enter the academy Would he have the money to become a scholar!

She actually had the shame to despise Ah Wan and curse Ah Wan to die! Besides, if Ah Wan was a wild girl, then which girl in the village wasnt There were three girls in the village headmans house!

Everyone looked at Mrs. Zhao again and felt that she deserved to be beaten up badly.

The village headman walked up to Mrs. Zhao and looked at her seriously. “Let me ask you, did you really curse Ah Wan to death”

Of course she cursed, but…

“Did you lock up Madam Jiang”

She was the one who had inserted the bolt, but…

“Are you going to beat Madam Jiang to death”

See if I dont beat you to death! Zhao Baomei had heard this, but…

Mrs. Zhao was angry and anxious that her entire body was trembling.

“Mother! Mother, what did you say” Zhao Baomei noticed that her lips were moving, so she quickly handed over her ear. “Madam-Madam Jiang”

Yu Wans eyes flickered and she said to Madam Jiang, “Mom, Auntie Zhao is calling for you.”

“Oh,” Madam Jiang replied and walked over with a sickly look.

Zhao Baomei did not make way and Yu Wan grabbed her!

Madam Jiang went to listen to what Mrs. Zhao said.

Of course, Mrs. Zhao didnt call her. It was all Ah Wans fault for taking advantage of the opportunity. Mrs. Zhao used all her strength to squeeze out a few words from between her teeth. “B… b*tch!”

“Oh.” Madam Jiang stood up and looked at the village headman innocently. “Sister Zhao said that she knows her mistake and is willing to compensate us with the pig.”

A mouthful of blood gushed up. Mes. Zhao had fainted from anger!


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