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Chapter 3: Trapping His Disciple Infinitely

Lin Qingzhu was very nervous and expectant on the way to Violet Cloud Peak. When faced with the upcoming immortal path, everyone more or less had some expectations.

Lin Qingzhu felt a strange warmth in her heart when she looked at the young and handsome master flying on a sword in front of her. This master was not only handsome, he was also very gentle. He was unlike the other peak masters who always had a straight face. As if someone owed them millions.

Moreover, he was very concerned about his disciples psychological problems and would comfort her from time to time. What was even more unimaginable was his tolerance. Faced with the slander and exclusion of so many peak masters, he was able to maintain a calm and indifferent attitude.

Lin Qingzhu admired his attitude and swore in her heart.“I must work hard and not embarrass my Master!”

A few minutes later, a purple light flashed past Violet Cloud Peak and the two of them slowly landed in front of a few wooden houses.

“Were here.” When he arrived in front of the small wooden house, Ye Qiu wasnt embarrassed. He said in a serious manner, “Im an immortal cultivator, so I follow my heart. I can eat, sleep, and walk as I please.

“Although the conditions are simple, it can also hone a persons character and make them more grounded on the path of cultivation in the future…” Ye Qiu felt ashamed after saying this. However, he was thick-skinned and his expression was very natural.

Violet Cloud Peak was very poor, and it had a lot to do with Perfected Xuantian. After all, this old man ate his fill alone, so Violet Cloud Peak wasnt hungry.

“Master, I understand!” Lin Qingzhu replied firmly.

“Other than the one in the middle, you can choose any of these houses as your living quarters.” “From today onwards, you are the nineteenth generation eldest disciple of our Violet Cloud Peak, the future successor of Violet Cloud Peak.

“As the eldest disciple, you have to work hard and cultivate seriously. You have to be a role model for your junior brothers and sisters in the future.” Ye Qiu completely replicated what Perfected Xuantian had said when he accepted him as a disciple.

Lin Qingzhus blood boiled when she heard this. She had never thought that she would be so lucky as to become the future successor and be nurtured as soon as she became a disciple.

She immediately expressed. “Master, please rest assured. I will definitely work hard.”

“Very good!” Ye Qiu let out a long breath. He wasnt afraid of anything, but he was afraid that she would quit.

After all, when he first went up the mountain and saw the scenery of Violet Cloud Peak, he didnt want to work anymore.

“Alright! Since youve already acknowledged me as your master, I cant hide anything from you. Eat this Marrow Cleansing Pill. Although this pill is mortal grade, it has excellent effects. It can wash away the impurities on your body and allow you to quickly feel the presence of Qi.” As he spoke, Ye Qiu slowly took out the Marrow Cleansing Pill that was rewarded by the system and handed it to Lin Qingzhu.

Lin Qingzhu took the pill from his hands, feeling extremely shocked. “Master, this…”

She had just taken a master and her master had rewarded her with a Marrow Cleansing Pill.

Previously, Liu Qingfeng had introduced to them that on the path of cultivation, apart from ones aptitude and talent, there was another very important thing. And that is the heavenly treasures and the spirit pills. And most of these things were in the hands of the various peak masters. However, they were extremely stingy, not wishing to waste these hard-earned spirit pills.

Therefore, this was also the reason why they fought over the more talented disciples.

Lin Qingzhu did not expect her master to be so generous, rewarding her with a superior pill as soon as she entered. She was so touched that she almost gave herself to him.

“Thank you, Master! I will not disappoint you…”

Without any hesitation, Lin Qingzhu ate the pill. She felt her body warm up as a magical power surged into her body, expelling the impurities within her in an instant.

Lin Qingzhus face turned red as she felt the sticky impurities on her skin. She did not dare to face anyone.

“Haha, go! Theres a hot spring in the back mountain that you can use to wash up.” Ye Qiu smiled. Everyone loved beauty. It was understandable.

Not to mention, Lin Qingzhu was extremely beautiful. She belonged to the category of cold goddesses. Her skin was fair, and she was about 1.75 meters tall. Especially after consuming the Marrow Cleansing Pill and cleansing the impurities in her body, her entire aura had undergone a tremendous change.

If this was in any other novel, she would definitely be a female protagonist, a saintess of a holy land.

“Thank you, Master. Ill take my leave first.” Lin Qingzhu left the training hall as if she was running away.

Ye Qius face changed and the corner of his mouth curved upwards.

