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After a few days.

The young male servant stood in the middle of a hall in the mansion and vividly talked about the miscellaneous situation of the Wu family.

“Third Miss, this little one had inquired.

The Wu family lives in the new prosperous lane.

There are twelve people in the family.

Master Wu, Madam Wu, with three sons and two daughters.

Master Wu had an elder brother, but he died early, so he helped take care of his Sister-in-law too, totaling to five people.

Other than that, there are also four servants in their house.

It is said that because their house is small and there are not enough rooms in it, the eldest son of the Wu family and these servants live in the back courtyard together.”

As soon as these words came out, the maidservants waiting beside Ji Yunxi secretly gasped.

Baofu is even more shocked.

Only Wan Xiang continued to dye Ji Yunxi’s nails without any expression.

When Ji Yunxi heard this, her expression remained as usual: “Is there anything else”

The young male servant has been working with the housekeeper since not long ago, but after he mentioned the candied haws that day, Ji Yunxi took a fancy to him and took him over.

Now, he works directly under her.

The young male servant is surnamed Tang and named Hu.

He is not that old, and in modern times he is just a high school student.

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But his family sells candied haws.

He grew up in the market.

He has a wide range of ways and he is smart.

“Yes, yes, there is.

The woman who cooks for the Wu family goes to buy vegetables every day, but she always chooses the cheapest one.

She said that the Wu family can’t afford charcoal fire and it’s extremely cold there.

They can only afford vegetarian dishes in every meal.

Even when they want to eat some meat, she has to go out of the city to catch rabbits.

The master is stingy and poor.

She said she almost can’t do it anymore and wants to run away!”

The last nail is finished being dyed.

Ji Yunxi swept her eyes over it with the help from the light in the room.

The color was smoky red, extremely beautiful and gorgeous.

It’s time to spend some money now.

Ji Yunxi slightly raised her eyebrows and eyes and ordered down: “Tang Hu, you go to the warehouse to get something.

Let’s get ready.

I’m going to visit Wu’s house.”

It snowed intermittently for several days.

The sun finally came out this afternoon.

Second Wu, who has been hiding in the house and reading books under the quilt, really feels somewhat stuffy.

Looking at the fine weather outside, he simply took the book, opened the door and went to the small courtyard in the back.

When the clear blue sky appeared after the snow, the snow and ice melted.

Although the weather is still cold, the oncoming scenery and the fresh and refreshing air inevitably make Second Wu feel relaxed and happy.

He couldn’t help but recite a poem: “Opening the door in the morning, the snow is all over the mountain.

The snow is clear, the clouds are light, and the sun is cold.

The eaves are not dripping with plum blossom frost, a kind of solitariness and pureness…” (Note 1).

As soon as Second Wu’s footstep stopped, his throat got stuck, and the three words of ‘that isn’t ordinary’ disappeared at the tip of his tongue.

He quickly bowed his hands and said: “Eldest Brother.”

Wu Wei’an, who has stuffed himself with unknown layers of clothes that he looks bulging, was sitting on a chair and basking in the sun on the most sunny place in the courtyard.

Surrounded by the warm sun, his eyes are slightly closed.

Seemingly so satisfied.

Note 1:  From “After Snow in the Mountains” in Qing Dynasty, by Zheng Xie.


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