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Ji Mingxi glanced at her and shook his head: “Tell me the truth.”

“Oh.” Ji Yunxi raised her eyes.

“That Wei Fan threw my future husband into the pond and said that it was Seventh Brother who asked him to do it.

So I threw him in, too.

That’s all.

It’s just a small matter but I didn’t expect him, who was already so old, to still complain to his father.”

Hearing the words ‘future husband’, Ji Mingxi’s hand holding chopsticks froze.

He wanted to say something, but looking at his sister’s face, he could only sighed silently.

Forget it, children have their own blessings.

He doesn’t want to care anymore.

So be it.

Ji Mingxi continued to ask about the Wei family so that when the Crown Prince asked about it tomorrow, he could also respond: “Then you can just throw him once.

Why do you throw him so many times”

“” Ji Yunxi frowned slightly, “I indeed just threw him once.”

Ji Mingxi was also very puzzled: “But the Crown Prince told me that the young master of the Wei family was thrown four or five times Not only the Wei family, but also the other family’s young master.

They were thrown into the pond in turn.

I heard that several of those young masters had a high fever and were ill in bed.

Their family really has no other way so Master Wei had no choice but to go to the Crown Prince.

Asking the Crown Prince to talk to me and let you be merciful.”

Ji Yunxi shrugged: “Then, I don’t know anymore.

I really only threw him once.”

Ji Mingxi knows his sister.

What she is saying now is indeed the truth, and her sister is not so boring and won’t be so vengeful.

So, what’s actually going on

Ji Mingxi couldn’t figure it out either, so he just let go of what he couldn’t figure out: “Forget it, let’s not care about them anymore.

By the way, did you notice anything on your way to Kaitaizhuang recently”

Ji Yunxi was eating dumplings: “What is it”

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“I heard from the Crown Prince that he found the alleys in the city were much cleaner than before.”

Ji Yunxi narrowed her eyes and thought for a while: “It seems so.

I didn’t pay much attention.”

Ji Mingxi didn’t expect to have any answer either and just found an usual topic to chat with his sister: “The people in the city praised it a lot.

The Crown Prince thought it was the work of the City Mayor.

As a result, the Crown Prince made a special trip to go there and found that the City Mayor didn’t know about this matter.

Maybe it was done by a kind-hearted man.

The Crown Prince asked the City Mayor to find this kind-hearted man and planned to give the man a reward when he found it.”

Ji Yunxi also chatted a little bit with him: “In this world, there are not many such kind-hearted people.

If you find them, you should really reward them.”

At this moment, the kind-hearted man is on the beam of Wei Fan’s house.

He looked at the dumpling man who had fallen into a coma with a high fever, and frowned with a bitter face.

What should he do The dumpling can’t be thrown anymore.

He had only thrown it down five times.

The next day.

Ji Mingshuang returned to the house in time for dinner.

After washing his hands, he sat down at the dining table.

Ji Mingxi happened to be talking to Ji Yunxi about the Wei family again.

“…It was said that it was thrown a total of nine times in one day yesterday, and his mind has now already become confused from the throw…”

“What was thrown nine times” Ji Mingshuang asked.

Ji Mingxi then explained the matter to Ji Mingshuang.

This thing is actually really strange too.

Everyone thought it was his Ji family’s doing, but there’s no evidence at all, so they could only make various innuendo.

However, Ji Mingxi had been trained by his family’s younger brothers and sister into having a good heart since childhood.

His heart is so much like Buddha.

He is cheerful and doesn’t take this into his heart at all.

And everyone didn’t have that much chance to talk to Ji Mingxi too.

Where Ji Mingxi is, the Crown Prince will definitely be there too.

The Crown Prince has always helped the Ji family.

Who still dares to say anything

Ji Mingshuang frowned after he listened to it and said to Ji Yunxi: “I didn’t let Wei Fan do this.”

“I know.” Ji Yunxi casually reminded him, “Seventh Brother should stop associating with these people.”


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