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PWRW Chapter 31.3

The two said goodbye, and at the back of the courtyard, Ji Mingyan finally found the Poison Lady.

The Poison Lady was squatting behind the stove, watching the fire inside go out gradually.

She clenched her fists tightly and her face was fierce.

Ji Mingyan raised the hem of his red robe and squatted down.

He leaned over and asked with bright eyes: “Sister Poison, what’s wrong with you You look so angry.

Who provoked you”

The Poison Lady clenched her teeth, asi if wishing that she could bite off a piece of flesh from her enemy: “The one lying in the next room!”

“Ah, Brother-in-law” Ji Mingyan looked puzzled, “Brother-in-law just came back from the exam and is still dizzy.

How could he provoke you”

“How did he provoke me Look at it yourself! Look at it yourself!” The Poison Lady stretched out her white and delicate hands and cursed, “My hands are so white and smooth, but the one lying next door doesn’t hire more servants to chop firewood! I ran out of firewood that I chopped the other day! ! Tell me, I am just a weak woman, but I still have to cook and chop wood too! I actually have to chop firewood, with these hands! Over the years, he has only used the four of us! Just the four of us! No matter how, he won’t go broke anyway! The four of us worked so hard for a year to do this and that for him, but he didn’t even give the New Year’s red envelope, saying that Third Miss had given it! Is he still a human being! Is he still a human! I don’t want to work anymore! I can’t keep working anymore! I’m going to pack up and leave aaaahhhhhhh——”

The eyes of Xuezhu who drifted past by the door didn’t even move.

Anyway, from time to time, the cook at home would roar like this.

Now that the Young Master is asleep, the cook would roar even more.

But Ji Mingyan didn’t know about that.

He leaned over to look at her hands and exclaimed, “Sister Poison, your hands are indeed very white and delicate.

How can your hands be so delicate at your age It’s about the same as my third sister’s.”

The Poison Lady smeared Ji Mingyan’s face with a handful of poisonous powder: “Do you mean that I am old”

Ji Mingyan spit out the poison powder for a long time, and felt very aggrieved: “But you are indeed not young.

You should be thirty already, right”

Speaking of this, the Poison Lady’s eyes are even more insidious: “I quit.

I really quit.

I can’t go on anymore!”

After speaking, she got up, grabbed a hatchet, and rushed out.

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Ji Mingyan thought she was going to do something bad towards his Brother-in-law and hurriedly followed.

As a result, he found that the Poison Lady had gone to chop firewood.

She was so strong that the sound of chopping wood didn’t stop at all.

The sawdust flew all over the sky, and Xuezhu also flew all over the sky.

Ji Mingyan watched from the side, exclaiming as he watched: “Sister Poison, you are not only good at using poison, but also good at chopping firewood.”

The Poison Lady likes other people worshiping her the most: “That is of course.

Is there anything that this sister can’t do The firewood that I chopped is much more than the rice that you eat.”

Ji Mingyan watched it for a while, and soon the Poison Lady chopped up a pile of firewood.

She moved back and forth several times, and Ji Mingyan followed her around several times too.

Of course, he didn’t help in moving the firewood, and the Poison Lady didn’t let him move it either.

Ji Mingyan thought for a while and asked: “Sister Poison, you said that there are four of you as the servants here”

The Poison Lady is full of anger: “Yes, there are only four! Oh, this heartless master.” Then she looked at Wu Wei’an’s room again after finished saying so.

Her eyes even wanted to stare out a hole in the door.

Ji Mingyan followed behind the Poison Lady who was carrying a bundle of firewood: “But, why have I only seen three You, Xuezhu, and the Housekeeper.”

The Poison Lady threw the firewood aside with a snap, and clapped her hands: “Because he is too lazy to see people! He is the most lazy person! Damn it.

The more I think, the more angry I am! I won’t cook tonight! I want to rest! I am going to drink flower wine! I am going to see a man!”


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