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Chapter 1.1

Ji Yunxi, a young lady from the Ji family, was a little depressed recently and went to Fa’en Temple on the outskirts of the capital to relax.

She is so devoted to her work but the potential stock she raised for three years ran away.

In three years, even if what she raised is a dog, there must be deep affection too.

But in this wave, she lost all the capital she invested instead.

Ji Yunxi was engaged in venture capital in her previous life.

If the project fails, it is necessary to find its reason.

If there’s any mistake, correct it and if not, make greater exertions.

But the problem is that Ji Yunxi really doesn’t quite understand it this time.

Li, Ji, Yang and Xu were the most prominent family dignitaries in the Dayu Dynasty.

Among them, Li and Ji were the most prosperous, and the momentum of Yang and Xu had declined.

But a skinny camel is still bigger than a horse.

Anyway, more than half of the government officials, either those with high positions or those with low positions, have an indescribable relationship with these four families.

The potential stock Ji Yunxi raised that ran away was Yang Weitian, the second son of the Yang family.

His civil and military skills are not bad and his face looks good too.

A modest gentleman, as warm as jade.

But not everything is top-notch.

He is not very famous in the capital where there are many outstanding people, handsome men and beautiful women everywhere.

According to his various conditions, he is not even worthy of Ji Yunxi at all.

Who is Ji Yunxi anyway

She is the third young lady of the Ji family.

Although their parents have passed away, their eldest brother, the Marquis of Qingyuan, is not very old but he is already an official minister with real power and is in charge of the appointment and dismissal, examination, promotion and demotion, writing a post-nominal letters, transferring, and other affairs of civil servants all over the world.

Moreover, the Marquis of Qingyuan is still the Crown Prince’s most trusted person.

He grew up with the Crown Prince and they have the best relationship.

When the Crown Prince succeeds to the throne in the future, the Marquis of Qingyuan will surely rise to the top.

From the court above to the masses below, who will treat him with disrespect

Not to mention Ji Yunxi’s other elder brothers, who all have great value and will be very promising in the future.

With Ji Yunxi’s face and figure, there’s even more young men in the capital who want to marry Ji Yunxi instead.

But three years ago, Ji Yunxi chose the better-than-average Yang Weitian and decided to get engaged with Yang Weitian.

In a few more months, when spring begins, it will be the day of great joy for the two families of Ji and Yang.

But just three days ago, Yang Weitian humbly pleaded guilty and personally came to withdraw his engagement with Ji Yunxi.

The reason is that he has a woman he loves now.

… Just so outrageous.

The man was chosen by Ji Yunxi herself.

She has a rather special taste.

When she chooses a man, what she chooses is his brain.

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A man with a love brain will only muddle along.

The idle one or the unrestrained one, won’t have any ambition in the government and public affairs.

She definitely doesn’t want those kind of stupid and silly one who does things without thinking well.

It’s best if the man is always thinking and wanting to make money and gain power.

With no rest 7 days a week, the kind of type that keeps carrying on even to their death.

Ji Yunxi loves wealth the most.

She is used to living a good life and doesn’t want to live a life without money.

Therefore, she knows very well in her heart about who she will choose.

This Yang Weitian is not a person who will be fettered by love.

He has a deep mind, knows how to hide and has great ambitions in his heart.

Unlike her several elder brothers, each of whom all looked extremely smart and independent, but after cutting their skin and peeling their heart, one will find that each and every one of them were all big snow pears, white and sweet.

Even if she sold them, they will still help count the money for her.

Ji Yunxi often worries about mixing in the court of this world where people eat people with no bones spit out afterwards.

She is afraid the Ji family will be badly implicated with just one carelessness.

Although the folk customs of the Dayu Dynasty were open, women were still not allowed to be officials.

Moreover, Ji Yunxi is good at investing and not at owning power.

Specialist only masters her own field, so she doesn’t have this idea either.

She just wants to engage in her old business and pick a potential stock.

As a result, this potential stock withdrew from the engagement, saying it was for love

Love a fart, you.


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