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Ji Mingshuang snorted coldly: “I think Fifth Brother clearly doesn’t want to see you.”

Ji Mingyan rubbed Ji Mingshuang’s head with one hand: “What’s the matter with you! Why do you keep criticizing me Mingshuang, remember, I am your older brother! Even though it’s only a few months older, I am still your older brother!”

Ji Mingshuang clenched both his hands into fists, and his blue veins bursted out.

He gritted his teeth and said: “Which hand did you use”

Ji Mingyan retracted his hand, looked at it, and found that the oil on it was almost wiped clean.

He said happily, “The one I used to grab the chicken leg.”

“Ji Mingyan!” Ji Mingshuang was furious, and the two brothers fought on the spot.

The scene of ‘you punch me and I kick you’, from inside to the outside of the hall.

Ji Mingxi and Ji Yunxi sat firmly at the dining table.

Ji Mingxi took another sip of tea, recited a few Buddhist scriptures, and continued to eat.

Ji Yunxi also picked up the bowl and chopsticks again, and while eating, she wondered where there was a suitable house around the Ji mansion.

In fact, there is one place that is quite suitable, and the house’s deed is now in her hands.

However, no one seems to know it’s hers

Ji Yunxi lowered her head and curled the corners of her lips.

Wu Wei’an took the ten thousand taels of gold back to his room and announced to the Wu family that he would marry Ji Yunxi on the 18th of next month.

In the Wu family’s study.

Wu Qi frowned: “The time is too tight.

There’s a lot of things that we won’t be able to prepare for.”

Wu Wei’an sat on the chair with an indifferent expression: “Father, don’t worry.

Third Miss will prepare it.

We just need to cooperate.”

Wu Qi looked at his eldest son and did not know what to say for a moment.

Even as a father, he can never understand this son of his.

Wu Qi sighed: “Wei’an, marriage is a big thing.

Have you really thought it over”

Wu Wei’an gave a faint hum.

Wu Qi: “If your mother were alive, she would have wanted you to marry a woman who has a mutual feeling with you.

Do you really like Third Miss”

The Third Miss of the Ji family is indeed very good in every aspect, and it’s the Wu family who has climbed to the higher branch in this marriage.

But he knew who his son was, and all of this was indeed too casual.

This marriage always makes him feel like a child’s play.

The Wu family’s study is very small, and the candles are dimly lit.

Wu Wei’an sat in a corner, his face hidden in the darkness and couldn’t be seen clearly.

He lowered his head and gently pulled the corner of his clothes: “Third Miss and I are very suitable.

It’s already so late.

I will go back to my room to rest first.

Father, please rest early too.”

Wu Wei’an came out of the study room and walked towards the side courtyard.

On the way, he explained to the round-faced housekeeper: “For the next few days, go find out if there is a suitable house.

Look for a larger one and more imposing one, and it is better to have two separate areas.

One for me to live with Third Miss, and one for Father them.”

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The round-faced housekeeper wrote it down carefully in his heart and said yes.

Remembering Ji Yunxi’s request, Wu Wei’an added: “By the way, the house should be close to the Ji mansion.”

The round-faced housekeeper hesitated for a moment: “Young Master, the houses around Ji Mansion are not cheap.”

Wu Wei’an sighed: “You can find it first.

Anything within ten thousand taels of gold is still fine.”

When he heard the amount of budget that is relatively abundant, the round-faced housekeeper said: “Yes, Young Master.”

The round-faced housekeeper thought to himself, this time their young master successfully got into the First-Rank and Third Miss have won so much money, so the Young Master must have been given a lot of money.

Otherwise, according to their Young Master’s way of doing things, how could he give ten thousand taels of gold to buy a house It means, the Young Master must have more than ten thousand taels of gold in his hand.

In that case——

The round-faced housekeeper looked at the stable beside him and said: “Young Master, I will go to the market tomorrow to pick up a Ferghana horse first.

What do you think”

Wu Wei’an’s footsteps stopped: “Why”


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