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Just five days before the wedding, Wu Wei’an brought a lot of red paper from somewhere.

Then he called the four servants in the family, as well as his younger brother, and personally taught everyone to cut the paper decoration and pasted it to the window.

The round-faced housekeeper wanted to resist.

After all, he was quite old, and it would still be fine for him to run the house up and down, and even chop off a few heads.

As a result, the Young Master let him cut the window paper decoration

Let him, a middle-aged almost elderly man, with dim eyes, hold a small piece of red paper and squinting under the candle light to cut the window paper decoration

But he dared not resist.

One, he can’t beat Wu Wei’an.

Two, Wu Wei’an has a handle on him.

So the round-faced housekeeper cut the window paper decorations for five days, and the anger in his heart was almost unable to be suppressed anymore.

So he can only look at Wu Wei’an’s miserable appearance to relieve his anger.

After relieving his anger, the round-faced housekeeper went to the kitchen and told the Poison Lady what Wu Wei’an had told him.

The Poison Lady looked contemptuous: “Stingy! It will not kill him anyway!”

Although she scolded so, the Poison Lady still keeps an eye on the chefs from the restaurant to ensure that they are not stealing food.

After three rounds of wine, a large portion of the guests that attended the wedding banquet fell down.

The Crown Prince also drank so much that his eyes were flushed red.

After toasting Ji Mingxi with the wine cup in his hand, he drank it up in one go and also fell down.

Ji Mingxi’s eyes were still clear and he took a sip from the wine cup.

He watched as the servants of the Crown Prince’s residence helped the Crown Prince back.

Ji Mingshuang also drank too much, and sat next to him with his chin up and chest out, motionless.

Ji Mingyan stood behind Ji Mingshuang, reached out and shook him, and then shook him again.

But no matter how Ji Mingyan shook him, Ji Mingshuang was just like a tumbler doll which would eventually return to the position where his head was held high.

Ji Mingyan was amazed.

Ji Mingxi got up and took his two younger brothers back.

Ji Mingyan pulled Ji Mingshuang, whose head was still held high, and followed his Eldest Brother to the mansion.

Halfway through, he suddenly remembered something, stopped and slapped his own forehead: “Eldest Brother, not good!”

Ji Mingxi was startled by him: “What’s wrong”

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Ji Mingyan feels very regretful: “Brother-in-law was also drunk just now, so I put him aside and thought of sending him back later.

But I forgot!”

And Wu Wei’an, who was thought to be ‘drunk and unconscious’ and was forgotten, is already outside of the bedroom at this moment.

It’s already haishi[1], the hustle and bustle in the front hall had stopped and it was quiet inside the Wu family’s house.

The candles in the room were very bright, even much brighter than usual.

Wu Wei’an stood outside the door and looked at it.

For a moment, he had mixed feelings.

When Wu Wei’an was four or five years old, he was led by his master to run all over the Jianghu.

Other children, who are at the same age as him, are still sheltered under their parents’ wings, and they can eat and drink happily every day.

But Wu Wei’an already understands what is birth, what is death, what is livelihood, and what is living.

He experienced more than his peers and saw more than his peers, so his heart is naturally much older too.

There are very few people or things that can really make his heart fluctuate.

But this time, Wu Wei’an was really nervous.

After all, in Wu Wei’an’s understanding, he may not necessarily marry a wife.

Even if he really does marry a wife, it is estimated that it will be a long time later.

He didn’t think that a woman could take a fancy to him when he disguised himself as a cowering man.

Never had he thought that the first thing he did when he arrived in the capital was getting himself a wife first

Things in this world are really unpredictable.

To be honest, he was used to being alone.

Even if there are four servants in his courtyard, many times, no one knows where he goes and what he does.

No one dares to control whether he is in the room or not.

[1] haishi: the period of the day from 9 p.m.

to 11 p.m.


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