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Ji Mingshuang glanced at him several times, then walked over and handed him a pile of books: “Grand Secretary asked me to give it to you.”

Wu Wei’an took it over with a good attitude: “Thank you, Seventh Brother.”

Ji Mingshuang didn’t leave after putting down the book.

He just stood nearby, as if he wanted to ask something, but he didn’t.

Wu Wei’an was puzzled: “Seventh Brother, is there anything else ]”

In the end, Ji Mingshuang was still unable to ask the question, and turned away with a sullen face.

Wu Wei’an: “”

Although he has always been good at guessing people’s minds, this time he could not guess what the Seventh Brother of the Ji family wanted to say.

It’s very busy in the Imperial Academy and time passes very quickly when one is busy.

In the blink of an eye, it is time to have lunch already.

Ji Mingyan suddenly appeared, brought two lunches over and delivered the meal to them.

He first watched Wu Wei’an eat, and then went to find his Seventh Brother.

As the top scholar, Ji Mingshuang was the busiest, and he was the first person the Grand Secretaries would look for when they had something to do.

After all, he is the champion, knows the most, and does things the best.

Moreover, Ji Mingshuang is righteous and upright, and is not a person who will shirk things.

The matter is in his hands, everyone can be at ease.

Ji Mingshuang was very tired.

He pinched his eyebrows and looked at the lunch, and felt that his heart was very tired too: “What are you doing here The Imperial Academy will provide meals.”

“How can the lunch in the Imperial Academy be better than what I cook” Ji Mingyan is the most idle person.

His job in Dali Temple is also only a temporary one.

He can go if he wants to go, and he can just not go if he doesn’t want to.

No one will say anything about him.

He got up early every day to report at Dali Temple these days, because he was extremely idle.

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Ji Mingshuang feels that his head hurts: “Don’t send it anymore in the future.”

Ji Mingyan rolled his eyes: “I didn’t deliberately send it to you either.

I specially came here to give it to Brother-in-law and yours is just in passing!”

Ji Mingshuang: “Don’t send it to him too.

He is a big man already, does he still need you to send him lunch every day Don’t spoil Brother-in-law!”

Ji Mingyan was furious: “Ji Mingshuang, why are you so heartless! I sent it because I was very considerate about Brother-in-law’s body!”

Ji Mingshuang: “Isn’t Brother-in-law in good health”

Ji Mingyan looked around and approached Ji Mingshuang, then whispered: “Brother-in-law has poison in his body.

The reason I sent lunch was to feed him medicine!”

Ji Mingshuang was stunned: “Oh.

I forgot about this.”

Ji Mingyan shook his head and put his hands around his chest, as if their family couldn’t be without him at all: “See, you are all unreliable.

Fortunately there’s still me at home.

Otherwise, what will happen to you all”

Ji Mingshuang subconsciously asked: “Does your medicine work”

Ji Mingyan shook his head and sighed: “It’s useless.

I’ll go back and try again.”

Ji Mingshuang nodded.

But suddenly, he realized a problem.

His face changed and he stood up suddenly.

Ji Mingyan was startled by him and almost fell off the table: “Mingshuang, can you not frighten others with your exaggerated reaction You scared your Sixth Brother to death.”

Ji Mingshuang pulled Ji Mingyan: “Let me ask you, will the poison be passed on to others through skin-to-skin contact.”

Ji Mingyan wondered: “What do you mean by skin-to-skin contact Is it hands touching hands Then it will definitely not.

It’s even alright to eat together.

The poison is not contagious.”

Ji Mingshuang was speechless for a moment, then gritted his teeth and said: “Last night was the wedding night, if Third Ji and Brother-in-law had a consummation…”

“Ah” Ji Mingyan blinked, “They won’t consummate the marriage.”

Ji Mingshuang: “”

Ji Mingyan patted his Seventh Brother on the shoulder and said in a serious and sincere manner: “Mingshuang, how many months older is this older brother of yours than you Of course I think more thoroughly than you too.

I already told Brother-in-law some time ago, and Brother-in-law also said he knew.

I also told Third Sister, and Third Sister also said she knew.

So they won’t consummate the marriage.”


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