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Ji Yunxi nodded and said lightly with a face that still didn’t have much expression: “Why You dare not take on this responsibility”

Tang Hu was overjoyed.

His face turned red for fear that Ji Yunxi would take back his fate: “I dare! I dare to take it!”

He immediately knelt down one of his feet and saluted Ji Yunxi with his clasped fist: “Third Miss, I will follow you all my life and I will definitely live up to Third Miss’ appreciation!”

Tang Hu really never dreamed that he could have such a day.

How old is he He can even get the chance to manage such a large area of land! He must manage it well, work hard, and make his parents be proud of him! He will bring credit for Third Miss!

He wanted to tell the people in his neighborhood that Tang Hu was not born to sell candied haws! ! !

Ji Yunxi smiled and just wanted to explain a few more words when Wan Xiang suddenly came over and whispered in her ear: “Third Miss, Eldest Young Master Wu fainted when he left the examination room.”

Ji Yunxi slightly raised her eyebrows: “Oh”

In fact, she is not worried.

She already knows what kind of person her future husband is.

Although the other party seems to be severely poisoned, his life is tougher than anyone else’s.

He is brimming with energy and also very good at taking care of his own body.

Ji Yunxi didn’t quite know why Wu Wei’an wanted to break into the officialdom.

Whether it is just because he yearned for power, or if he has some hidden things, she doesn’t know at all.

It’s not mentioned in the book.

But Ji Yunxi could feel that Wu Wei’an had his goal and was walking towards his goal very clearly step by step.

People with clear goals cherish their lives the most.

So fainting or something like that is 100% pretentious.

And Wu Wei’an had already thought a long way from the moment he asked her for a mirror in the carriage.

He is already making plans for the future.

It can be said that the reason why Wu Wei’an made himself look so tired, appeared so tired in front of everyone, and even fainted after the exam, all had a purpose.

Ji Yunxi said to Tang Hu: “Stay here and explore by yourself.

I am going to the Wu family.”

Tang Hu hurriedly said: “Yes!”

Ji Mingyan was really frightened.

But fortunately, his Brother-in-law was fine, and he just fainted because he was too tired.

Wu Wei’an lay on his bed and fell asleep quietly.

Ji Mingyan solemnly put his tonic soup next to his Brother-in-law’s pillow so that his Brother-in-law could drink it when he woke up.

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After that, he left the room with the others.

After three days of examination, Ji Mingshuang was also tired.

His original intention was to go back to their Mansion with Ji Mingyan.

Unexpectedly, Ji Mingyan said to him: “I’m going to find Sister Poison.

Go back by yourself.”

Ji Mingshuang already knows the identity of Sister Poison.

Their Brother-in-law is indeed strange, but Ji Mingshuang doesn’t want to go into detail anymore.

He is tired.

And what’s the use of digging it out anyway

Will Third Ji withdraw from this marriage Will Ji Mingyan dislike this Brother-in-law and his Sister Poison

He doesn’t think so.

Then why bother to dig it

Ji Mingshuang finally understood why his Eldest Brother liked drinking tea and copying scriptures so much.

He also somewhat wants to drink tea and copy scriptures now.

Ji Mingshuang didn’t delay any more and went back by himself.

Wu Weining sent him out to the door.

On the contrary, Ji Mingshuang really liked the second child of the Wu family.

He bowed: “It’s fine just until here, Weining.

You have also worked hard.

Go back and have a rest.”

In the past three days of this Spring Imperial Examination, Wu Weining hardly closed his eyes.

He carefully finished the test paper and checked it three times.

Unlike his Eldest Brother, he has always been too tired to hold on at night, and would lie down on the table and close his eyes for a while.

Wu Weining also followed and bowed: “Be careful all the way, Master Mingshuang.”


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