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The Most Generous Master Ever Chapter 11 - Show Master

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Chapter 11: Show Master

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“Hmm, after breaking through to the Hidden Life realm, I feel different.” When he woke up again, he carefully felt the unending energy in his body and smiled faintly. All confidence came from strength. With great strength, he felt as though he could walk with ease.

Soon, Lin Qingzhu woke up. She opened her arms and felt the power in her body. She was ecstatic. “Is this the power of a level one Black Finger Its indeed terrifying…”

After a moment of excitement, Lin Qingzhu thought of something else.“Master seemed to have said that as long as I break through to the Black Finger realm, he will teach me sword skills. Doesnt that mean that I can learn powerful sword skills tomorrow”Thinking of this, she felt a wave of joy. She immediately stood up and turned her head to look at Ye Qiu. Suddenly, she froze.

“Eh, why do I feel like Master has become a completely different person More and more immortal-like… How could there be such a huge change in such a short period of time”Lin Qingzhu couldnt figure it out, but she didnt care. No matter how much he changed, he was still her master.

“Thank you, Master, for imparting your cultivation. Ive already broken through to the Black Finger realm.” Lin Qingzhu walked over and kneeled in front of Ye Qiu, giving him a big bow. She was truly grateful. She was very glad that those masters in the Jade Pure Hall had not chosen her. Otherwise, how could she have taken such a good master as her master

It had only been four days since she entered the sect, yet Ye Qiu had helped her so much. He gave her immortal pills and elixirs, and also imparted his cultivation. Where in the world could she find such a good master She treasured it very much and was also very lucky to have Ye Qiu as her teacher. This was the best thing she had done in her life.

“Alright, get up. You and I are master and disciple. Theres no need to say any words of gratitude. Its fine as long as you remember how good your master is in the future.” Ye Qiu faintly smiled.

Lin Qingzhu said seriously, “Dont worry, Master. I will never forget your kindness to me. I never had much ambition in my life. I only had one thought in my mind—revenge for my parents. After I take revenge, Ill return to Violet Cloud Peak and stay by Masters side forever to serve you…”

Ye Qius heart softened at the mention of her parents. As for the violent beasts at the foot of the mountain, no clues were found until today. In the beginning, Ye Qiu didnt want to care about this matter because of his strength. Now that he had the ability, he might be able to help her find the murderer…

After thinking for a moment, Ye Qiu said, “Okay, after the Seven Peaks Martial Meeting is over, Ill bring you down the mountain to train. At the same time, Ill help you find out the culprit who killed your parents…”

Upon hearing this, Lin Qingzhus heart trembled. She didnt say anything with tears in her eyes. She knew that in this world, only Ye Qiu treated her sincerely. Not only was he willing to give her elixirs, he was also willing to help her take revenge.

“Master…” Feeling touched, Lin Qingzhu fell into Ye Qius arms like a little girl and burst into tears. She, who had always been headstrong, had never cried so bitterly ever since she came up the mountain. The reason for that was because she knew that no one would care about her emotions. The only person she could rely on was the master who loved her the most.

“Alright, stop crying! Be careful not to make your face look ugly.” Ye Qiu comforted her. Lin Qingzhu calmed down for a long time, but in the end, she regained her composure and stopped her emotions.

When she realized that she was so bold as to throw herself into her masters arms, her face turned red and she quickly escaped from Ye Qius embrace.

“Of course not. Master only knows how to scare people.” Lin Qingzhu said as he wiped her tears. Her face turned red again after thinking about her crazy actions just now.

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Ye Qiu looked at her happy face and felt gratified. He did not wish for his disciple to remain cold and detached from the world. Such a person was no different from a walking corpse who had completely lost her soul. The reason why he did that was to awaken Lin Qingzhus passionate heart and make her feel alive. However, it seemed like she was only like this to him. She was still cold to others.

This might be related to the Mystical Ice Bone in her body. After all, it was her companion bone. During the process of her cultivation, the Mystical Ice Bone played a great role. As her cultivation level increased, she might become colder and colder. However, this was not important. As long as she did not have any intention of dying and lived in her own pain.

It didnt matter if she was a little cold. Moreover, this kind of coldness indirectly made her appear more elegant. She was like a fairy from the Nine Heavens, giving off an inviolable sense of holiness when her expression was normal. Holy, flawless, white robes, this was the perfect disciple Ye Qiu wanted to create.

Ye Qiu looked at Lin Qingzhu and calmly said, “Okay! Back to the topic. Your cultivation level has already broken through the Black Finger. From tomorrow onwards, I will teach you the Violet Cloud Swordsmanship.

“Its getting late. Go back and rest first. Remember to strike a balance between work and rest. Although cultivation is very important, you cant forget to rest. The body is the capital for cultivation. Do you understand”

Lin Qingzhu nodded solemnly. “Master, I understand.” No matter what, as long as Ye Qiu said it, she felt that it was right. She just had to do it.

“Master, do you want to eat something Ill cook for you…” When they finished, Lin Qingzhu saw that it was getting late and that she was still a little hungry. So she asked Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu stared blankly.“Huh. I think I forgot something. This girl is only in the Black Finger realm and hasnt completely abstained from eating. She still needs to eat. Damn…”

Ye Qiu sweated. A few days ago, he was too focused on going into seclusion to remember that he had a disciple on the mountain. He wondered how she had survived the past few days.

Violet Cloud Peak was different from other peaks. Other peaks not only had many disciples, but also many labor disciples. There were only two people on Violet Cloud Peak, so they could only rely on themselves to settle their daily necessities.

Ye Qiu had been cooking all these years. Suddenly, a disciple came. But he actually went into seclusion without explaining clearly. Fortunately, this girl was quick-witted and knew how to find food. Otherwise, she would really starve to death.

Every once in a while, the ingredients that the sect was responsible for purchasing would be sent over and piled up in the kitchen. Perhaps she was too hungry and only realized it when she went to the kitchen.

“Okay, thats fine too! Just do whatever you want.”

Ye Qiu thought about it and found it funny. He was also a little curious about his disciples culinary skills. Actually, he no longer needed to eat. As long as his cultivation reached the Celestial realm, he would be able to abstain from eating. After entering Infinite Distance, there was no need to eat at all. However, if he wanted to eat it, it was not impossible. It did not affect him at all.

“Alright, Master, Ill do it right away.” Hearing that Ye Qiu wanted to eat, Lin Qingzhu excitedly ran to the kitchen and prepared to start cooking. She had to show her master her cooking skills today to repay him.

Ye Qiu had an ominous feeling after seeing her leave excitedly.

“This girl really knows how to cook Will I die”

He suddenly regretted it…


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