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As soon as she finished speaking, the guards of Ji mansion behind her started to carry a box each and entered the door of the gambling house valiantly and with high spirits.

The guards of the Ji Mansion are all strong and masculine.

In front of them, the hired thugs in the gambling house are just nothing.

Without a word, the guards opened the box and started to look for money everywhere.

After all, in the gambling house, there is money everywhere, either on the tables or in the warehouse.

While they were loading the money, there was an accountant next to them doing the accounting.

The manager: “This, this, this… Third Miss, you can’t do this.

This is robbery——”

Ji Yunxi did not speak.

Instead, she curved the corners of her lips and looked at the manager with a meaningful smile.

The manager was speechless.

After all, although this is indeed a robbery, it is not a robbery either.

What Jiyunxi took was all the money she should have taken.

The steward was sweating profusely, but there was really nothing he could do.

They have no reason nor can they beat the other party.

The manager can only comfort himself, that he is just a manager after all.

This gambling house is not his, but the Feng family’s.

At that time when Ji Yunxi took the money to make a bet, he already asked his master’s opinion.

His master allowed the bet to be made, and that’s why he let the Third Miss of the Ji family bet on it.

But now, after knowing that the young master of the Wu family has won the First-Rank and the gambling house has to pay the money, the Feng family has no instructions at all.

Not even one person came and they just let him stand alone here to bear the brunt.

How can there be such a logic

The manager only tried to persuade a few times, but he also stopped after that.

Then he only watched the guards brought by Ji Yunxi excitedly load up the money.

Wu Wei’an sat down with Ji Yunxi in the gambling house, looked at the scene in front of him, then looked at Ji Yunxi who had an indifferent face, and lowered his eyes.

Before he came, he knew that asking for money would not be an easy thing, and he even thought of a lot of ways to help.

But he has to say that all his methods are indeed not as good as his wife’s method, which is ruthless and direct enough.

Sure enough, his wife is more powerful when it comes to making money and asking for money.

When the money was almost finished being loaded, the Feng family finally sent someone.

It is Fifth Feng.

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Fifth Feng almost broke his teeth from too much gritting, but he is a person that always wanted a face.

In full view of the public, his face still showed a smile that looked elegant and graceful, but the maliciousness and insidiousness in those eyes is almost impossible to hide.

“Third Miss, Young Master Wu.” Fifth Feng pretended to be surprised.

“What happened”

Ji Yunxi doesn’t really want to talk to Fifth Feng so she glanced at Wu Wei’an.

Wu Wei’an smiled and replied: “Young Master Feng, before this, Yun Niang spent a lot of money in the gambling house and bet that I would win the First-Rank.

We won the bet, so I accompanied Yun Niang here to withdraw the money.” After that, he asked back in a very curious and puzzled manner, “By the way, Young Master Feng, why are you here”

Fifth Feng was silent for a moment before saying: “This gambling house is the property of my Feng family.”

Wu Wei’an was shocked and said: “What a coincidence! Is this gambling house run by Brother Feng’s family”

Fifth Feng: “Yes.”

Wu Wei’an’s face changed from shock to joy: “That’s great! I was worried that this gambling house would refuse to give us the money, but if this gambling house belonged to Brother Feng, I would have no worry anymore.

Brother Feng has always been of high moral character, and Master Feng is even a respected Imperial Censor.

Such a thing as denying to pay the money will definitely never happen.

Don’t you think so too, Yun Niang”

Ji Yunxi nodded: “That’s true.

Even some of my older brothers often asked me to keep up with Fourth Miss Feng, oh no, the noble Feng Guiren.”

Fifth Feng felt like he had a mouthful of blood stuck in his chest.

When he came, he had already thought about what to say, but now, he can’t say it anymore.

If he said it, wouldn’t he slap his Feng family’s face

The Feng family has always cared about their face, and they would not let people look down on them.

Fifth Feng is even more so.

He forced out a smile: “The two of you have flattered me.”


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