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Suddenly, her steps were slightly slowed down and her eyebrows were slightly raised.

Baofu looked over and recognized it: “Miss! These, are they not the ones hung in the Master’s study before Master later sent them to the Yang family…”

“Yes.” Ji Yunxi walked over and flipped through it at will.

“It is indeed the calligraphy and paintings collected by Eldest Brother before.”

The shopkeeper has never gone to the Marquis of Qingyuan’s study so he naturally doesn’t know about this.

He hurriedly bowed and said, “Reporting to Third Miss, these calligraphy and paintings were pawned by someone eight days ago.

That person is a stranger and this little one doesn’t know him.”

“No problem.” Ji Yunxi waved her hand, “Just send it back to Master.”

The shopkeeper said respectfully: “Yes.”

Baofu rejoiced: “I just knew it.

The Yang family is so poor so how could they gather so much silver so quickly It turns out that they pawned the calligraphy and paintings given by Master! Unexpectedly, all the pawn shops in the capital are owned by the Ji family, and in the end, they all still returned to our hands!”

Wanxiang didn’t talk much and only spoke when she couldn’t figure it out: “Miss, this servant doesn’t understand.

The Yang family should know that the pawn shop is ours.

So, why did they still come to pawn it”

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Ji Yunxi replied to her: “The matter of us asking them for money should have annoyed the Yang family.

Although the Second Young Master Yang looks gentle, he is supercilious.

He naturally would not keep these calligraphy and paintings.

Rather than throwing it away, it’s better to pawn it.

Even if the owner of the pawn shop is surnamed Ji, so what Even if we know it, so what Even if we say it out, the one that will be the laughing stock of everyone will still be us, the Ji family.”

“Therefore, one should be well matched when marrying someone.

When one marries a person who is lower than oneself, it will be easy to fall into a state of working hard but get thankless results.” Ji Yunxi summarized.

Wan Xiang nodded, expressing his understanding: “Thank you for the explanation, Miss.”

Baofu didn’t understand: “Since Miss knows, why marry the Wu family then” The Wu family looks worse than the Yang family.

Ji Yunxi covered the hand-warmer stove in her hand and left this place.

She walked to the next place and said: “I am different.”

She said this without the slightest arrogance at all.

In her calm tone, there is still some imperceptible sadness.

Ji Yunxi lived two lives.

In her previous life, she was in the investment industry and she didn’t understand many things at the beginning.

They are all lessons learned from losses, stumbling and bumping all the way, and it’s a scene of devastation everywhere.

And for women who don’t have much experience, marrying someone is a lot more safer.

Baofu has always been a solid supporter of her own miss: “That’s right.

Miss is different from others.


Baofu suddenly pointed to a place and her voice changed because of shock: “Look at that, Miss! That, that, isn’t that the hand-warmer stove that Miss gave to Young Master Wu that day!”

When everyone heard the words, they looked over there together, and then turned their heads around again to see what Ji Yunxi was holding in her hand now.

The two hand-warmer stoves are exactly the same in every aspect, except for a slight difference in color.

Impressively, they were made in the same batch.

The author has something to say:

Eldest Wu: That’s right.

I pawned it.

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I will resume posting again on the 2nd of February 2022, and I will try to make up for the missing post as much as I can.

Last but not least, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2022 for all of you who celebrate it.

Wish you a prosperous and healthy year.

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It means so, so much for me.

Thank you.


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