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Four days later.

Wu Wei’an’s bedroom is still the shabby bedroom.

Old Qin, who had not seen him for many days, came to the door again and warmed himself in front of the hand-warmer stove happily.

Wu Wei’an no longer covers himself with a quilt, and no longer tries to put many layers of clothes on his body.

He sat at his desk and concentrated for a moment, then dropped a few words on a piece of paper, carefully rolled it up and put it into a small bamboo tube.

Old Qin: “Every time I see you write with this bamboo tube, I feel worried for everyone.”

Wu Wei’an smiled: “Old Qin, you are turning your elbows out.”

“I’m afraid the Jianghu world will be in chaos again.” The old doctor Qin said with kindness, “The New Year is coming soon, can’t you let everyone have a good New Year”

“If the old ones do not go away, the new ones will not come.” Wu Wei’an got up with the bamboo tube, opened the door and went out to throw it to Xuezhu, who was diligently sweeping the floor.

Old Qin looked at it and sighed again: “This place of yours is going to be swept broken.

This boy is still so stupid.”

“Is there anything else, Old Qin” Wu Wei’an was annoyed and began to chase him away.

He is not an idle person.

Although he is in the Wu family’s house right now, there are still a lot of things that he must do his utmost.

It can be said that the letters delivered by the subordinates are no less than the Emperor who reviews memorials every day.

Old Qin said happily: “It’s very warm in your room.

I will sit here for a while longer to drive the cold away.”

Wu Wei’an was noncommittal.

“The Ji family are all good people.” Old Qin began to boast, “Mingshuang, that little fellow, is very good, and your wife is also very good.

As soon as your marriage was decided, she already sent you money and charcoal.”

“It has to be paid back sooner or later.” Although Wu Wei’an said so, he honestly covered the small hand-warmer stove given by Ji Yunxi with both hands.

Sure enough, it’s comfortable to have money.

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When the room is warm, the heart will be warm too.

Old Qin looked at him up and down: “Your body’s shape is not bad, but your face is not that great, and your heart is also really dark.

You are not a good man.

Such a girl like Third Miss Ji can actually take a fancy to you.

Your ancestors really blessed you.”

This old man is talking too much.

Wu Wei’an was too lazy to deal with him and continued to read the letter.

“By the way, I’m here for business.” After talking for a long time, Old Qin finally turned the topic back, “I have basically bought all the medicinal materials for the young master in Yu state, but the most important medicine is still missing.”

Wu Wei’an had a headache and was very vigilant: “Are you asking for money again”

Although he has someone behind him now and is not short of money anymore.

But he doesn’t want to ask others for money every day either.

After all, as a man, he also wants a face.

Old Qin laughed: “You may not be able to buy this medicine too even if you have the money.

Do you know Kaitaizhuang”

“Yeah.” This is the Ji family’s property.

There will be a big auction at the beginning of the twelfth lunar month.

His fiancee is probably busy with it recently.

“Is the medicine you want the one called Danzhi[1]”

Although the tone was interrogative, the look on his face was very sure.

This Danzhi only grows on the Dantage Peak in the north.

Dantage Peak has always been known as a sacred mountain in the local area.

The snow doesn’t melt all year round, and the weather changes frequently, making it extremely dangerous to climb the mountain.

Basically, nine out of ten died from it.

However, there are a lot of medicine materials in the mountain, so there will still be a lot of people that keep going forward to take the risk.

This Danzhi only grows on the peak of Dantage.

If it is added to a poison, the poison will become more poisonous.

IF it is added to the medicine for curing diseases and saving people, the efficacy is increased to thousand times or even tens of thousand of times.

Therefore, recently, many people from all walks of life have come to the capital for this medicine.

[1] Danzhi : I think it’s some kind of red colored mushroom.

I’m not that sure either, so I just use the pinyin.


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