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The father on the other side also painted a picture for his child: “Lord Wu is very promising.

The wife he married is the young lady from the Marquis’ mansion.

Her family is rich and she also looks good! So, Er Huzi, listen to your father and study hard! So that in the future, you can also marry a good-looking wife!”

Wu Weining, who was holding a horse outside and waiting for Wu Wei’an to come out, couldn’t help but always hear a few words.

His face turned slightly red, and he lowered his head in embarrassment.

He is ashamed that actually, his eldest brother didn’t study that hard.

With a smile on his face, Wu Wei’an bowed to the crowd, then walked towards his second brother and took the reins of the horse.

This is the only horse in their house, a little thin, with festive big red flowers tied to its chest.

The big red flower was cut and made by the round-faced housekeeper at home, because it cost money to buy it outside.

The young master said that they should be more diligent and thrifty after he got married, and if it’s something that they could do without spending money, they shouldn’t spend the money.

Wu Wei’an got on his horse and headed for the Ji Mansion, with the procession to welcome the bride behind him, in a formidable array.

The horse didn’t run a few steps and already went around an intersection, then ran a few more steps again before stopping in front of the Ji mansion.

Ji Mingyan, who was also dressed in red, stood on tiptoe at the gate and raised his head to look forward eagerly.

As soon as he saw Wu Wei’an, his eyes lit up, and he rushed back into the house while shouting: “Brother-in-law is here! Third Sister, Brother-in-law is here!”

Ji Yunxi is sitting in front of the dressing mirror, with Ji Mingxi and Ji Mingshuang next to her.

Ji Mingxi looked at his younger sister and felt a little reluctant to part with her: “Yun Niang, after you enter the Wu family, you must take good care of yourself.

If you are free, remember to go home more often to visit us.”

Ji Yunxi raised her eyes and her red lips parted slightly: “The Wu family is just next door.”

Ji Mingxi’s thread of discourse then stopped.

After their Brother-in-law bought the new house, Ji Mingxi also visited the house in person.

The distance is indeed very close.

It’s only a few steps away.

In fact, there’s not much difference between the distance of him walking to the Wu family’s house and him walking to Yun Niang‘s courtyard.

“That’s true.” Ji Mingxi put his hands behind his back, “You may go then.”

The red bridal veil is in Ji Mingshuang’s hands.

Ji Yunxi looks at him.

Although she doesn’t say anything, Ji Mingshuang knows that this is urging him to cover her head with the red bridal veil.

Since entering the Imperial Academy, Ji Mingshuang’s temperament has become much calmer.

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In fact, it’s mainly because he was so tired.

The Grand Secretary who was in charge of him was the good friend who often worried about Ji Mingxi, so he also cherished his friend’s younger brother.

The way he cherishes him is by letting Ji Mingshuang learn this and that.

Ji Mingshuang walked over with the bridal veil and wanted to say a lot, but in the end he just said: “I don’t think you will suffer anything there.”

Ji Yunxi smiled at her Seventh Brother and said: “That is of course.

Don’t worry.”

Ji Mingshuang also raised the corners of his lips and gently covered his younger sister with the red bridal veil.

Ji Mingxi felt a little sour in his heart for a moment.

He thought, how good would it be if their father and mother saw this scene

Moreover, their Second Brother is not here now.

Their Fifth Brother said he was on his way back, but they haven’t seen him yet until now.

But this bit of sourness didn’t last long either.

When Ji Mingyan rushed in, it was diluted.

Ji Mingyan held a pot in his hand and said mysteriously: “Brother-in-law is here.

We can’t let Brother-in-law pick up Third Sister so easily.

So I boiled a pot of soup overnight last night!”

Ji Mingshuang: “……”

He just suddenly felt some sympathy for his brother-in-law.

In the end, Wu Wei’an drank the soup in front of everyone.

This soup is sour, sweet, bitter and spicy.

It was really unknown what Ji Mingyan had added into it.

Wu Wei’an has no problem with other tastes, but he just can’t stand the sour taste.

Can’t stand even the slightest bit of sour at all.

So after a mouthful of stuffiness, he had nausea several times, but he resisted the pressure and didn’t let himself vomit out.


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