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Ji Yunxi sat in front of the mirror and said: “Let him in.”

It was the first time that Wu Wei’an entered Ji Yunxi’s courtyard.

When he came before, he was basically in the main hall or study room in the Ji Mansion.

The main hall and study room in the Ji Mansion are already very lavish, but Ji Yunxi’s courtyard was even more exquisite and luxurious.

The antiques worth thousands of taels of gold were put aside by her at will, and they were just thrown there as if to make up the number.

Not to mention other things.

Let’s just talk about her bed.

It is so big that a person can even roll from the head of the bed and roll around without even touching the edges of the bed.

The bed she sleeps on is so big.

Won’t she be afraid at night

Wu Wei’an retracted his gaze and looked at Ji Yunxi who was sitting in front of the dressing mirror.

She had just finished bathing at the moment, her long black hair was draped behind her, and her face was still stained with water.

Three maidservants next to her surrounded her.

One of them carefully combed Ji Yunxi’s hair with a fine comb, the other was holding the powder and putting on makeup for Ji Yunxi, while the last one was standing on the side, waiting to be summoned at any time and to bring Ji Yunxi tea and water.

Wu Wei’an, who was actually in a good mood at first, sighed inexplicably.

Hearing this, Ji Yunxi looked at him from the mirror and was slightly puzzled: “Why”

Wu Wei’an walked to her side, leaned against the dressing table, and said inexplicably: “People are born differently.”

Ji Yunxi: “”

Ji Yunxi was made very speechless by him and she also didn’t know what kind of seizure he was having.

But she was also too lazy to guess his thoughts.

After all, as long as Wu Wei’an wanted to hide something, no one could ever guess his true thoughts.

After all, Ji Yunxi had seen his acting skills when she was still a child.

These days, she is even numb already.

Ji Yunxi asked: “Aren’t you attending a lunch banquet”

Wu Wei’an hummed a response and said: “When shall we go to Dechang gambling house”

Ji Yunxi looked at herself in the mirror and said lightly: “Just wait until I have finished my lunch.”

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This time, Ji Yunxi won the big bet and she is suddenly able to add four hundred and fifty thousand taels of gold and nine hundred and fifty thousand taels of silver into her hands again, which equals to 1.35 billion yuan.

This is Ji Yunxi’s habit.

She always likes to convert the money of the Dayu Dynasty into modern RMB, so that she can get more happiness from making money.

1.35 billion yuan is definitely a big sum of money.

Before she got it, Ji Yunxi had also given a lot of care for it, and even went to the Wu’s house from time to time to follow up on it.

But now that she really got it, although she is happy, she is not very excited either.

After all, she really has a lot of money.

Although this body of hers is only 15 years old, she has lived two lives.

In this life, her consciousness arrived at the time when she was still drinking milk, and she already thought about how to earn money since that time.

So, she really has a lot of money.

It is so much so that when she won the 1.35 billion yuan, she was not very excited.

So naturally, she was not in a hurry either.

She slowly asked the maids to comb her hair into a very complicated bun and put on makeup that looked simple but was actually time-consuming.

After Ji Yunxi finished cleaning up, almost an hour had passed.

At first, Wu Wei’an was still leaning in front of the dressing table and watching the maidservants dress her up.

Later, he simply leaned on her beauty’s couch to drink tea.

He drank one cup after another, and in the end, even the tea with the best tea leaves was drunk into tastelessness by him.

Wu Wei’an thought, if it wasn’t for the two hundred and fifty thousand taels of gold and five hundred thousand taels of silver, he wouldn’t have waited like this.

He really, won’t wait.

Finally, Ji Yunxi got up from the dressing mirror.

Wu Wei’an also stood up and said: “Let’s go now”

“Aren’t you hungry” Ji Yunxi glanced at him.

“I am hungry.

I haven’t eaten yet today.”

Wu Wei’an: “……”

He is indeed hungry, but his stomach is already full of tea.


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