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The guard at the gate of Marquis Qingyuan’s Mansion said: “But Third Miss is not in the mansion right now.”

Xuezhu’s face looks dull: “Ah What should I do then”

He was only good at sweeping the floor since he was a child.

He only learned to sweep people’s heads later and because it was very similar to sweeping the floor, he learned very well and the Young Master was very satisfied too.

So in these past few years, letting him sweep the floor and sweep the heads in the Wu’s house, he does it very happily.

But Xuezhu is not good at other things.

Especially this kind of sudden situation when the other party is not at home.

Shall he go back and ask Young Master what to do first

Looking at the servant’s sincere expression, the guard said to him: “Third Miss has gone to Kaitaizhuang.

If you are in a hurry, go and look for her there.”

Before coming to the capital, the housekeeper asked them to memorize the map of the city.

Xuezhu thought for a while and thought that the place is not far from here.

It is only half a cup of tea’s time.

He thanked the guard and went on his way.

It’s just that.

No one seems to clean the city.

Every alley is not very clean.

Therefore, another hour had passed when he finally arrived at Kaitaizhuang.

When Tang Hu brings Xuezhu in, Ji Yunxi sees that the young servant who swept the floor of the Wu family is sweating profusely, his face is pale and his eyes are dull.

“Third Miss.” Xuezhu’s face became even more dull, “I am here to send a message from my Young Master.”

Kaitaizhuang is the largest auction house in the capital.

After a while, there will be a big auction.

So Ji Yunxi has been preparing for this recently.

Hearing what the other party said, Ji Yunxi handed the precious medicinal materials in her hand to the servant on the side and patted the dust on her body: “What message”

Xuezhu’s eyes followed the dust and said: “Young Master is in the residence of the Head of Imperial Academy.

Please go there quickly.”

Ji Yunxi gently raised her eyebrows.

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In the past few days, Seventh Brother took Old Qin to go outside the city to relax, not in the house.

According to the report of the servant, many young masters who are usually close to Seventh Brother say that they won’t let Wu Wei’an live well.

It sounds as if Seventh Brother asked them to do so.

But Ji Yunxi knows the temperament of all the elder brothers in her family.

When they disdain something, they won’t do that thing themself either.

Ji Yunxi smelled a conspiracy in it.

But all the conspiracies will eventually converge on Wu Wei’an.

As long as Wu Wei’an doesn’t have an accident, her Ji family will be safe.

In that case, Ji Yunxi didn’t care much, and just ordered her people to always pay attention to the wind direction in the capital at any time.

As a result, the person came personally to her door for help.

Then, it’s better for her to go there and do some superficial work, as a mere token.

Ji Yunxi nodded: “I see.

I will go right away.”

Although she said so, she didn’t order the maidservants to leave immediately.

But first explained some precautions to the steward waiting next to her.

Xuezhu stood for a while and then said: “Third Miss, it took me some time to come here.

Third Miss, can you hurry up I am afraid that if we are late, Young Master will scold me.”

“No problem.” Ji Yunxi comforted him, “Your Young Master is resourceful and he will definitely be able to make it until I am there, so don’t worry.

If he scolds you, you can come to the Marquis Mansion to find me.

I think you sweep the floor very well.

I welcome you at any time.”

Xuezhu’s eyes brightened: “!”

Third Miss praised him for sweeping well!

Ji Yunxi took back her sight with a smile.

Without much delay, she wound up the work at hand, got on the carriage and went straight to the residence of the Head of Imperial Academy.

But they indeed arrived too late.

When Ji Yunxi found Wu Wei’an.

He has been soaking in the cold pond in winter.

The author has something to say:

Eldest Wu: I’m so angry, I want to swear, but I still have to keep an awkward and polite smile on my face.

Third Ji: You can’t blame me.

Xuezhu: If you scold me, I will take refuge in Rich Sister’s house!


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