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Ji Yunxi doesn’t believe it at all.

Sure enough, when things go wrong, there must be demons in it.

Things have not been so simple from the beginning.

After her transmigration fifteen years ago into this world, Ji Yunxi finally understands it now.

Her transmigration is not an ordinary one, but a transmigration into a novel.

She transmigrated into the novel called ‘The Fifth Prince’.

In the novel, the male lead, that is the Fifth Prince, competes with the Crown Prince for the throne.

The Crown Prince is perfectly justifiable and the power of Empress Li’s family overwhelms all the people in the court.

After years of dormancy, the Fifth Prince set up his first game of chess, which is the Ji family who have the best relationship with the Li family.

Three years ago, after Ji Yunxi got engaged with Yang Weitian, the Fifth Prince won over Yang Weitian and set up this game for three years later.

According to the development in the novel, after Yang Weitian and Ji Yunxi dissolved their engagement, the Ji family didn’t care about it that much either.

First, the Ji family is a big family with great prospects and they are not worried about Ji Yunxi not being able to get married.

Second, girls in the Dayu Dynasty have their coming-of-age ceremony at fifteen years old.

Although the girls participating in the draft for concubines were between twelve to seventeen years old, a few months ago, the Emperor decreed to postpone the once-every-three-years’ drafting next year.

Therefore, the Ji family is not in a hurry at all.

They have a year to slowly pick up a husband for Ji Yunxi.

As a result, a month after the engagement withdrawal, the palace issued a decree that the draft was no longer postponed and would proceed as usual.

The Ji family was caught off guard, having no engagement at hand.

At the age of fifteen, Ji Yunxi was forced to participate in the draft.

In just one round, she was chosen.

And after that, she became the Emperor’s favorite.

It didn’t take long for her to get pregnant and give birth to a prince.

Naturally, it became an eyesore, a thorn in the flesh of Empress Li.

The two families of Li and Ji, who were originally in the same camp, became sworn enemies.

Ji Yunxi died miserably in the palace and the Ji family were all executed, and the Crown Prince family also got their foundation damaged.

When two sides quarrel, the third party profits from it.

The Fifth Prince finally ascended the throne.

And Ji Yunxi, together with the Ji family, is nothing more than a stepping stone for the male lead to ascend the throne and become the Emperor.

On the fourth day of the engagement withdrawal, Ji Yunxi, who had thought about it clearly, returned to her home from Fa’en Temple.

And this matter has spread all over the capital.

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The people start to eat melon seeds, gossiping about it.

“Say, why did the second young master from the Yang family withdraw from his marriage Hey, that is Miss Ji!”

“I heard he did it for his sweetheart.”

“This sweetheart must be so beautiful, right That’s why the Second Young Master Yang is willing to give up his marriage, right Miss Ji is famous for her beauty and great family background.

At that time when she just got engaged with the Second Young Master Yang, I thought she was either blind or was voodooed by the Yang family.”

“Hey hey hey, what do you all know That style like Miss Ji’s is not something that men can accept.

It is said that she only wears the best clothes, eats the best food, and uses the best of everything.

Moreover, she has a big temperament.

If a man marries her, how can it be called as marrying a wife It is clearly marrying a Bodhisattva home and offering sacrifices for her.

If it was me, I would also withdraw!”

“That’s right! Among the prestigious young ladies in the capital, the third young lady of the Ji family has the worst character!” A man with sharp lips and monkey cheeks snorted, “It was because you all haven’t seen that Third Miss Ji.

She looked as if she is so high above and despises everyone.

Didn’t she know that without her elder brothers, she is just a woman and nothing at all.

She’s got nothing to show off! Whoever marries her, he is an unlucky man! This Second Young Master Yang is a blessed one!”

All the noble ladies in every family are also gloating about it.

“Who is the Second Young Master Yang’s sweetheart actually”

“I heard that it’s a distant cousin of the Yang family who grew up in Dan County.”


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