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Ji Yunxi took it, turned a page casually, and then paused.

Baofu was waiting on one side, and she looked up curiously.

She only saw that on it, there was a picture of two little people, a man and a woman, intertwined in a strange way.

Baofu’s face turned red instantly and she stared at the wet nurse in astonishment.

The wet nurse’s face was normal, with a slight smile on it, and she said with a soft voice: “Tonight is Madam’s wedding night, so she should at least understand this.

There is nothing unspeakable between man and woman.

When the time comes, Madam shouldn’t panic.

It’s normal for a woman to feel some pain for the first time.

If it’s really too painful, Madam can just say it to Master.

This servant has just met Master in front, and Master should be a considerate man.

Madam shouldn’t be shy and just be frank.

Many unnecessary misunderstandings between husband and wife are caused by either not communicating or communicating less…”

The wet nurse talked a lot, probably about how to round the house and ways to get along between husband and wife in the future.

Ji Yunxi listened expressionlessly and turned the erotic book in her hand page by page until it was finished.

It’s only like this.

After she finished flipping through it, she threw the book aside: “I see.

Thank you, Mammy.

Please give my thanks to Seventh Brother too.”

The brothers in the family all treat her very well, but in fact, the one with the most delicate heart and the one who pays the most attention to details is Seventh Brother.

However, the details were so detailed that even a wet nurse was specially invited to tell Ji Yunxi about these things, which Ji Yunxi really didn’t expect.

But it is indeed what Ji Mingshuang will do.

In the front yard, Wu Wei’an is entertaining guests.

But most of these guests were invited by the Ji family, so it was Ji Mingshuang who finally helped entertain them.

Ji Mingshuang also subconsciously took Second Wu and introduced Second Wu to these dignitaries.

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As for Wu Wei’an.

After drinking a few glasses of wine, he slipped aside while everyone was not paying attention.

The dishes at this banquet used the freshest and most expensive ingredients.

The Poison Lady at home was too busy so Ji Yunxi also invited several chefs from the restaurant to help.

Needless to say, even the wine was opened one pot after another.

Of course, these were also transported from the Ji family’s wine cellar.

Wu Wei’an pulled the round-faced housekeeper and whispered: “These people drink so much wine and won’t eat that much food.

There will be a lot of food left at the end.

You should be careful and look at those restaurant chefs.

They may take the unused dishes away.

You have to be on guard.”

The round-faced housekeeper said: “I will, Young Master.”

Wu Wei’an then added again: “The gifts from these people——”

The round-faced housekeeper’s face tightened: “The gifts from the guests are handled by Madam’s maid.”

Wu Wei’an raised his eyebrows lightly, but he didn’t say anything either: “That’s good.”

After explaining the tasks, Wu Wei’an went back to the banquet room and followed Ji Mingshuang to greet the guests.

Ji Mingshuang didn’t say anything.

He took the two brothers of the Wu family and introduced them out without discrimination.

After all, what is done cannot be undone anymore.

Wu Wei’an has become his Brother-in-law.

Then he can only teach his Brother-in-law by words and deeds and try to correct his Brother-in-law’s bad habits well.

Thinking like this, Ji Mingshuang looked at Wu Wei’an, who was shrinking behind him, and directly stretched out his hand to pull the person to the front, and said in a deep voice: “Stand up straight and hold your head high! Remember, when dealing with people, you must smile, look directly at the other party, and have a neither humble nor overbearing attitude, understand”

The round-faced housekeeper stood in the far corner, looking at his pitiful Young Master who was forced to communicate with others for a while, and only turned around to leave when his mood returned to the calm state again.

The round-faced housekeeper has been pressed by Wu Wei’an recently.

No, it should be said that the four servants in the mansion were all pressed by Wu Wei’an.


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