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Chapter 25: Teaching Rude Slave A Lesson

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The braised meat business came easier than she had imagined. In less than an hour, she had sold everything except for one braised pork knuckle.

“Lass, lass!” The auntie who was her first customer came running. “I guessed you would come today. Im not late, am I Theres still some fish and bamboo shoots left, right”

“Yes, we do.” Yu Wan smiled. Just not much.

“Eh Braised meat Your family sells meat” The auntie asked in confusion.

Yu Wan nodded. She cut a slice and handed it to her. “Yes, today is the first day. Theres only one pig knuckle left. Does Madam Huo want it Ill sell it to you at a cheap price.” Anyone who tasted her braised meat would want to buy it.

Madam Huo decisively bought it, but when she opened the purse, she realized that there were not enough copper coins. “Wait for me, my son is right in front!”

Yu Wan said, “Theres no hurry, Ill keep it for you.”

Madam Huo went off with her basket.

As soon as she left, a beautiful lady in top-grade pink silk walked over. She was dressed luxuriously and her makeup was exquisite. She looked out of place in this messy market. She stopped in front of Yu Wans stall and covered her nose with silk embroidered with golden peony. She said indifferently, “I want this pig knuckle. Wrap it up for me.”

Yu Wan looked at her and said, “This pig knuckle is already sold. Miss, please pick something else. My fish and bamboo shoots are not bad.”

The ladys face darkened. “I dont want anything else. I want this.”

Yu Wan said, “Like I said, this is already sold.”

The lady said coldly, “Ill give you double the price. Sell it to me!”

Yu Wan was short of money, but she still had her bottom line. “Miss, you should go to another house. There are also people selling braised meat there.”

The lady refused to give up and said, “I want yours. Quickly wrap it up! Dont make my madam wait!”

Madam So she was a maidservant. Nowadays, even maidservants were so domineeringIf it were any other commoner, they would have been intimidated by her aggressive stance, but Yu Wan would not.

Yu Wan didnt even bother to look at her. She turned around and helped Yu Feng kill the fish. Most of the customers who came here wanted it live, but there was no lack of people who wanted it dead. Yu Feng was inexperienced and couldnt quite kill them.

When the maidservant saw that Yu Wan was completely ignoring her, she was so angry that her eyebrows were raised! In the entire Lotus Flower Town, no one had ever dared to show her such an attitude!

“Do you know who I am How dare you be so rude to me!” She rushed to Yu Wan and reached out to grab her hand! Coincidentally, Yu Wan took out a carp and she slapped it on the head of the carp. With a loud thud, fish scales flew everywhere. It was unknown if the lady was frightened or disgusted, but she immediately retracted her hand and took a few steps back. Her face turned pale.

This comical look naturally caused the crowd to sneer.

Her face flushed red. She looked at Yu Wan again and felt even angrier. She pointed her finger at Yu Wans nose and charged over murderously.

The three Yu Family men stood up!

The maidservant was shocked by the imposing manner of the father and sons. However, she quickly regained her composure and said arrogantly, “How dare you! Do you know who my madam is How dare you block my path! Quickly move aside!”

The three of them did not move. The thin figures wearing cotton seemed to have built an iron wall for Yu Wan.

Yu Wans eyes sparkled.

The maidservant had been domineering in Lotus Flower Town for so long, but she had never been treated like this before. She couldnt help but become anxious and her eyes turned red. “Alright, you guys! You actually dare to humiliate my madam like this. Be careful that my madam wont let you guys leave here!”

Yu Wan walked out from behind the father and son duo. “Whos trying to humiliate your madam Did your madam say that she must fight for food with the commoners Or are you acting on your own accord and acting unreasonably, but youre putting the blame on your madam”

“You…” The maidservant choked.

Many of the surrounding commoners had clearly seen what had happened and felt that the maidservant was indeed bullying others. Yu Wan had already said that the braised meat had been sold, so she could just buy from another stall. Why did she have to force her

On the contrary, this family was not moved by money or power. It was truly moving.

However, there were also people who recognized the identity of the maidservant and began to worry about the “stupidity” of this family.

“Shes the county magistrates wifes personal maidservant! What good will it do to offend her”

“Thats right. Isnt it just a piece of meat Just sell it to her. Why do you have to offend the people in the county yamen for an auntie”

The maidservant heard everyones whispers. She proudly straightened her back and looked at Yu Wan calmly. It was as if she was certain that Yu Wan would obediently come over and lick her boots after hearing her identity.

Unfortunately, she was disappointed.

Yu Wan let her uncle and brothers return to the stall while she continued to kill fish. From the beginning to the end, she did not even look at her.

The maidservant was thoroughly enraged. She picked up a basket of dried corn sticks from the stall next door and smashed it at Yu Wans face!

The granny, whose corn had been stolen, was in so much distress that she almost cried! Her family was about to run out of food! But what could she do She was a member of an officials family!

The maidservant was aiming for Yu Wan. Although the father and sons rushed out immediately, they could not make it in time. Just as the cornstalk was about to hit Yu Wans head, Yu Wan reached out and grabbed the basket. Although the basket was caught, the corncobs rolled out and smashed onto the ground. Even the corn grains were smashed.

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The old lady was so anxious that she cried. She wanted to pick it up but did not dare to.

Yu Wans cold gaze landed on the maidservants face. The maidservant felt her body turn cold and subconsciously shivered.

Uncle Yu went to pick up the corn but was stopped by Yu Wan.

Yu Wan said to the maidservant, “Pick it up.”

The maidservant was somewhat frightened by Yu Wans murderous aura, but she could not admit defeat in front of so many people. She rolled her eyes and said, “Im not picking it up! If you want to pick it up, pick it up yourself!”

Yu Wan said coldly, “Ill say it again. Pick it up.”

The maidservant snorted. “No! What can you do to me”

Yu Wan went to get the basket in her hand.

She played tricks and grabbed it. “Did I say I would give it to you”

Yu Wan said indifferently, “Let go.”

Of course, the maidservant was unwilling to let go. However, she could not snatch it away. At this moment, her uncle walked over with his walking stick. The maidservant had an idea and stretched out her leg to trip her crippled uncle.

Yu Wan did not expect her to be so evil. She did not even let a disabled person off. Her eyes immediately turned cold as she grabbed her by the neck and pressed her hard against the ground!


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