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Wu Wei’an: “”

Why is it that the more he listens to it, the more and more wrong he feels

Ji Yunxi looked at him expressionlessly and sighed: “You have to think of a way to make Baofu treat you better.

Maybe after Baofu accepts you, your fortune will also improve.”

Wu Wei’an: “”

If it wasn’t for Ji Yunxi’s face still being normal, and it seems that what she said indeed happened, he would feel that Ji Yunxi was lying to him.

Ji Yunxi lowered her head, shrugged off the smile in her eyes, and put down her chopsticks before she said: “I’m full.

I’ll go first.”

Wu Wei’an called to stop her: “Wait.

The granary at home is full, and there is no room to put anything anymore.

But there are still some things that are hidden in the cave in the countryside that have not been moved back.

Do you have a place to put them in”

Ji Yunxi shook her head: “No.”

Wu Wei’an: “You have a lot of real estate under your name, right”

Ji Yunxi nodded: “There are indeed quite a lot, but I have more valuable things to put there.”

Wu Wei’an: “Then, how to deal with those in the cave”

It’s impossible to sell it because it will be easy to be noticed by people who have bad intentions towards them, which will cause some unnecessary trouble instead.

Ji Yunxi shrugged: “You can give it away.”

Wu Wei’an thought for a moment: “But I am not very willing.”

Ji Yunxi glanced at him and said: “You can only get if you give.

Do you store so much grain at home to leave it moldy”

After speaking, Ji Yunxi left.

Wu Wei’an sat alone at the table and thought for a while.

This is indeed the truth.

Then he called the housekeeper and whispered a few instructions.

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In the next few days, a black cloth bag appeared in the homes of hundreds of households in the capital.

The cloth bag was actually a worn black hood.

They usually go out on missions, and sometimes the black hood will break.

After it is broken, they have to return the broken hood before they can ask for a new one.

In the worn black hood, there are four packs of paper.

The first one is packed with rice, the second one is packed with rock sugar, the third one is packed with flour, and the last one is packed with tea.

To be honest, the quantity is very small, but the quality is very good.

At first glance, it is the most expensive one in the store.

Their immediate superiors told them that this is the master’s consideration for everyone’s hard work and specially prepared it for everyone.

And let them not make it public, keep a low profile, and eat it at home secretly.

They all belong to an organization that has no name and is low-key.

It is almost impossible for outsiders to join the organization.

After all, they did not choose the organization.

It was the organization that took a fancy to them and approached them step by step.

Therefore, no one in the Jianghu or the Imperial Court knows about it.

They are hidden everywhere, in the marketplace, and live their lives.

Most of the time, they are no different from ordinary people.

The master won’t rashly let them do things, and often, there may not be an order for several years.

But if ordered, they have to do their best to get things done.

They can’t afford to mess things up.

Moreover, the master’s orders have always been very measured and will not exceed everyone’s ability.

Therefore, they were very obedient and admired the nameless master very much.

This time, after receiving this small gift from the master, in addition to admiration, everyone was deeply moved.

They often discuss in private about how well people of other sects live.

They can get a lot of silver taels every year.

Even if there is no silver taels, there are many gifts for the New Year.

But what about them They haven’t seen a hair in all these years.

Even most of the time, they have to pay in advance for the money spent on the task.

After paying in advance and reporting to their superior, it takes half a month to finally get the money back, which is an extremely difficult process.


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