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It’s just that the amount of Wu Wei’an’s furniture is really pitiful, making the whole room seem unusually empty and shabby.

The little broken bed looks even more shabby after it was placed there.

It can be said that the only upscale thing in the whole room is the beauty couch that Ji Yunxi had moved in before.

Ji Yunxi glanced toward her back, then Baofu and Wan Xiang immediately stepped forward.

They first wiped the beauty couch very quickly, and then covered it with a soft and clean cushion.

When Ji Yunxi sat down, Baofu and Wan Xiang had finished preparing tea and cakes.

Wu Wei’an, who rolled up his sleeves to pack his books and didn’t even have the time to drink tea: “……”

After preparing all this, Baofu went outside to call for someone.

So in the next moment, Wu Wei’an and his four servants saw a team of servants, brought by Ji Yunxi, carrying things in and out.

They first carried out Wu Wei’an’s small broken bed, small broken table and small broken chair, and then moved in very large, brand-new and high-quality furniture.

Wu Wei’an stood there and watched for a while.

After thinking for a while, he walked over and asked Ji Yunxi: “Where are you going to move my bed and table”

Ji Yunxi was looking at the menu of the wedding banquet, and she said casually: “Throw it at the door.

Whoever wants it can pick it up.”

Wu Wei’an hurriedly said: “Don’t throw it away yet.”

Ji Yunxi looked up at him: “Otherwise”

To be honest, the beds and tables used by the servants in her house are better than those in his room.

Wu Wei’an raised his lips: “These things are still in good condition.

I will let the housekeeper sell them at the market.

Maybe I can even sell them for dozens of coins.”

The corners of Ji Yunxi’s mouth twitched: “As you wish.”

Thinking of Xuezhu outside, Ji Yunxi suddenly spoke up with a slightly dissatisfied tone: “I think your courtyard is clean enough.

Do you still want to let Xuezhu continue sweeping”

Wu Wei’an, who was trying to figure out how much money these old furniture could sell, raised his eyebrows.

He looked at the woman leaning on the beauty couch, smiled, and was somewhat helpless when he said: “You seem to be defending Xuezhu against injustice”

Ji Yunxi’s face was expressionless, but she didn’t deny it either: “It makes me feel very distressed when I look at it.”

That Xuezhu, is just like a little boy who was ignorant of world affairs and was bullied by black-hearted customers.

And he is still sweeping the floor now.

Wu Wei’an explained: “Xuezhu is not just sweeping the floor.”

Ji Yunxi: “”

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Wu Wei’an: “Most of them, all practice their martial arts like this.

He’s just practicing his martial arts.

You will know it when you have a chance to see it, but, it’s better not to have such a chance.”

The sects in Jianghu have strange ways for practicing their martial arts.

There are every kind of method out there.

Ji Yunxi heard her Seventh Brother mention it, so she was not very surprised either when she heard that: “It turned out to be so.”

“By the way.” Ji Yunxi pointed to the wedding clothes that were placed on the side, “Yours, so try it later.

If it’s too big or too small, just directly find a ready-made clothing store to change it.”

Wu Wei’an nodded, walked over and touched it casually.

What he felt was a silky smooth material, like touching a cloud with a little ice on it.

The movement of his fingertips paused and he looked up: “Is this cotton cloud brocade silk”

Ji Yunxi glanced at him and nodded: “Yes.”

This Wu Weian is quick and accurate in recognizing things.

Not only this cotton cloud brocade silk, even the good tea she uses these days, he just knows it as soon as he drinks it.

The incense she uses too, he could tell it as soon as he smelled it.

“I only heard about it in the past.” Wu Wei’an touched it, and then touched it again, with a yearning expression on his face.

“It is said that the cotton cloud brocade silk in the south of the Yangtze River has a cloud-like touch and icy-feel, and it is several times smoother than a woman’s fair skin.

Sure enough——”


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