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Eight out of ten young ladies in the upper class capital like Ji Mingshuang of the Ji family.

But Fourth Feng doesn’t like him.

First, of course, it’s because of Ji Yunxi.

Second, Ji Mingshuang only has a good outer appearance but it was all empty shell, because he doesn’t even have an official position.

Her parents already said to her that she, the Fourth Miss Feng, was going to marry the most noble man in the world.

And, who is the most noble

Hearing the speech, Ji Yunxi gently raised her eyebrows and said tentatively, “But the most noble man in the world, isn’t it the Emperor…”

Fourth Feng smiled but said nothing.

She didn’t say anything, but sometimes acquiescence is recognition.

Ji Yunxi sighed in her heart: “But the Emperor is a generation away from you and me…”

Feng Si scorned: “The Emperor is still in his prime.

Forget it.

Older Sister won’t be able to understand it.”

Just with this blindness of Ji Yunxi, what does she know

She is too lazy to say more.

Fourth Feng snorted softly, carried her noble head and walked away.

Ji Yunxi looked at her leaving figure.


It turns out that the Feng family wants to send their daughter into the palace


Everyone has their own life.

Ji Yunxi left the Feng Mansion.

It was still too early to have dinner at this time.

Ji Yunxi had planned to go straight back to her house, but she brushed the new clothes she had just changed into this morning and changed her mind.

One has to go out and walk around a few more times when wearing beautiful and expensive new clothes.

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The Ji family is a big family with big businesses.

Not to mention that there are countless fertile farmlands and residences under their name, even the pawn shops on the street and the famous auction houses in the city are all run by the Ji family.

In other words, the Ji family is a real estate tycoon in the Dayu Dynasty and even monopolized the entire pawn auction industry.

Moreover, Ji Yunxi is in charge of these profitable businesses for the Ji family.

Not because of anything, just because everything related to money is where her interest lies.

Each of the elder brothers in the Ji family has a field that they are extremely good at, but they are not very good at making money.

It just so happens that Ji Yunxi likes it very much.

So, it just hit off like that.

Ji Yunxi then took charge of the financial power of the Ji family.

But not many people know about it.

In fact, the Ji family has never concealed it.

Several elder brothers of the Ji family even say that the Ji family’s wealth today is the result of their family’s younger sister.

It’s just that everyone has an expression of ‘I understand, you just want to give the credit to your sister again’.

Because everyone doesn’t believe that Ji Yunxi has this ability.

The entire capital agreed that Ji Yunxi’s going out regularly to patrol the family business was just to show off the majesty of a big miss.

Sometimes, the more people want to hide something, the more they can’t hide it.

But on the other hand, the less people want to hide something, other people will automatically cover it up for them instead.

Once again, Ji Yunxi, who once again showed off the majesty of a big miss, first went outside the city to take a look at her family’s farmlands, and then went to the largest pawn shop in the city.

In the pawn shop’s warehouse, there are rare treasures pawned by others these days, famous people’s calligraphy and paintings with great collection value, and the likes, that are neatly arranged inside.

Ji Yunxi walked slowly and every time she saw something interesting, she would carefully play with it for a while.


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