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He thought for a moment and guessed: “But, it’s probably the eldest son of the Wu family.

It seems that his name is Wu Wei’an This Wu Qi married two wives.

The first one was gone when the eldest son was born, and then later he married another one, which is his current wife.

The first wife only left such a bloodline for him.

It’s said that he was weak and clumsy from childhood and he can’t do anything at all.

The family doesn’t take him seriously and they are just treating it as raising an idler.”

“Wu, wei, an.” Ji Yunxi whispered his name again lightly.

She raised her eyes, looked at the man who was cautiously following his younger brother by the side, and revealed a sincere smile that came from the bottom of her heart: “Very good.

Not bad.”

Ji Mingshuang: “???????”

“Hey, Brother Mingshuang, come and taste this freshly heated plum blossom wine!”

“Brother Mingshuang, I heard Brother Guanshan say that you two used to suppress pirates in the sea area around Quan state together in your early years”

“Brother Mingshuang What happened”


When Ji Mingshuang passed by the Plum Pavilion, the members from aristocratic families in the pavilion enthusiastically called him to drink the plum blossom wine with them.

Ji Mingshuang loved to travel all over the world since he was a child.

He has seen a lot of things, has profound knowledge and knows everything.

Everyone loves to make friends with him.

After all, who doesn’t like people who are good-looking, interesting, playful and know a lot

But now, Ji Mingshuang’s complexion is so cold that his divine face seems to be covered with frost as he purses his thin lips and says nothing.

The young masters and ladies in the courtyard could not help but keep silent and all looked sideways.

Then they saw Ji Mingshuang walking towards a place under a plum blossom tree.

There were four or five men standing under the plum blossom tree, all of whom were officials transferred from the local government this time.

Those young masters have just arrived in the capital city.

They are not familiar with the place and the people here.

They have no outstanding talents and they can’t mix with the aristocratic families either.

So they can only get together by themselves to have fun.

They all know who Ji Mingshuang is.

When they saw the other party coming over, they busily bowed.

“Seventh Young Master Ji.”

“Good day, Seventh Young Master.”


Ji Mingshuang’s pair of starry eyes shot straight at the man in the corner.

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The man was stunned, and leaned against the younger brother next to him a little shyly.

Ji Mingshuang almost cannot resist spitting out a mouthful of blood.

He won’t say anything about the other party’s appearance and status, but anyone with a discerning eye could see that he falls short thousands of miles away from his Ji family.

But this character, this temperament, is really so extremely bad!

A big man, but is as timid as a girl!

The tortoises raised in his backyard are more imposing than the eldest son from this Wu family! !

Even the Second Young Master Yang, Yang Weitian, is a lot better than this!!!!

Ji Mingshuang really wants to leave.

But that fellow, Ji Yunxi, is a big lord who will not stop until she reaches her goal.

If her elder brothers didn’t help her, she also has her own ways and they were all more frightening ways that are world shaking, that can even make the ghosts and gods move to tears.

What can he do then

Ji Mingshuang’s anger was to the extreme, but he calmed down instead.

He nodded his head as greetings to the others and looked at this future Brother-in-law that may become his younger sister’s husband: “Brother Wei’an”

Wu Wei’an’s voice was so small that he could hardly hear him: “Seventh Young Master Ji, what can I do for you”

Ji Mingshuang began to miss Yang Weitian: “Can we talk for a while”

Wu Wei’an glanced at the dumbfounded younger brother next to him, and hesitated: “This, this…”

The Second Young Master Wu hurriedly stepped up: “Seventh Young Master Ji, are you looking for my elder brother for something Elder Brother is not very good at talking with people so if there’s anything, you can just talk to me.”

Ji Mingshuang closed his eyes and didn’t bother to say more.

He just took the person and left.

Second Young Master Wu was startled and wanted to step up to stop him.

Wu Wei’an glanced at the opponent lightly and with a pale face, he followed Ji Mingshuang’s strength with an expression that dared to be angry but dared not say a word.

Then he left the courtyard and disappeared from the public’s eyes.


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