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Chapter 23: Heaven Mending Sect, Ye Qiu

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Lin Feng was instantly displeased when he saw that Xiao Yi was ignoring him. He continued to speak in a strange tone, “Whats going on Whos the one who made our Young Master Xiaos face ashen Young Master Xiao, tell me who it is. Ill help you vent your anger…”

Xiao Yi glanced at him disdainfully. “Tsk…” Just as he was about to retort, two white figures slowly descended from the side and stood at the same level as them.

Xiao Yi glanced back casually and suddenly, his heart tightened. “What the… Him again.”

Elder Xu, who was beside Wang Hai, also explained in a low voice.

Wang Hai heard this and turned around to look at Ye Qiu. He calmed down and wanted to check Ye Qius background. Suddenly, a silent sword energy attacked him. Wang Hais soul was almost injured by it.

“Hiss… What astonishing sword energy! This persons swordsmanship attainments actually cultivated to such a realm.”

Wang Hai was completely stunned. At this moment, hed attained the Soul Conduit realm in the Sword Dao, and his entire body was like a sword. He seemed to be composed and without the slightest fluctuation in his aura. However, if one dared to attack recklessly, they would definitely be counterattacked by the sword energy.

The most terrifying thing was that the sword energy was activated on its own without any control.

“Primordial descendant, Purgatory Giant Ape!” Ye Qiu muttered to himself while he looked at the huge monster below.

There were records of this type of descendant in the True Primordial Record. There were detailed scripture diagrams regarding its inheritance techniques, as well as its various strengths and weaknesses.

This giant ape had already lost all rationality. It was as if it had been corroded by some strange source. It transformed into a demonic ape and began a massacre in this wasteland.

“Young Master Xiao, where are you going”

At this moment, he heard a voice. Ye Qiu looked over curiously.

“Eh…” Ten meters to the side, two old men, and a handsome young man, had their backs facing him as they stealthily prepared to slip away. Ye Qiu immediately recognized the other partys identity. Wasnt this Young Master Xiao

“Damn it!” At this moment, Xiao Yis expression looked as if he had eaten **. His gaze towards Lin Feng was filled with killing intent.Damn it, am I very close to you Do I need to explain where Im going Oh no, Im toasted…

He cant escape anymore because Ye Qiu had discovered him.

“Hehe, Senior! What a coincidence, we met again.” Since he could not run away, Xiao Yi boldly turned around and greeted Ye Qiu with a sly smile.

“Oh, isnt this the filial Young Master Xiao! Its quite a coincidence, we met again.” Ye Qiu smiled playfully. He didnt expect the world to be so small. After circling around, they met again. “Where is Young Master Xiao going Why are you leaving the moment you see me Do I look scary”

“Dont say that. Senior, youre handsome, elegant, and have an extraordinary bearing. I have to avoid you even at my peak. I dont know how many beauties have fallen for you. How scary can you be” Xiao Yi started to suck up to him. In order to survive, he can discard his face and dignity.

Ye Qiu was amused, but he still looked calm on the surface. There was a kind of dignity in him that made Xiao Yis heart turn cold.He wondered if Wang Hai could defeat him. Damn it, why did he have to meet this guy everywhere he went He was really unlucky.

“Tsk tsk…”

At this moment, Xiao Yi heard a strange voice. Without thinking, it was Lin Feng again.

“Useless! The great young master of the Xiao Family actually needs to flatter others.” Lin Feng arrogantly walked up and looked at Ye Qiu. He did not retreat at all. There were two experts of the Hidden Life realm behind him. Why should he fear anyone It was mainly because he saw that Xiao Yi was afraid of Ye Qiu and wanted to show off in front of Eldest Young Master Xiao to suppress him.

Ye Qiu glanced at him and frowned, “Oh, so youre very brave”

“Please, Im super brave!” Lin Feng said arrogantly.

Seeing this, Xiao Yi was happy and secretly laughed.“Haha, right, enrage him, hehe… Ill see how you die.”

