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The Most Generous Master Ever Chapter 16 - Surging Undercurrents

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Chapter 16: Surging Undercurrents

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A day passed quickly. Ming Yue brought Su Ya back to the Sky Water Peak.

“Master, youre back…”

The stream was as blue as the sky. A group of beautiful women were playing in the stream. When they saw Ming Yue bringing Su Ya back, they hurriedly stood up and bowed.

For some reason, such a routine was normal in the Sky Water Peak. However, after this trip to Violet Cloud Peak, Ming Yues mentality gradually changed. Especially when she saw that Lin Qingzhu had already broken through to level one of Black Finger, the pressure was multiplied.

A disciple who had just entered the sect was already in level one Black Finger. As for her precious disciples, other than the older ones, the rest were all useless.

“Have you finished your homework”

Liu Ruyan shuddered in confusion upon hearing Ming Yues question.Werent they usually like this

“M-Master! Its all done…” Liu Ruyan trembled with fear. She rarely saw Ming Yue so serious. She knew that her master must have suffered a blow and was in a bad mood.

“All of you only know how to play. There are still three more months until the Seven Peaks Martial Meeting. Do you all feel that its stable and you dont need to cultivate anymore The disciples of the other peaks are all preparing for the Seven Peaks Martial Meeting. Only you guys are playing every day.

“Do all of you feel that you are talented and dont need to cultivate anymore Each and every one of you are proud and arrogant, looking down on everyone! You dont know that there is always someone stronger than you.

“In terms of talent, First Peak has Liu Qingfeng and Hidden Sword Peak has Qi Hao. Which one of you can beat them Even the Violet Cloud Peak, which was supposed to be the worst. Its disciple who has just joined the sect for five days is already at the first level of Black Finger realm. What about you guys You still have the mood to play”

The more she spoke, the angrier and more aggrieved she became. When had she, Ming Yue, ever suffered such grievances Werent all the disciples in the same batch as her all trampled under her feet back then She, who had always had a strong self-esteem, found it hard to accept that her own disciples were inferior to them.

“Master, we know we were wrong! Well cultivate immediately…” Liu Ruyan felt wronged.

“Ruyan! As the eldest disciple, I hope that you can sober up and take the lead to set an example for the junior sisters. I dont expect you to get first place, as long as you dont embarrass me.”

With that, Ming Yue quietly left, leaving Su Ya standing there alone.

After she left, the senior sisters immediately surrounded her.

“Little Junior Sister, what happened Why is the Master suddenly so angry”

“Ive been in the sect for so long, but Ive never seen her so angry. Whats gotten into her”

Looking at Ming Yues lonely back as she left, Su Ya dejectedly said, “Master brought me to Violet Cloud Peak to visit today. I didnt expect that the peak master of Violet Cloud Peak isnt as weak as the rumors say. Hes very powerful. Furthermore, his disciple has been in the sect for five days and has already advanced to level one of Black Finger realm.”


The crowd was stunned.

Level one of Black Finger In five days What kind of concept was that

Those senior sisters, who have been in the sect for three years and were still stuck at the Qi Mastery realm, suddenly started to doubt life.

“How is this possible”

Everyone was shocked.

From what they knew, Violet Cloud Peak had always been the weakest among the seven factions, and Violet Cloud Peaks master was even more of a piece of trash. Who would have thought that they would suddenly hear a shocking piece of news today that shattered all their previous knowledge of Violet Cloud Peak.

Liu Ruyan pondered for a moment before answering. “No wonder why Master is so angry. Even the Violet Cloud Peak at the bottom of the seven peaks has surpassed us. Junior sisters! Looks like we have to work hard in the future. We cant embarrass our Master in front of other martial uncles. From tomorrow onwards, everyone must cultivate seriously.

“There are still three months until the Martial Meeting! In these three months, everyone should at least increase their cultivation by a realm.”

“Ah…” After hearing that, everyone was depressed. This was a huge goal. However, they suppressed their dissatisfaction after seeing her cold glare.

The Eldest Senior Sister was still very dignified. In the entire Sky Water Peak, besides Ming Yue, she was the only one with the most say.

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Unlike the tense atmosphere of the Sky Water Peak, Qi Wuhui was already thinking about how to humiliate Ye Qiu three months after returning to his place yesterday.

“Haha, ignorant fool! You dare to make this bet with me Arent you asking for humiliation” In the dojo, Qi Wuhui said with a gloomy expression.

At this moment, a handsome and extraordinary man walked in. “Father, why did you call me here”

This person was none other than Qi Hao, the Eldest Senior Brother of the Hidden Sword Peak, Qi Wuhuis precious son.

Qi Wuhui doted on his son a lot. Furthermore, he was outstanding and had exceptional aptitude. If he cultivated seriously, he probably wouldnt lose to Liu Qingfeng. But it couldnt be helped. This kids mind was completely not on cultivation. He was thinking about how to mess with women every day.

Qi Wuhui had a headache because of this. He couldnt understand why he would have such a perverted son when he was an upright and outstanding character. Did something go wrong

Seeing Qi Hao below, Qi Wuhui recalled how Ye Qiu had made an issue out of him and immediately felt angry. “Youd better restrain yourself for the time being. Youd better use your thoughts on the Seven Peaks Martial Meeting. I made a bet with Ye Qiu! If you lose to Violet Cloud Peak three months later, see how I will deal with you.”

Qi Hao didnt mind. He sneered and said, “Ye Qiu That trash peak master Father, youre overthinking things, right He couldnt even beat me. How powerful can the disciple he teaches be Father, you should relax. I will definitely become the champion of this Martial Meeting…”

Qi Hao was extremely confident, even conceited. In the entire Heaven Mending Sect, apart from Liu Qingfeng, he really didnt fear anyone. Although he was obsessed with beauty every day, his strength was not low. Otherwise, how could there be so many girls attracted to him

This gentle and elegant gentleman had a stomach full of evil tricks. In the past few years, he had harmed countless innocent women.

Qi Wuhui usually turned a blind eye regarding his actions. However, he didnt want Ye Qiu to threaten him because of Qi Hao. So he said strictly, “Youre so complacent just because of a little bit of results. Put away your complacency. Do you think that Ye Qiu is really as the rumors say Even I cant see through this boys strength! You better restrain yourself recently. My Hidden Sword Peak and Violet Cloud Peak have never gotten along. I wont be able to protect you if he gets something on you.”

Qi Haos smile immediately disappeared, gradually turning dark. “What do you mean! Could it be that he still dares to make an issue out of me”

A surge of killing intent rose. Qi Hao couldnt figure out where that useless peak master of Violet Cloud Peak got his courage from.

His father was Qi Wuhui, the Disciplinary Elder of the Heaven Mending Sect and the head of the Hidden Sword Peak. In the Heaven Mending Sect, it could be said to be second to the Sect Master, possessing the authority to decide life and death.

How could Ye Qiu dare

“Hmph, if it wasnt for the trip with Sect Master to Violet Cloud Peak yesterday, I wouldnt have known that this brat hid so deeply. We have always underestimated him! After enduring ten years of humiliation, he has silently grown into a factor that we cannot control.

“However, no matter how hard he tries to hide it, its useless! Im going to humiliate and shame him in front of the disciples of the various factions. There are still three months until the Martial Meeting begins. In these three months, you are not allowed to go anywhere. Focus on your cultivation.”

Qi Hao nodded. No matter how willful he was, it was still a family matter. Now that there were outsiders who wanted to make an issue out of him, and this person was the person he looked down on the most, he naturally wouldnt give him the chance.

“Father, dont worry. We will definitely win…”


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