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“Hehe, Elder Gu, dont worry.

I know what Im doing.

I definitely wont disappoint you.” Ye Qiu smiled evilly and didnt hide anything.

Gu Sanqiu knew what he had done back then, and he had long known.

The two of them knew that very well and did not say it openly.

Overall, Ye Qiu still had a little conscience, but not much.

Gu Sanqiu was a little depressed, but he had already said it.

It didnt seem easy to take it back.

Forget it.

In any case, the crimes of these two Holy Lands were unforgivable.

So what if they died He could not control it.

Gu Sanqiu sighed and did not continue.

Then, he looked at Ming Yue and said, “Alright, Yueer, we should go back.”

Ming Yue nodded, her expression a little strange.

She looked back and forth between the two of them, feeling that they were hiding something from her.

Their conversation sounded fine, but after thinking about it carefully, she felt that it was strange.

It was as if he was doing something bad.

It was very evil.

“Could it be an illusion” Ming Yue couldnt help but ask herself.

She shook her head, puzzled.

Then, she looked at Little Senior Sister not far away and said coldly, “Remember what I said.

Before the matter between us is completely resolved, you have no right to choose your life, and neither do I.”

Little Senior Sister nodded.

This was not a threat, but a common thought in their hearts.

If it was a taboo for the other party, it was the same for her.

Therefore, they easily reached a consensus.

Ye Qiu shook his head helplessly as he looked at his disappointed Little Senior Sister.

No matter who it was, they would break down when they encountered such a thing.

It was already good enough that she could force herself to remain calm.

In the end, Ming Yue followed Gu Sanqiu and left the mortal world.

She stepped into the Heavenly Gate again and disappeared without a trace.

After they left, the entire world returned to its usual silence.

Originally, no one dared to speak loudly under their pressure.

After they left, everyone finally heaved a sigh of relief and felt comfortable.

“Phew… Theyre finally gone.” Qi Wuhui also wiped his cold sweat, feeling extremely afraid.

He had no idea when he had provoked Ming Yue.

Why did she look at him with such killing intent

Clearly, he didnt know that he had been tricked by Ye Qiu.

If he knew, he would probably be fighting Ye Qiu to the death.


After Ming Yue left, Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Waner finally walked up.

They were exhausted and their eyes were filled with tears.

They looked pitiful.

With their masters return, they could finally vent their grievances, as if they had a backbone.

Ye Qiu gently wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and smiled.

“Silly girl, how old are you You still like to cry so much.

Alright, lets talk when we get back.

I still have other things to deal with.”

After comforting them, Ye Qiu slowly turned around.

The smile on his face was immediately retracted and he revealed a cold gaze.

Meng Tianzheng slowly walked up and said, “Junior Brother, how do you plan to deal with these two Holy Lands”

Just now, they had all heard the First Elders threat.

They were clearly very afraid.

However, now that he had the support of the Heaven Mending Pavilion, he felt more confident.

No matter what, this chaos had completely angered the entire world.

All the Holy Lands were furious.

If these two Holy Lands got away with it in the end, many people might be indignant.

Therefore, many peoples gazes began to gather on Ye Qiu, wanting to see how he would deal with it.

Unknowingly, Ye Qiu had already become the leader of the world, the center of attention.

Ye Qiu felt an indescribable self-deprecation in his heart when he saw their reaction.

If he didnt have the system and change his fate, he would probably still be an unknown peak master on Violet Cloud Peak.

No one would even recognize him.

He had experienced too much to reach this point.

His heart had already been tempered thousands of times.

“Hmm,” Nodding, Ye Qiu didnt respond directly.

He slowly walked in front of the two Holy Lands and looked at their despairing and indignant gazes.

Among them, Mount Yao had clearly given up resisting.

However, the Immortal Mountain still didnt give up and wanted to threaten Ye Qiu.

The First Elder of the Immortal Mountain said indignantly, “Ye Qiu, theres always someone to blame.

This chaos was caused by Mount Yao.

All the plans were implemented by them.

If you want to vent your anger, you can look for them.

What does it have to do with us”

Ye Qiu sneered and didnt say anything.

The First Elder of Mount Yao, who had been silent for a long time, looked at the First Elder of the Immortal Mountain who had betrayed him and felt mocking.

However, this world was just so cruel.

There were no eternal friends.

When disaster came, even a husband and wife in the same bed could fall out, let alone an ally.

“Haha! Cowardly coward, I was really blind to be associated with you.

Ridiculous, ridiculous.” He laughed loudly.

These words were incomparably ear-piercing to the First Elder of the Immortal Mountain.

With just these few words, the Immortal Mountains reputation was completely gone.

Betrayal and fear of death had almost become their adjectives.

However, he did not refute.

Compared to reputation, this inheritance was more important.

As long as he could survive, he could endure any humiliation.

“Ye Qiu! Do it.

A loss is a loss.

I have nothing to say.”

The First Elder of Mount Yao was still a man.

He calmly faced his outcome.

He could actually be considered a pitiful person, a chess piece that could be abandoned at any time.

He had planned for half his life for his ancestors plan, but he did not expect to be abandoned.

He was already disheartened and had the intention to die.

It was said that there must be something hateful about pitiful people.

No matter what he said, it couldnt make up for the huge disaster he had caused.

Ye Qiu wasnt a saint.

He wouldnt forgive his crimes just because of his pity.

“Haha, you have some self-awareness.” Ye Qiu sneered.

He wasnt in a hurry to execute him.

Instead, he had a more fun way to play.

From the moment the First Elder of the Immortal Mountain said those words, Ye Qiu already understood that these two Holy Lands had completely turned against each other.

Mount Yaos reaction to the Immortal Mountain was shameful, angry, and filled with hatred.

As for the Immortal Mountain, they would do anything to survive.

In that case, why not let them fight As soon as this thought appeared, Ye Qiu immediately revealed a strange smile.

Hehe, this must be fun.

Lets do it.

He did not know how the Immortal Mountain would react.

In any case, Mount Yao wanted to kill them now.

They would definitely do their best.

If they were given the chance to vent their anger before they died, they would definitely be critically injured.

“Hmm, from the looks of it, you also hate the Immortal Mountain to the bone! How about this Ill give you a chance to drag someone down with you before you die.” Looking at the Immortal Mountain, Ye Qiu smiled evilly and said, “Ill open a battlefield for you so that you can take revenge for this backstabbing before you die.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the First Elder of Mount Yao, whose heart was like dead ashes, was instantly delighted.

“Good! Thats great!”

He gritted his teeth, filled with anger and hatred.

In any case, they wouldnt be able to survive.

Ye Qiu gave them a chance to take revenge for their backstabbing before they died, instantly making them excited.

Hatred turned into incomparably crazy power.

Everyone instantly revealed murderous gazes.

It had to be said that Ye Qiu had a conscience, but not much.

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