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The Most Generous Master Ever Chapter 9 - Oh Imparting Skills

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Chapter 9: Oh, Imparting Skills

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“Seven Peaks Martial Meeting. Hehe, interesting! This time, I will surprise everyone.” The corners of Ye Qius mouth curled up into a confident smile as he stood on the cliff.

Lin Qingzhu was intoxicated by the sight of the white-robed figure, who was full of immortal charm. There was actually such a handsome man in the world, and this person was her master. Her heart was filled with joy. A crazy idea suddenly popped up in her head.What would happen if she conquered his master

Ye Qiu turned around and saw Lin Qingzhu staring at him blankly. Her expression was like that of a silly woman. He was startled and asked with concern, “Disciple, whats wrong Are you feeling unwell”

Lin Qingzhu immediately came back to her senses. As she recalled that crazy thought, her face turned red. “No, not at all, Master. Its windy here. Lets go back.” Lin Qingzhu suggested.

“Yeah, lets go. Well find a place to check if youve neglected your homework.”

Ye Qiu didnt notice anything unusual. He left the cliff and walked towards the training hall. Lin Qingzhu followed closely behind, and the two of them quickly returned to the training hall.

After returning to his seat, Lin Qingzhu stood nervously in the center of the training hall, waiting for Ye Qiu to check her homework. She did not know if her progress over the past few days would satisfy her master.

“Give me your hand…”

Lin Qingzhu walked over with a nervous heart. When she saw Ye Qiu gently place his hand on hers, her body went numb and she felt as if she had been electrocuted.

Ye Qiu didnt notice the change in her expression. After checking her cultivation progress, he frowned.

“Fourth level of Qi Mastery” How did she suddenly reach the fourth level of Qi Mastery in four days On second thought, this should be the effect of the Divine Marrow Pill. After all, the Divine Marrow Pill had transformed her body, and the medicinal effects had yet to be fully absorbed.

It was the same for the Immortal Marrow Pill that Ye Qiu consumed. He spent four days absorbing it with all his might and finally reached the fourth level of Infinite Distance. Although he was only a level four, his power was extremely pure. Under the purification of the immortal medicine, his level four realm was comparable to a level nine or even a level one of Hidden Life. Furthermore, the aura was very complicated. The spirit energy was mixed with immortal power, making people confused.

This was also the reason why Ye Qiu dared to flare up at Qi Wuhui earlier. It was because Qi Wuhui was unable to determine what realm he was in.

“Master, my potential is too low. Im only at the fourth level of Qi Mastery.” Lin Qingzhu was slightly disappointed after seeing that Ye Qius expression didnt change. She thought that she hadnt reached Ye Qius ideal realm and was very depressed.

Who knew that Ye Qiu would suddenly roll his eyes at her. “You broke through to the fourth level of Qi Mastery in four days What else do you want You can only say this in front of me. Dont say such things when you go out in the future. Otherwise, people will beat you to death.”

It was too infuriating. The disciple with the innate divine bones in the Hidden Sword peak had yet to attain the first level of Qi Mastery realm. She was already at level four, yet she was still unsatisfied and even said that her aptitude was poor.

What the f*ck does she mean by poor aptitude If I had this cultivation speed back then, would I have been humiliated for so many years

“Ah…” Lin Qingzhu was stunned by Ye Qius sudden change.

This was her first time seeing Ye Qius expression like this. She felt like she had discovered a new continent.

So Master wasnt that serious after all… I suddenly feel like… such a master is quite fun.Lin Qingzhu was secretly delighted. She thought that her master was very disappointed with her performance. So he wasnt. Then she was relieved.

“Mhm, fourth level of Qi Mastery! If she wants to reach the Black Finger realm, it will take at least a few months. Im afraid I wont have enough time.”

Ye Qiu suddenly had a thought while he was mumbling.Thats right! I can impart my cultivation. How could he have forgotten about this

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Ye Qiu suddenly remembered. He had a Ten-thousand-fold Return System. Unlike others, who didnt dare to recklessly transmit their cultivation, fearing that their cultivation would fall.

“Master, whats wrong” Lin Qingzhu asked curiously after seeing Ye Qiu rooted to the spot.

Ye Qiu quickly reacted and immediately revealed an evil smile. He stared fixedly at Lin Qingzhu and examined her.

Lin Qingzhus heart trembled, and her body began to tense up.

This smile, this look Is Master interested in me What should I do What should I do If Master wants it, should I give it or not I should give it. But will he think Im too casual No way. Master is so nice to me and hes so handsome. How can I bear to reject him

In this short second, countless thoughts appeared in Lin Qingzhus mind.

When Ye Qiu saw that she was distracted, the corner of his mouth twitched. He didnt know what this wretched girl was thinking.

“Disciple! I thought about it just now. You have the dignity of Violet Cloud Peak on your shoulders. You must win the championship in this Martial Meeting. However, three months is too short a time. With your current progress, Im afraid you wont make it in time. After much consideration, I decided to impart my cultivation to you…”

“Huh Oh…” Upon hearing this, Lin Qingzhu suddenly felt a little disappointed. She had waited in vain. She thought so much, but it turned out to be a cultivation technique.

Ye Qius mouth twitched and he was speechless after seeing her disappointed expression.What kind of expression is this Im imparting my cultivation to you, and youre not happy This was something that many people wished for.

After a while, Lin Qingzhu suddenly came to her senses. “Wait, Master, are you saying youre going to impart your cultivation to me”

She was thinking about something just now and did not pay attention to what she was hearing. Now that she had reacted, she was instantly shocked. Ye Qiu was going to impart her cultivation techniques She didnt dare to believe it. One had to know that cultivators valued their cultivation more than their lives. If it wasnt for the person closest to him, there would definitely not be such a thing as passing down techniques.

Lin Qingzhu didnt think that Ye Qiu would actually impart his cultivation to her.Didnt that mean that in Ye Qius heart, I was the closest person to himThinking of this, Lin Qingzhu was elated and excited.I didnt expect Master to care so much about me. Im so touched. He kept saying that it was for the sake of Violet Cloud Peaks dignity, but it was just an excuse. How could mere dignity compare to his cultivation

“Thats right!” Ye Qiu said indifferently, “After thinking about it, only imparting cultivation will allow you to grow in the shortest time possible. This Martial Meeting concerns the dignity of Violet Cloud Peak. I dont want you to lose. Do you understand”

Lin Qingzhu nodded solemnly. She knew very well in her heart that this wasnt for Violet Cloud Peaks dignity. He was clearly worried that she would be injured in the martial meeting, so he imparted his cultivation technique. He is a man who is stubborn but has a soft heart.He was obviously worried about me, yet he kept saying that it was for Violet Cloud Peak.

“Alright! Come here and sit in front of me. Enter your meditation state.”

“Okay…” Lin Qingzhu walked over obediently without any hesitation.

As soon as she approached, Ye Qiu felt the cold air emanating from her body and the faint fragrance. He couldnt help but take a deep breath. He couldnt help but praise her.“Although this girl is still young, she is already slender and elegant. She has all the curves that she should have. Sigh, I really dont know which silly protagonist will benefit in the future.”


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