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“Morning.” Wu Wei’an loosened the reins.

“You came just in time.

Help me prepare the carriage.”

Baofu smiled coldly and said: “Guye, if you want to use a carriage, you have to tell Miss in advance.

Otherwise, this slave won’t dare to presume to prepare the horse for Guye.

Have you told Miss yet, Guye”

Wu Wei’an put his hands behind him, looked at the unruly Ferghana horse, and then looked again at the unruly and tricky slave beside him, feeling that his life after marriage worth a serious consideration.

Moreover, he can’t do anything to them either.

Wu Wei’an deeply realized the temperament of his new wife last night.

Her people and her money, whoever touches them will suffer.

In the end, Wu Weian, who looked sleepy, could only resign his fate and lead his not-so-spirited Wu family’s thin horse out of the door.

The members of the Wu family who need to get up early are just the father and the two sons, and all the women are still sleeping.

Second Wu performed quite well in the Palace Examination.

Although he failed in entering the Imperial Academy, he was favored by the Minister from the Ministry of Household and became a small official under the Ministry of Household.

The three of them were sitting in the only carriage they have at home and as soon as they turned out from the street where their house was, they encountered the carriage from the Ji mansion.

Ji Mingyan kept pulling the curtain and looking out.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

He knows that horse! He fed it in Wu’s house! Because the other party was really too thin, Ji Mingyan was impressed by its thinness.

Ji Mingyan has never seen such a thin horse.

After all, every horse in the Ji mansion is very strong.

So some time ago, when his Brother-in-law was preparing for the exam, he went to supplement his Brother-in-law’s body, and also supplement his Brother-in-law’s horse while he was at it.

It’s just that, it’s so strange that no matter how many good herbs he feeds them with, his Brother-in-law and his thin horse never gain weight.

He really doesn’t know where the food went.

Ji Mingyan half leaned out of the carriage, waved his hand and shouted loudly: “Brother-in-law! Good Morning!”

Ji Mingshuang frowned, and reached out to grab Ji Mingyan’s leg to prevent the fool from falling down.

After all, it’s not like this kind of thing has never happened before.

Then after that, he followed and looked out.

Ji Mingxi held a cup of tea in his hand and looked out as he drank.

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The curtain of the shabby carriage was lifted, and Wu Weian’s pale face appeared before the eyes of the three older brothers of the Ji family.

With a smile on his face, he greeted them weakly: “Good morning, Eldest Brother, Sixth Brother, and Seventh Brother.”

Seeing Ji Mingxi, Wu Qi hurriedly asked the round-faced housekeeper to stop the carriage, and then bowed in front of the carriage window: “Good morning, Lord Ji.”

Ji Mingxi put down the teacup in his hand, returned his salute and said: “Good morning, Lord Wu.”

Second Wu is also greeting Ji Mingshuang: “Good morning, Brother Mingshuang.”

Ji Mingshuang clasped his hands in front: “Good morning, Weining.”

Ji Mingyan leaned most of his body out of the carriage window, looked at his Brother-in-law’s expression and felt very worried: “Brother-in-law, what’s wrong with you Your face looks very bad.

I heard that Third Sister’s gambling houses were smashed last night, and you both ran over to see it in the middle of the night.

Is the situation alright”

Hearing this, Ji Mingxi and Ji Mingshuang also looked over subconsciously, showing concern.

Wu Wei’an answered in a well-behaved manner: “Yun Niang has handled it all.

Older Brothers can be rest assured.”

Wu Qi’s official position is not enough to attend the court meeting, but Ji Mingxi has to attend it.

It was early in the morning, and the Ji family’s carriage did not stay for too long, for fear of delaying the time.

After saying goodbye to each other, the two families drove in two directions.

The Ji family’s carriage first sent Ji Mingxi and Ji Mingshuang to the palace gate, and then sent Ji Mingyan to Dali Temple.

The Wu family’s carriage first sent Wu Qi to the Ministry of Work, then sent Wu Wei’an to the palace gate, and finally sent Wu Weining to the Ministry of Household.

Therefore, Ji Mingshuang arrived at the Imperial Academy first and after a while, Wu Wei’an arrived.

Wu Wei’an has been sleepy all this time, and the whole person seems to be in poor spirits.


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