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After all, he is wearing new clothes today and it is the first time he has worn clothes with such good materials.

What should he do if he vomits and gets the clothes dirty

Wu Wei’an returned the soup pot to Ji Mingyan and took Ji Yunxi from Ji Mingxi.

Jade-like knuckles feel better than cotton cloud brocade silk.

Silk and satin are dead objects after all, but this woman’s hand is more gentle than others, even going further beyond that.

He paused slightly.

Ji Yunxi’s head was covered with a red wedding veil and she couldn’t see his face clearly, but she could see the joined hands of the two of them below.

Wu Wei’an’s fingers are very beautiful and Ji Yunxi already knew this from the first time she saw him.

The five fingers are slender, like the joints of bamboo.

The touch is slightly rough.

In addition to usually holding a brush, it seems that it also holds a knife and sword no less than the brush.

Wu Wei’an regained his senses and slipped his five fingers lightly between Ji Yunxi’s fingers.

Their ten fingers intertwined and he led her into the sedan chair.

During the process, he got very close to her and whispered: “Do you have any sugar on you”

Ji Yunxi replied coldly: “None.”

Most of the guests were invited by the Ji family.

Wu Wei’an didn’t invite anyone at all.

In the end, it was Wu Qi who personally went to Ji Yunxi himself and added several names of officials that he knew well.

Most of the guests who came to the banquet this time were either rich or noble.

Even the Crown Prince came.

The Emperor also sent the eunuch to give gifts.

After Ji Yunxi and Wu Wei’an performed their formal wedding bows to each other, they were sent to the new house, and Wu Wei’an was left to accompany the guests.

As soon as she entered the new house, Ji Yunxi lifted her red wedding veil.

The wet nurse was surprised and hurriedly said: “Madam, this is absolutely not allowed! This——”

Ji Yunxi glanced at the wet nurse.

The wet nurse swallowed what she wanted to say.

It was Ji Yunxi who invited her to come, and Ji Yunxi who gave her the money, so she was naturally aware of the current affairs.

Ji Yunxi said faintly: “You are not needed here.

You may withdraw.”

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The wet nurse and her party answered yes, and respectfully retired.

Ji Yunxi then began to look at the new house.

She hasn’t come back here since the day she came to change new furniture.

Wu Wei’an said he would make arrangements, and Ji Yunxi just let him be.

Unexpectedly, the effect is not bad.

The objects in the room are neatly arranged and it is quite exquisite too.

On the windows of the room and in front of the cabinet, there are very festive paper-cut window decorations, which look very special and lifelike.

On that huge bed, in addition to the quilt sent by Ji Yunxi, it was also covered with red dates and peanuts.

Ji Yunxi, wearing a red wedding dress, put her hands behind her and walked slowly around before sitting down on the beauty couch.

A painting is also hung on the wall opposite the beauty couch.

Ji Yunxi has never seen this painting before and this is the first time.

The painting is of rolling hills, and the brush stroke is extremely sharp, which makes people feel broad-minded after seeing it.

Baofu and Wan Xiang have already laid out delicate dishes.

Ji Yunxi took back her eyes, casually ate the meal, and then began to read the quarterly report.

This is Ji Yunxi imitating modern times and asking the pawnshops and auction houses under the Ji family to write it down once every three months, and then give it to her fifteen days before the end of the quarter.

A few days ago, she was busy preparing for her big wedding and had not had time to read it.

As a result, she had just opened it for only a moment and a slightly loyal wet nurse already knocked on the door, saying that she was entrusted by the Seventh Master of the Ji family.

Ji Yunxi had some doubts: “Seventh Brother”

What did her Seventh Brother let the wet nurse come here for

“Let her in.” She said.

At first sight, it can be seen that the wet nurse was well-educated.

She respectfully saluted Ji Yunxi, and then handed a thing in her arms to Ji Yunxi.

The author has something to say:

Eldest Wu: Let’s move out on the last day of March.

Don’t let the landlord earn even a penny!


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