At this moment, another aura flowed. A beautiful figure appeared beside Ye Qiu. Her appearance immediately attracted Lin Feng and Xiao Yis lecherous gaze.

“F*ck, too beautiful… Amazing, amazing! Another great beauty has come. What a pity! What a pity! I am bound to have no fate with her.”

Xiao Yi knew clearly that he could not afford to offend this beauty. However, he was very willing to let Lin Feng mess with them. It would be best if he offended them all. Then, the Lin family would be finished.

At this moment, Lin Feng had already lost his rationality! He was in a hurry to show off especially after Ming Yue arrived, so he spoke sarcastically to Ye Qiu. “I think youre nothing! Youre just a pretty boy. You still dont know who I am, right I am the Eldest Young Master of the Liyang Lin Clan, Lin Feng. If you know whats good for you, come over and bow to me. Once Im happy, I will accept you as my underling.”

Lin Feng said confidently. Just because Xiao Yi could not afford to offend him did not mean that he could not afford to offend him.

Ye Qiu did not look like a descendant of an aristocratic family. At most, he was just an ordinary disciple from an immortal sect. What was there to be afraid of In front of a beauty, he couldnt lose his imposing manner.

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“Take me in as your underling” Ye Qiu was amused. He had long heard that these rich playboys were crazier than the others.

At first, he didnt believe it, but now he does. After all, growing up in such an environment and being born with a gold spoon, he had never experienced the vicious beatings of society. In his heart, he was confident that his family was very powerful and could settle everything for him. No one dared to provoke him.

Such things would be born under blind confidence.

“What if I refuse” Ye Qius tone turned cold as he paid attention to the giant apes movements. However, it was really annoying that there was a fly buzzing beside him.

Ming Yue took a step back. She didnt plan on interfering in this matter. She wanted to use this opportunity to see Ye Qius skill. It wouldnt be too late for her to help if Ye Qiu couldnt beat him.

“Not willing” Lin Fengs expression turned cold. How could he be shamed in front of a beauty

Coincidentally, Ming Yue added fuel to the fire. “Oh, so scary! Is this handsome guy scared”

Ye Qius mouth twitched.This b*tch really wanted things to get out of hand.

Indeed, Ming Yues words were like a ball of fire, burning on Lin Feng like a pile of firewood.

“Coward Me”

It looked like he had to show some real ability today. Lin Feng said with a gloomy face, “I want to see who exactly is able to make Xiao Yi not even dare to fart. Kid, Im not afraid to tell you that I dare to provoke someone that Xiao Yi is afraid of. I, Lin Feng, really dont know what fear is. If you have the guts, tell me your name!”

“Me” Ye Qiu thought for a moment and said, “Heaven Mending Sect, Ye Qiu!”

“Heaven Mending Sect!” When Lin Feng heard this, he sucked in a breath of cold air. The others were also shocked.

The Heaven Mending Sect was a colossus-like existence in the Eastern Wasteland. Even a giant like the Liyang Dynasty did not dare to easily provoke them.

What should he do It was too late to regret now.

Provoke It seemed like he really couldnt provoke the Heaven Mending Sect.

Let it go just like that No, if he was so cowardly, Xiao Yi would make an issue of this matter in the future and he would not be able to raise his head.

Besides, there were two beauties beside him. How could he be embarrassed in front of them

Lin Feng felt a little regretful but he still had a sliver of hope. If the other party was just an ordinary disciple, then they could just kill him. The Heaven Mending Sect wouldnt really pursue this matter to the end.

“Hmph… Do you think you can scare me with the Heaven Mending Sects name You are just an ordinary disciple. So what if you died The Heaven Mending Sect doesnt care at all.”

At this moment, Ming Yues voice rang in his ears. “No, little handsome brother! Hes not an ordinary disciple. Hes one of the seven masters of our Heaven Mending Sect, the master of Violet Cloud Peak.”

As soon as this was said, Lin Feng instantly thought,that was it.


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