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After missing the chance in this Palace Examination, it will be difficult to find a loophole again in Ji Mingxi.

It is better to divide some of the functions and powers of the Ministry of Civil Officials into the Ministry of Rites.

The imperial examination is a matter of great importance.

It is closely related to the capable people in the world, so he has to hold it in his hands.

The two officials took the orders and went away.

The woman on the side remembered something and reminded: “Your Highness, Third Miss will be married on the 18th of next month.”

The Fifth Prince looked at the chess game ahead: “I was wrong.”

The woman looked puzzled: “Your Highness, why did you say this”

The Fifth Prince said: “That Ji Yunxi is not an ordinary woman.

Back then, Yang Weitan was not thought highly of by everyone, but Yang Weitan had a deep mind and his future would not be bad.

So, how could that Wu Wei’an be bad” Two of his chess games were lost on this chess piece called Wu Wei’an.

The Fifth Prince called the dark guard: “Go and check Wu Wei’an carefully.”


At the court meeting in the early morning of the next day, all the Imperial Court’s officials were arguing over the issue of whether the Imperial Examination should be administered by the Ministry of Civil Officials or the Ministry of Rites.

Feng Qishi felt very cold towards the Crown Prince’s attitude about the gambling house’s matter.

He thought it over carefully and thought that even if the Crown Prince succeeded to the throne in the future, his Feng family would only submit under the Ji family.

Even if the Ji family wanted to harm the Feng family because of recent events, his Feng family would be powerless to resist.

After all, the Crown Prince’s heart is all toward the Ji family.

Even the Crown Prince’s maternal family, which is the Li family, has a very good relationship with the Ji family.

Feng Qishi took refuge with the Fifth Prince.

Although the Fifth Prince’s side hasn’t really agreed to it, the meaning is also very obvious.

As long as this is done, he will be able to become a member of the Fifth Prince’s party and be protected by the Fifth Prince.

Therefore, Feng Qishi argued vigorously in the court hall: “The Imperial Examination this time is really not properly conducted, and it almost caused dissatisfaction among the scholars all over the world.

It’s all thanks to the Emperor’s keen intelligence and excellent judgement in making a decision to hold the Palace Examination and invited Duke Jiang to come, and then blocked the mouths of the scholars all over the world.

If not, the consequences would be unimaginable.

I am afraid that even Master Ji would have to suffer from it too! Therefore, this matter must be handed over to the Ministry of Rites.

The Ministry of Rites understands the etiquette and law, and can better handle the Imperial Examination, Your Majesty!”

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Ji Mingxi, as the Minister of the Ministry of Civil Officials, stood by and listened.

Hearing the speech, he nodded subconsciously.

Master Li on the side glared at him fiercely.

Ji Mingxi hid his face and coughed lightly, not daring to nod his head again.

Master Li stood up and said: “Master Feng’s statement is wrong.

The Ministry of Civil Officials is in charge of the selection and promotion of officials.

The Imperial Examination is about selecting talented people in our Dayu Dynasty, so naturally, it should be under the Ministry of Civil Officials.

How can there be a reason for it to be placed under the Ministry of Rites”

Lord Feng refuted it: “Although the Imperial Examination is for selecting officials, which part of the process does not need to understand the etiquette, law and abide by the etiquette system If this matter is undertaken by the Ministry of Rites, the examination questions will be prepared by the scholars of the Imperial Academy, and the final selected scholars will be transferred to the Ministry of Civil Officials.

Isn’t it more appropriate to do it like this, and it can also avoid cheating and other malpractices”

Master Li still wanted to argue, but the Emperor interrupted: “Minister Feng was right.

I also think it would be more appropriate to put it under the Ministry of Rites.

What do you think, Minister Ji”

Only then did Ji Mingxi stand up, bow towards the Emperor’s seat and say: “This Minister follows the Emperor’s wish.”

The Emperor nodded: “Then it will be done this way.



Since the Palace Examination was suddenly advanced, the Ministry of Civil Officials was left cold on the side and the officials there have been in a panic these days.

Today, it has reached its peak.

When Ji Mingxi returned to the Ministry of Civil Officials from the Imperial Court, the Assistant Minister, the physician, the councillor, all heads of the ministry gathered around  him.

“What should we do now, my lord” The Assistant Minister was full of sadness, “The Emperor handed over such an important matter such as the Imperial Examination to the Ministry of Rites.

This is showing that the Emperor is dissatisfied with our Ministry of Civil Officials!”


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