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Wu Wei’an stood under the pomegranate tree in the courtyard and kept tossing the hand-warmer stove in his hand, his eyes dark and unclear.

After a long time, amidst the housekeeper’s anxiety, he said in a low voice: “Go down.”

The housekeeper breathed a sigh of relief and disappeared in place with cold sweat all over his body.

In the distance, three people were standing at the other corner of the courtyard.

Everyone has a string of candied haws in their hand.

Third Miss Ji’s young male servant sent it to the people in the courtyard and each person got one string.

Before Wu Wei’an came out, they still gathered together and said a few good words about Third Miss Ji.

The general idea is, if their family’s young master marries over, oh wrong, when he marries her back, they will be able to live a life with one string of candied haws every day in the future.

But it seems that their young master is not very happy.

The back kitchen aunt has always liked to whisper in front of Wu Wei’an, expressing her dissatisfaction with the poor days.

This time is no exception either as she whispered: “Third Miss is really good.

She also has a lot of money.”

Wu Wei’an looked over.

The three of them all squatted down immediately, blocked their figure with the bushes in the courtyard, and glared at the back kitchen aunt.

Are you crazy Didn’t you see even the round-faced steward knelt down!

You still talk badly at this time.

Do you want to die

The back kitchen aunt felt somewhat wronged and hugged her own body.

She is not even allowed to tell the truth now

Wu Wei’an took back his gaze and turned back to walk into his room.

The three of them all breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, a gust of wind blew.

They subconsciously closed their eyes.

When they opened their eyes, the candied haws in their hands were gone.

In the room, Wu Wei’an slowly closed the door with three strings of candied haws in his hand.

He admitted, his heart is moved.

The Yang Mansion.

Towards evening, the sun was covered by clouds and the sky outside was already dark.

There are no lights being lit in the study room.

It looks dim and very quiet.

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A man in white clothes sat behind the table, with the appearance of a modest and self-disciplined young master who is as gentle as jade.

Hidden in the darkness next to him, there was another man.

His face couldn’t be seen and only his voice that could be heard: “What His Highness means is, the three-year plan is now at a critical time, and there is no room for carelessness at all.

This matter will be left to Young Master Yang.

Don’t let His Highness down, Young Master.”

Yang Weitian’s face showed a little bit of confident smile: “Please tell His Highness that this humble Yang already has a plan in mind.

If it succeeds, not only will the Ji family’s third daughter enter the palace as a concubine, but also the Ji family’s seventh son will have to die.”

These days, since he withdrew from the engagement with Ji Yunxi, Yang Weitian has been paying attention to the other party’s each and every move.

Even a small family like the Wu’s can be fancied by Ji Yunxi.

At the snow banquet, she gave the hand-warmer stove in front of everyone, and she even personally took the servants to the Wu’s house to send a pile of useless things.

This kind of thing, at that time, Ji Yunxi also did for Yang Weitian.

She deliberately did this to irritate him.

Even to the point of not being picky and choosy anymore.

Yang Weitian took all of it into his eyes while feeling quite disdainful in his heart.

Even the candied haws are asked to be exchanged with silver, and the practice is really so inferior that it makes people look down on it.

If she and the Ji family didn’t do so, he Yang Weitian would still think of the past feelings.

But now, it can’t be blamed on him anymore.

Then Wu Wei’an must die and the cause of his death is Ji Mingshuang’s dissatisfaction with the marriage.

Both the Ministry of Punishment and the Dali Temple are the territory of the Fifth Prince.

As long as the evidence of this matter is conclusive, Ji mingshuang will undoubtedly die!

In the next two days, many invitations were given to the Wu family’s house.

They are all invitations for the eldest young master and second young master to attend banquets.

It’s obvious that it comes with evil intentions.

Wu Wei’an does not have the hobby of ‘knowing that there is a tiger on the mountain and preferring to travel on that mountain with a tiger instead’, and refused it all with cold wind.

Second Wu naturally listens to his eldest brother in everything.


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