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“First Elder!”

A few elders walked over, wanting to ask Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan what arrangements he had next.

However, at this moment, Heavenly Venerate Yaoshans heart was in a mess.

He could not do anything in the face of this mess.

Exalted Immortal Nanhua had caused the trouble himself.

He had left decisively, but Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan was in a worse state.

He could not abandon this ancestral foundation and could only stay to clean up the mess.

After a long silence, he waved his hand and sighed.

“Sigh… Forget it! Ill announce that from today onwards, Mount Yao will close its doors and hide from the world for a hundred years.”

He no longer knew how to clean up this mess, so he might as well give up.

It was simple and crude, he closed the door.

Whether Ye Qiu would personally come to the sect in the future was his business.

However, they closed the mountain gate for the time being to protect themselves.

Mount Yao in the lower realm was not so lucky.

The experts who were originally aggressively surrounding the lower realm had all retreated, leaving only some small fries trembling in the encirclement.

At this moment, the First Elder of Mount Yao had already given up hope.

He did not expect the Patriarch he had believed in all his life to abandon him and these tens of thousands of disciples.

“Am I really wrong” The First Elder of Mount Yao questioned with his soul.

However, no one could answer his question.

He could only think about it himself.

Seeing the current situation of Mount Yao, the Immortal Mountain, who was originally their most loyal ally, seemed to have begun to change sides.

Now, Mount Yao is over.

If they continued to fight, what awaited them would only be destruction.

After thinking about it, the First Elder of the Immortal Mountain silently brought his disciples and stood opposite Mount Yao.

Their plan was good.

However, the eyes of the crowd were bright.

How could it be so simple for them to pretend that nothing had happened

“Haha, old thing! Do you think Im blind”

Before the First Elder of the Immortal Mountain could steady himself, a mocking voice sounded.

It was Qi Wuhuis voice.

He had been paying attention to the commotion here.

He was watching every move of the Immortal Mountain.

“Why Werent you guys very stubborn just now Why are you starting to change sides now”

Facing Qi Wuhuis mockery, the First Elder of the Immortal Mountain blushed, but he pretended to be calm.

“Fellow Daoist Qi, I dont understand what you mean.

My Immortal Mountain doesnt seem to have done anything harmful, right This calamity is all because of Mount Yao.

What does it have to do with us”

“Haha! Ridiculous, too ridiculous.” Unexpectedly, Qi Wuhui laughed loudly and continued, “Ive never seen such a shameless person.

Youre so thick-skinned that Im very surprised.”

“Senior Brother, theres no need to waste your breath on them! Just kill them.” After holding it in for so long, the seven peak masters could no longer suppress it.

Yang Wudi walked up angrily and said coldly.

The others also echoed, “I agree.

These two Holy Lands are in cahoots and intend to slaughter the world.

Their crimes are unforgivable and should be killed.”

“Thats right, unforgivable.”

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly attracted the approval of countless Holy Lands.

Clearly, these two Holy Lands had completely aroused public anger.

It was not easy for such a great world to have a chance to catch its breath.

There were a lot of things to do, but they actually did this and almost destroyed the entire world.

In terms of crimes, they were already unforgivable.

What was more unlucky was that the Holy Lands that they had instigated back then had died for them for no reason.

Of course, their deaths were not worth pitying because the Heaven Mending Sect had already given them a chance back then.

They were the ones who took the initiative to give up this opportunity and chose to stand opposite the Heaven Mending Sect to be used by the villains.

Their deaths were not worth pitying.

Seeing that the situation was hopeless, the First Elder of Mount Yao had long given up resisting.

However, the First Elder of the Immortal Mountain was still unwilling to give up.

In this chaos, he was only helping Mount Yaos plan.

He did not obtain anything and lost the entire Immortal Mountain just like that.

They had suffered too much.

He quibbled, “Fellow Daoist Qi, Im very angry about Mount Yaos actions.

We were also deceived by villains.

We hope that everyone can forget about the past.

Moreover, my Immortal Mountain has never done anything evil.”

“Shut up!” Before he could finish speaking, Qi Wuhui interrupted him with a cold shout.

“Deceived Why didnt you say so when your Immortal Mountain killed my Heaven Mending Sects disciples Its too late to tell me this now.”

The two Holy Lands were at each others throats.

Their crimes were unforgivable.

No matter what they said, they could not salvage the calamity they had caused.

Seeing this, the Immortal Mountain elders heart was like dead ashes and he was filled with regret.

However, a huge disaster had already been caused.

This situation was irreversible, so he decided to be ruthless.

“Qi Wuhui, dont be too impudent! Im the First Elder of a faction after all.

Who do you think you are to criticize me Hmph… Even if my Immortal Mountain has made a huge mistake, its not something you can judge.

Your Heaven Mending Sect has people in the Upper Realm.

Its not like my Immortal Mountain doesnt have them.

“In terms of seniority and strength, my Immortal Mountain is an ancient orthodoxy, a supreme holy land.

Do you dare to touch me”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyones expressions instantly changed and they came to a realization.

It seemed like he was right.

The Immortal Mountain had an extremely high status in the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands.

This Holy Land was an ancient orthodoxy that had existed since the Immortal Ancient.

It was incomparably huge.

The Undying Mountain had the title of Forbidden Area of Life.

In terms of strength, even the Heaven Mending Pavilion was afraid.

Because this Holy Land rarely came out to walk around, their strength was still a mystery.

Now that they saw that the First Elder of the Immortal Mountain was so confident, everyone could not help but start to feel conflicted.

Clearly, they could not afford to offend the power behind the Immortal Mountain.

If they destroyed their orthodoxy in the world, it was difficult to guarantee that they would not appear.

The pressure instantly arrived at the Heaven Mending Sect.

Hearing the First Elder of the Immortal Mountains words, Qi Wuhui was stunned for a moment, and his expression became extremely ugly.

Although he liked to act on impulse, he still had basic rationality.

After this battle, there were many things to do in the world that could no longer withstand any torture.

If such a great chaos erupted again, it was very likely to destroy the entire world.

Seeing that Qi Wuhui was frightened, the First Elder of the Immortal Mountain laughed and said, “Qi Wuhui, Im not afraid to tell you that my Patriarch has already ascended and successfully entered the Undying Mountain.

If you dare to touch us today, he will definitely return in the future to avenge my Immortal Mountain.”

The Patriarch he was talking about was none other than the person who had appeared in the underwater immortal palace, Gongsun Baizhi.

He had disappeared after the last trip to the Immortal Palace.

Back then, Ye Qiu wanted to settle scores with him, but he couldnt find him.

He didnt expect him to have already entered the forbidden area of the Immortal Mountain.

Moreover, from the words of the First Elder of the Immortal Mountain, this old man seemed to have a certain level of authority in the Undying Mountain Holy Land and seemed to be doing well.

For a moment, everyone from the Heaven Mending Sect fell silent.

At this moment, a cold voice sounded.

“Undying Mountain Who do you think you are How dare you threaten my Heaven Mending Pavilion”

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