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Chapter 31.4

Ji Mingyan blinked his eyes: “Sister Poison, you don’t want to continue making the poison”

The Poison Lady’s voice blasted him: “Poison, poison, poison! You only know poison! Can’t you let me rest!”

Even though she said that, the Poison Lady still made a fire and quickly fried a few simple dishes to solve the dinner in the house.

Then she took out the special pot for making poison, changed the pot for cooking, and began to nest in the kitchen with Ji Mingyan to study new poison happily.

When Ji Yunxi arrived, she heard two of them chatting back and forth one after another, like an excited chirping sound.

She glanced at the kitchen, shook her head, and without knocking on the door, she pushed open the door of Wu Wei’an’s room and walked in.

It was already evening when the Spring Imperial Examination ended.

It was already dark, and the room was pitch-dark.

The maidservants were left in the carriage by her and didn’t follow in.

Ji Yunxi stood very close to the door, and did not intend to fumble forward, but turned around and wanted to go out to find someone to light the lamp.

As a result, a voice came from the bed, and a shadowy figure got up and walked to the table like a leisurely stroll.

After a while, the candle was lit and the room lit up.

Ji Yunxi narrowed her eyes subconsciously, and waited until she got used to the light before looking over.

In front of the candle, Wu Wei’an stood there with a noble and virtuous aura, and a calm face.

Ji Yunxi looked at him: “Are you awake”

Wu Wei’an hummed in a low voice and rubbed his eyebrows.

His slightly pale face was a little tired.

These past days, he really tried his best to double what he could study in one hour.

Coupled with the three days of sleepless and restless examination, Wu Wei’an was indeed tired.

He asked: “What are you looking for me for”

Ji Yunxi walked towards her beauty couch: “I heard that you fainted, so I came to take a look.”

Wu Wei’an chuckled and at the same time walked towards the table next to the beauty couch: “You can really let people be bitterly dissapointed.”

Ji Yunxi, who leaned on the beauty couch and raised her eyebrows to look at him: “”

He stretched out his hand, poured out two cups of cold water, and handed Ji Yunxi a cup: “I thought you would wait for me outside.”

Ji Yunxi took it and sipped: “I just went to the suburbs to see the fields.

Besides, hadn’t you told me not to worry about it”

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Wu Wei’an stood beside the beauty couch, holding an ordinary tea cup with his slender and fair fingers, and slowly opened his mouth: “Reassurance and concern are two different things.”

Ji Yunxi’s gaze subconsciously fell on his hand: “I’m here to see you now.

It’s the same.”

Wu Wei’an shook his head, sighed lightly, and his tone sounded a little sad: “Forget it.”

Ji Yunxi shrugged, not taking his words to heart at all.

As far as the other party’s acting skill is concerned, who knows which sentence is true and which sentence is false

Only gold and silver are real.

Ji Yunxi raised her head and reminded: “The list will be released in March, you have to be prepared.”

Wu Wei’an sat down and didn’t seem to understand what she meant: “Huh Am I not just waiting to collect the money What preparations should I make”

Ji Yunxi knew that he was pretending not to understand, and she is also too lazy to deal with him courteously, so she directly pointed out: “The Feng family will take action.

After the list of the Spring Imperial Examination is released, it will be a tough battle.

There’s my Eldest Brother and Crown Prince too.

You can finally enter the palace for an examination.

However, the Emperor does not necessarily stand on our side.

Even if, according to your performance, you can get into the First-Rank, the Emperor may not give it to you.

Wu Wei’an lowered his eyes: “So”

Ji Yunxi adjusted her skirt and said softly: “So, it’s time for you to use your people now.”

Wu Wei’an turned to look at her, and suddenly asked: “The Emperor is dissatisfied with the Crown Prince”

But according to Wu Wei’an’s opinion, the current Emperor is quite satisfied with the Crown Prince and seems to value him very much.


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