“System! Come out, come out. Quick, wheres my return” At this moment, he couldnt wait any longer. He needed to verify it.


[The host has gifted a Marrow Cleansing Pill to his disciple. It meets the requirements.]

[Activating Ten-thousand-times Return, critical hit random. Do you want to begin]


[Activated successfully. Congratulations, host, you have triggered a thousand-fold critical strike. You have received a supreme-grade spirit pill, a Divine Marrow Pill…]

“F*ck!” Ye Qiu sat up from his chair.

The first strike triggered a thousand-fold critical strike, and he even obtained a supreme-grade spirit pill, Divine Marrow Pill. This thing was a thousand times more effective than the Marrow Cleansing Pill.

This could solve the problem of his ordinary aptitude.

“Hehe… Not bad, not bad. As expected of my good disciple, the lucky star, she triggered a thousand-fold critical strike the moment she arrived.”

Ye Qiu was so happy that he couldnt close his mouth. Suddenly, he had an idea.

Not long after, Lin Qingzhu came back. Her hair was wet and fell naturally. At first glance, she looked like a hibiscus blooming from clear water. Ye Qiu was almost stunned.

“D*mn! Is this girl that charming No way, I am her master, how can I have such crooked thoughts. Where is the moral principle…”Shaking his head, Ye Qiu quickly recovered from his evil thoughts.

“Master! Im back…” Lin Qingzhu walked back embarrassedly. Ye Qiu nodded his head.

“Yes, I thought about it just now. Although a Marrow Cleansing Pill can help you sense the existence of Qi in advance, it is somewhat powerless to surpass those of the same generation. How about this I have a Divine Marrow Pill here. Eat it. In just a moment, your aptitude will undergo a tremendous change.”

“Ah…” Lin Qingzhu was stunned. Wasnt her master too generous Furthermore, he had such a precious pill, yet he didnt eat it. Instead, he left it for her. At this moment, Lin Qingzhu was extremely touched, and tears welled up in her eyes.

Perhaps it was because her master did not want her to be looked down upon by those of the same generation, and also because he wanted her to become stronger as soon as possible so that she could avenge her parents, that was why he had spared no effort.

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Recalling her encounter in the Jade Pure Hall, Lin Qingzhus heart turned cold and she clenched her fists.

“Hmph. All of you just wait. I will definitely return todays humiliation a hundredfold on behalf of my master.”Lin Qingzhu swore in her heart and gave another big bow. “I will forever remember Masters kindness. Please accept my bow.”

“Un, get up! Eat this first…” Ye Qiu didnt care what she was thinking. He was more concerned about whether he could get his return later.

This was a crazy idea. If he could, would he be able to trap disciples indefinitely

Lin Qingzhu took the Divine Marrow Pill and swallowed it in one go. Immediately, a surge of energy surged into her body.

The Divine Marrow Pill would no longer clean the impurities because it had been cleared before. Instead, it would transform the meridians in her body. In just a moment, a divine bone actually appeared within her body.

“Gasp… Natural Mystical Ice Bones!” Ye Qiu was shocked when he saw this. This was a top grade divine bone! It was even higher grade than the divine bone of the youth in the main hall.

This Divine Marrow Pill was too terrifying.


[Congratulations, host, for gifting this disciple the Divine Marrow Pill. A critical hit has been triggered. Do you wish to activate it]


[Activated successfully, triggered a hundred-fold critical strike, obtained one Immortal Marrow Pill.]

[Note: The system has discovered that the host intends to exploit the loophole, to use the gift gotten from the return and use it on his disciple to trigger the system. This time, the system will pretend that nothing happened and give a warning…]

[I hereby declare that the items gifted by the return will no longer be activated by giving others the gift.]

Hearing the warning, Ye Qius heart tightened, but hearing that it was only a warning, he immediately let out a sigh of relief. Hehe, luckily, he did not make a wrong bet! Although he could not bait the gifts indefinitely, he had at least succeeded once. It was a gamble. A bicycle became a motorcycle, a supreme-grade spirit pill, the Divine Marrow Pill, had become an immortal-grade spirit pill, the Immortal Marrow Pill.

This was the best medicinal pill!

“Haha, Im rich…”Ye Qiu almost let out a deranged laugh, but in front of his disciple, how could he be so rude He immediately recovered. “Ahem ahem…”

Calm down, calm down…

A mere immortal pill was just the beginning.


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