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This is no longer being smashed by the falling pie from the sky.

This is meeting an immortal coming down to earth This Third Miss is an immortal in the sky, right Otherwise, how could there be such a nice and generous person in the world

Fang Yuan cried with joy, and immediately knelt down on one knee to Ji Yunxi.

He clasped his fists and said solemnly: “Third Miss, this little one is willing! This little one will definitely live up to your trust!”

Ji Yunxi let Baofu help Fang Yuan up and then left the place.

Baofu was a step late.

After she helped the delicate Fang Yuan up, she handed him a piece of paper.

Fang Yuan looked at it.

It was a map of the capital city, marking the location of eight gambling houses.

Among them, Dechang Gambling House and the other three are circled in red.

He didn’t quite understand, and asked: “Sister Ah Fu, what does this mean”

Baofu was comforted by his call of ‘sister’, and said: “The four gambling houses that are circled belong to Third Miss.

The other four belong to Miss’ future husband.

These several gambling houses, some of them are not far away from each other, and Miss said that they might rob each other’s businesses.

Do you understand what Miss means”

Fang Yuan understood: “Sister Ah Fu, please tell Third Miss to be rest assured that I will definitely make the four gambling houses in the red circle become the most popular ones!”

Baofu is satisfied.

This manager is a sensible person.

No wonder their Miss took a fancy to him at a glance.

Having said that, their Miss has always had a good eye, and the person she picked has never been wrong.

Although Miss’ future husband is very poor, Baofu had to admit that he was still very good at studying and has helped their Miss make a lot of money at once, as well as these eight gambling houses.

Ji Yunxi left Dechang Gambling House and drove to the most popular clothing store in the capital city.

Some time ago, on the day after Wu Wei’an bought the new house, Ji Yunxi brought him over to measure his body and order his wedding clothes.

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It had only been ten days, but Wu Wei’an’s wedding clothes were already finished.

It was made of rare and good silk and the embroidery pattern was good, but because the time was tight, it was not as delicate as Ji Yunxi’s wedding clothes.

The fabric of the two’s wedding clothes was the one that had been prepared after Ji Yunxi and Yang Weitian got engaged three years ago.

She specially asked someone to buy it from Jiangnan.

It’s just that these fabrics have not been touched and are kept in the warehouse at home.

Until the end of last year, after Ji Yunxi and Wu Wei’an got engaged, she asked Baofu and the others to take them to the ready-made clothing shop and let the shop begin to sew wedding clothes for her.

After all, Ji Yunxi has always had high requirements for her clothing, food, housing and transportation.

For example, for her clothes and skirts, she will prepare the materials herself, and the embroidery pattern must be sewn by the best embroiderers in the ready-made clothing shop.

To sew this set of wedding clothes, it will need at least one month after it started.

As for Wu Wei’an’s, ten days is enough for ordinary embroiderers to rush it up.

Ji Yunxi took the wedding clothes of the two and went back to the Ji Mansion.

She prepared some stuff before leaving from the backyard of the mansion with a team of servants in a mighty manner.

After a few steps, she entered the main gate of the Wu family’s house.

The Wu family already moved in on the last day of March.

The house they originally lived in was not bought, but rented.

The rent is calculated on a monthly basis.

If they move out at the end of March, they won’t have to pay the rent in April.

Therefore, although many things in the new house were not well arranged, and the flowers and plants in the house were as messy as the graveyard grass that had not been cleared for three years, the Wu family still moved in, and everyone was very happy.

Wu Wei’an took his four servants and lived in a relatively secluded courtyard with a quieter environment.

The other place is where his father, Second Wu, Second Wu’s mother and younger sisters etc lived.

The two yards are cleaned up separately by themselves.


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