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The Most Generous Master Ever Chapter 19 - Xiao Clan of Liyang

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Chapter 19: Xiao Clan of Liyang

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The next morning, in the open space in front of Violet Cloud Peaks wooden house. Lin Qingzhu had been waiting here since a long time ago. She hurriedly greeted after she saw that Ye Qiu had finally come out.

“Good morning, Master…”


Ye Qiu was dressed in white. There was a jade pendant hanging on his waist and a fan in his hand. He looked elegant and graceful.

Ye Qiu took off the jade pendant in his hand and said, “This is a storage jade. Theres a lot of space inside. It can help you store items. We cultivators travel through the Great Desolate. It is inconvenient for us to bring a lot of luggage. Most of us have a storage treasure like this. Today is your first time going down the mountain. I dont have any Dharma treasure to give you. So Ill give this jade pendant to you…”

After passing the jade pendant to Lin Qingzhu, Ye Qiu then told Lin Qingzhu the way to use the storage pendant.

Lin Qingzhu said gratefully, “Thank you for the treasure, Master. I like it very much…” This master was simply too generous to have given another Dharma treasure so early in the morning. He gave away Dharma treasures every day and he never hid anything from his disciples.

Ye Qiu smiled and silently shouted in his heart.



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[You gave your disciple a superior-class storage treasure, triggering a Critical Hit Return.]



[Congratulations, you have triggered a hundred times critical strike and obtained a piece of supreme-grade Mystic Spirit Jade.]

Ye Qiu turned his right hand and a new jade pendant appeared in his hand. After studying it carefully, he realized that this jade pendant had a much larger space than the one he had given to Lin Qingzhu. Furthermore, this jade pendant had an even more miraculous effect. It could actually store living things

“Hmm… this is a good treasure.” Ye Qiu laughed evilly and gradually became impudent. Even though he didnt directly trigger a 10,000 times Critical Hit or 1,000 times Critical Hit, Ye Qiu was already very satisfied. After all, he couldnt always be so lucky. A hundred times was already very high.

Lin Qingzhu carefully hung the jade pendant on her waist and asked, “Master, when are we leaving”

Ye Qiu didnt reply. He looked towards the other peaks. Suddenly, several rays of light flew out from each peak, forming a dense mass.

Ye Qiu faintly smiled and said: “Lets go…”

This time, the seven factions sent out a large number of disciples, led by the masters themselves.

The entire Violet Cloud Peak was mobilized. Although there were only two of them, using the wordall gave one the feeling that there were many people.

The various Holy Lands and immortals sects were mobilized to eliminate the vicious beasts this time. This was more like a scene of a large-scale collision between them.

Ye Qiu casually took out a sword and softly said, “Lets go…”

He didnt use the Cloudy Heavens Sword, because this immortal sword was too domineering, it would make him too pretentious. It did not match his temperament either. He should keep a low profile.

Lin Qingzhu responded by summoning the Violet Cloud Sword and followed Ye Qius example.

In the past few days, Ye Qiu had also taught her the Imperial Sword Technique. Her comprehension was already very high, so she quickly learned it. Unlike Ye Qiu, who had studied for a year.

Ten minutes later, on the Hundred Mile Wasteland, two figures slowly descended from the sky.

Looking at the ruins all over the ground, the once flourishing wasteland town was now razed to the ground by vicious beasts. The smoke on the ruins had yet to dissipate, and corpses were piled up on the ground. Lin Qingzhu felt nauseous and almost vomited after seeing this.

“From the looks of it, the effects of this vicious beast riot are indeed huge. A small town was destroyed just like that. Is someone behind this, or is there another reason…”Ye Qiu thought to himself. This was the Eastern Wasteland, the territory of the human race. Such a thing actually happened under the rule of the various Holy Lands and dynasties. It was a little unbelievable.

Tap, tap, tap…

A few footsteps came from behind. Lin Qingzhu turned around and saw a group of people on the ruins.

The leader of the group was a man in green. His face was filled with arrogance.

“Tsk tsk, how tragic! How tragic indeed. Theyre all dead. Sigh… What a pity. This beautiful little beauty was unable to obtain my blessing and actually died at the feet of the ferocious beasts.”

When he walked to a female corpse, Xiao Yi used the stick in his hand to pick at the corpses clothes with a playful expression to express his pity.

“Young Master, look, isnt there another beauty there” Xiao Yi was still feeling sorry for the dead body on the ground when the henchman behind him suddenly pointed at Lin Qingzhu and said.

Hearing this, Xiao Yi looked up and saw Lin Qingzhus cold and aloof figure in her fluttering white clothes. He was instantly attracted.

As a direct descendant of the Xiao Clan, he had seen many beauties because of his noble status. However, he had never seen such a cold and elegant goddess like Lin Qingzhu, so he was instantly interested.

“Hmm, interesting. I didnt expect to meet such a peerless beauty in this tiny Wasteland Old Town. Looks like I am quite lucky with women.” Xiao Yi said playfully. The corner of his lips lifted slightly as he walked over leisurely. “Fairy, I am Xiao Yi from the Liyang Xiao Clan. May I know your name Are you interested in getting to know me”

Lin Qingzhu frowned and felt disgusted. She said coldly, “Get lost!”

She had witnessed the other partys actions earlier. She had originally thought that all the handsome men in the world should be like her master, low-key, modest, kind and upright. Looking at it now, it was completely different. The other partys actions made her feel disgusted. He was a complete animal.

Xiao Yi frowned and his expression turned cold after hearing Lin Qingzhus words. Lin Qingzhu was the first person who dared to speak to him like this after so many years. However, he suddenly appreciated it. He liked the feeling of being rejected. It raised his desire to conquer.

“Wild girl, do you know who youre talking to How dare you talk to my young master like that Are you courting death” Xiao Yi did not intend to hold it against her. But the henchman behind him did not intend to let it go. He wanted to make a move immediately.

“Sigh…” Xiao Yi smiled and waved his hand to tell them not to move. It would be bad if they were to hurt such an interesting beauty. “Dont do anything. It would be bad if you hurt the fairy.”

“Hehe, Young Master, its my fault. Its my fault for not thinking things through.” The henchmen laughed. They had completely ignored Ye Qiu, who was standing in front of them. It was as if Lin Qingzhu had already been controlled by them.

Lin Qingzhu was burning with rage, but when she heard that the other party came from some Liyang Xiao Clan. It must be some big family clan, so she immediately suppressed the killing intent in her heart. She did not have a powerful background. Her only support was her master. She did not want to cause trouble for her master and could only bear with it in her heart.

At this moment, Ye Qiu suddenly turned around. “Liyang Xiao Clan”

Xiao Yi was stunned for a moment. Only then did he notice Ye Qiu in front of him. He saw that Lin Qingzhu was standing behind him obediently. His heart turned cold. This was the woman he had his eyes on. How could he let others snatch her away

After carefully examining Ye Qiu, he discovered that this person was very young and didnt seem very strong. Furthermore, he did not know this person.He was probably not a descendant of an aristocratic family. He would probably leave after a simple threat. After all… not everyone could afford to offend his Xiao family. Moreover, there were a few experts behind him.

Thinking of this, Xiao Yi teased, “Oh, have you heard of my Xiao familys reputation”

Ye Qiu thought for a moment and said seriously: “Hmm… I dont know.”

Xiao Yis expression changed instantly.Is this kid provoking me Or is he provoking my Xiao Family


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